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  1. Has anyone tried this supplement and can you give me any information on it? Thank you
  2. I had herpes cold sores all the time growing up. I don't think I Had an active cold sore when my child was born though so how could she have gotten herpes? She's been sick from day one if birth. She has major psych. Symptoms and I believe lysine is helping. Not sure why???
  3. Is anyone giving lysine for herpes virus and if so...did your child get herpes from you at birth?
  4. Has anyone treated for herpes virus with their child and what doctor or treatment did you use?
  5. sorry. just saw this email. how long was he on treatment for lyme: thanks

  6. I have been doing research on oil of oregano and have asked 5 different experts if oil of oregano is a natural anti bacterial. Half said it was and half said its not. Haw can I find out for sure! Also if you have used it, how much did you start with? Thanks
  7. should i lower the D3 because of constipation or should I just add magnesium to it? She is on 10000 units of the D3. Her number was "11" on blood work, so she is very deficient
  8. Pmoreno - can you tell me what the "more compreshensive test" is that your talking about??
  9. I know I give after meals, but it is right afterwards? Or do I wait awhile? Also, how much would you start with? She's 13, and about 110 pounds. Should I start off giving after EVERY meal or just do one meal for starters. Thanks for the help. It's a roller coaster over here?
  10. I am so excited to read all of these posts! I feel very comfortable about this being the missing puzzle piece for my girl!!!! Please post how your children are doing regarding gut issues.
  11. I think the reason she's not getting better and flips out on "EVERYTHING" we try is her "GUT" being so damaged!!! Plus severe constipation from all the toxins being stuck inside her. Explains why I never see her look well. I'm putting everything into this gut healing and bought some books that seem a bit confusing for my pea brain. I need something very simple to start with. I'm working with Scott S. on this who is brilliant with this! I'm excited and am getting closer and closer to putting all pieces together. Phew!
  12. I thought I saw a list posted once but can't seem to find it. Any idea where I could get a list of drugs usually used for PANDAS?
  13. Does anyone have high Cam Kinase and think its due to lyme and tic born illnesses?
  14. What seemed to quiet OCD for you? Was it when you treated yeast and bacteria in gut, or was it when treating the strep?
  15. I know its common to see low vitamin D3 in kids with lyme and other tic born illnesses but is it common with PANDAS kids too?
  16. I remember someone on this board saying they used one of these for OCD. I was wondering how it worked for you??? and how much you started with. Thanks!
  17. Lisa - I know how you feel about saying too much. It is helpful for me to have a psychiatrist on board that understands my child's situation. Quiets the school principle down a bit. Believes doctor more than he believes me. Hope this helps!
  18. My girl was "11" on blood test and the vitamin D3 took away achy ankles and migranes. I give 10000 units a day per doctors instructions.
  19. I was given the chance to be on TV show and spread the word about PANDAS. My child will not go on the show and that is what they requirements. Dr. B. said it would be a great opportunity to educate people. Anyone interested in taking our place?
  20. Been in/out of schools twice. Too sick to attend. Does the school understand your child's illness?
  21. What can we do to help if we DON'T live in the towns you listed?
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