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  1. We are currently using Sovereign Laboratories (recommended by ND) which my son loves in milk. They have a sale on the 1 lb. bag right now and free shipping: http://www.sovereignlaboratories.com/product/COLOSTRUM-LD_powder16.html
  2. Hello! Have not been on for a while...but my ds17 is using CBD. We are using Bluebird Botanical Bulletproof CBD blend. It has other ingred. that our ND likes too. We started at 15 drops at night and now do it 2xday. The only reaction I have seen in 3 weeks is a more calm son. They have this in a new dosage (6x amount) which I will be ordering next since it would only take 2 drops. They have a 35% off now with discount code: bp6x (lower case) until Feb. 1. Will address reducing dosage days at his next doctor visit in a few weeks. The folks at Bluebird mentioned that some reduce to 4-5 days a week because it builds up in the system. Bluebird product is legal in all states (legal info on their site) because of ingredients. We are using for brain healing. Other interesting product we are using for depression is "Gabawave" produced by Bulletproof Nutrition, Inc. which is produced in my area. Best wishes and good luck!
  3. Oops! Just realized ds is mostly on homeopathic liquid already! :-)
  4. Wow! So happy to hear your story after all the years of struggle! Your comment about 'treating the whole body' is right on as the infections etc. really can damage organs etc. without even knowing it. My son is around 80-90% as well and we continue with supplemental support still. Have thought about switching to homeopathy just for the day -to-day support in order to reduce supplemental costs Take care and best wishes on continued healing!
  5. 30mg is a low dose. My son did synthroid for over a year and recently his thyroid numbers increased to 8.1! Right before that I wanted to switch to Armour for insurance purposes so we did a switch. Sleep issues disappeared and ocd is receding. My son has been on both and, as far as I can tell, only good body support has been the side effect (until synthroid quit working for him).
  6. Thyroid should be checked every 3 months. We recentlyhad to switch because synthroid was not working for son--sleep problems and increased ocd were two of the noticeable symptoms for son.
  7. We detox every day. Getting rid of heavy metals was one of the first things we did. Also take powdered rose hip (in juice or water) to get rid of biofilm that can protect bacteria/viruses from treatment. Thyroid been checked? Mold investigated? Lyme doctor visit?
  8. We have also had good experiences with k-12 online school. We tried to do a summer class with ds16 school district this summer (paid) and they were so un-accomodating that we had to drop the class which cost 400+. Disappointing in the least.
  9. Interesting that you mention thyroid. His numbers were increasing recently so started on different brand and higher dosage and symptoms seem to be slowing down or gone (unable to sleep, more OCD). The Psych also mentioned how the thyroid can affect both. Your perspective that OCD is immune-related is very interesting. Thank you.
  10. My 16 yr old told me he thinks that when his blood sugar gets low his ocd is worse (late at night). Also, his phych says that his recent higher thyroid numbers could also explain an increase. Anyone heard of either of these?
  11. My son took artemesin for several months early in his treatment. It was a powerful herb for him. He seems to be testing neg. on babesia and Lyme now for the last year at least so have not gone back to it recently.
  12. It was prescribed back then but have not had it since. It was through a compounding pharmacy. My Ds's GI symptoms only flair a bit now during a PANDAS flair. Parasite treatment helped a ton with it as well.
  13. This was our first visit (4+ years ago) to our current doctor. Interesting info. for newcomers for a different perspective.
  14. Tinidazole is an abx/anti-parasite that we have done twice in 6 months along with flairs. We also have good detox/probiotics/anti-inflammatories in place as well.
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