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  1. That's true, but so many parents here have commented that their ENTs didn't want to remove their kid's tonsils because they looked fine pre-op, but once they were out the ENT said they were much larger and/or more infected than they originally appeared. I'm just wondering if there are any pre-op procedures, like ultrasound, or visualizing with a nasal camera, that would show size or degree of infection, etc. My DS wouldn't meet insurance's criteria for T&A, so I'd love to have a visualization test that would give more info prior to having such surgery.
  2. Does anyone know if an ultrasound of the neck will show if tonsils are enlarged and/or infected? I can't locate anything on google. Thanks!
  3. Actually, I went the opposite route and it worked out great. I chose a super high deductible (actually titled the "catastrophic" plan, but the reduction in premiums was more than the higher deductible. I then put money into my Health Savings Account so that the deductible is at a tax-advantaged rate. That also boosts medical expenses, making it more likely that I would meet the IRS tax floor for medical expenses (10% AGI, starting this year). And then if, miracle of miracles, my expenses are low for a year, so was my deductible and I actually saved some money.
  4. How much niacinamide do you give him? Thanks!
  5. If you google dr stack and dr sims you will find that they r orthodontists who have had success with some patients in reducing or eliminating tics (all kinds, not just facial tics) with a specific orthodontic device that they developed. There is a test you can do at home by stacking Popsicle sticks or similar items over the molars to separate the back jaws. If that helps reduce tics then you may be a goo candidate for this device. Where do you live?
  6. There are several past posts by llm about how to download and use a Zip file that 23andme makes available to you for free of your thousands o snps. There are two websites that I know that will process the data for you. one is geneticgenie.com and the other is mthfr.net. The former is free but asks for a donation. The latter is $20 but is more comprehensive. Then heartfixer.com and any yasko both have resources that can help you interpret the genetic info. Check llm's previous posts for more info.
  7. I would see if dr rossignol can see you. He says that's exactly what he does and he always get back to you. Short answers were free but longer phone consults I needed to pay for. But he always answered my emails for free when they were short and to the point.
  8. What is this neurotransmitter test and how do I order it?
  9. My non pandas son tested positive with slight pink line for strep had no symptoms and retesting the next day showed negative. No abx given at all. Pandas ds12 came down with strep the same day. Not sure how to treat carrier son, if at all. Any thoughts?
  10. If these are the courtagen tests I would spend the money to talk to dr t. He is developing an expertise in this area and the reports are complicated (we had them done also).
  11. Connie, There is a lot of mainstream disagreement on what is normal. Do you have actual numbers you are willing to post?
  12. I read that book a few months ago and learned a lot
  13. You should look for dr Dan rossignol. He specializes in autism and in adults with difficult medical conditions. He is a biomed doctor and also is familiar with panda and methylation. He used to be in Florida. He has moved to California but I think he still sees patients in florid upon occasion. He has or had colleagues in Florida who share his philosophy, so if you find his practice info in Florida his colleague who are still there may be a possibility. I think the clinic is on Melbourne Florida but am not sure.
  14. They say it actually exercises the muscles of the inner ear so that they can modulate sound better. It was certainly peaceful to listen to in any event!
  15. It's actually called The Listening Program!
  16. There is an auditory processing therapy you can do at home that our HMO ot program loaned out. It consists of 10 CDs with music and other sounds woven in. It's called the listening program. I figure if a huge HMO likes it, there may be something behind it. It made my ds much less sensitive to sounds. You can buy it on the Internet, or at least you could a few years ago.
  17. I saw a major improvement in my sons speech patterns when we starterd treating for hypothyroidism. Do you have any thyroid labs for your son?
  18. Will post more later as en route to work. The standard lab ranges for tsh are considered too high by most mainstream specialists. I always feel lousy unless my tsh is below 2. My doc wants it even lower but 2 is okay by me. This is VERY common. My ds12 is being treated for thyroid to bring his tsh below 2. We r going slow but have noted some interesting improvements on thyroid meds. More later.
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