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  1. I had two questions about Tenex: 1. I experienced agitation on clonidine, and have heard that Tenex can do the same. Did anyone here have a *bad* experience with clonidine (in terms of more irritability etc.) but find that Tenex was tolerable? 2. How did it affect your sleep quality? A friend said his sleep quality was far worse on Tenex (no problem with sleep onset/duration), but I thought it was meant to help sleep.
  2. Thanks for the reply, LLM. I post on numerous boards and am wary of clogging them up with identical questions, so do my best to search the archives first. I read over one or two 23andme threads, but didn't have a concrete impression of how dramatic the improvements had been, which is why I posted. Your last sentence is a heady affirmation, so I will definitely put some thought into getting the test!
  3. hey y'all -- I've read 23andme might have some utility in helping those with more vague, treatment-resistant psychiatric symptoms, but I was wondering if it yielded anything that made a significant difference in anyone's life? I am a bit lost as far as methylation and the like goes -- I should be an 'undermethylator', but methyl-donors make me more agitated etc. and it would be nice to know how I metabolize certain drugs, including caffeine. But my psychiatric symptoms are so bad at the moment that I've been wondering if the information it yields will make much of a dent, or just mildl
  4. Thanks, I did search the archives before posting and saw that people did find it beneficial for OCD. But I couldn't find anything specific on whether anyone who had specifically reacted badly to other anti-histamines were alternatively okay on Quercetin.
  5. since Inositol is a sugar, are there any concerns re: hypoglycemia? I plan on trying it soon and suffer from reactive hypoglycemia so was wondering if I should be careful, particularly with the high doses suggested for OCD
  6. I'm interested in trying Quercetin for it's anti-histamine properties -- I thought it might help my OCD. I do tend to react paradoxically to synthetic anti-histamines, however (more irritable, angry) and I can't recall tell if it's histamine-mediated or maybe the anti-cholinergic properties of Doxylamine and Cyproheptadine. Did anyone here whose DS or DD react paradoxically to OTC antihistamines find that they were alternatively okay with Quercetin?
  7. thanks Ophelia. I ended up dropping it a few days ago ..
  8. I'm really sorry Ophelia22. That sounds awful; I had a similar experience where the police showed up here unexpectedly and it was pretty traumatic. I thought this was really insightful: I can relate .. I often cover up with doctors (to my own detriment) and blamed myself for being vain, but I realize a lot of it centers around dignity and trying to create a positive impression, which is just social instinct.
  9. thanks everyone. well, it's a bit hard since there aren't many reports on side-effects out there, but I did notice in one study for depression that certain patients began to experience "inner tension/unrest" at the higher dose of 200mg, but it was resolved when they reduced to 100mg. the restlessness has been the worst part for me, and was already there at just *25mg*, so I'm beginning to question if it will pass. I thought my sensitivity might not be an issue, since the drug is primarily prescribed to people with ALS. I could cut the pills into 1/8s and try just 12.5mg twice a day, wh
  10. Sorry to hear that, NancyD. I did read your post about the incident, but I've never suffered from tics so wasn't sure how applicable it was. However she did feel more anxious while she was taking it? It's a pity .. my feeling is the side-effects won't subside and I was really counting on it working.
  11. Sorry to post about Riluzole here as well as in the OCD forum, but I noticed more Riluzole results in the Lyme forum, so thought I would try my luck. I've been taking Riluzole for about 4 weeks now: I began at 25mg and raised 25mg every week, and am currently on the standard dose of 50mg twice a day. However, in that time, I've been feeling more anxious, restless, irritable and am having trouble sleeping. I really don't want to give up, but it's been *impossible* finding any negative experiences with the drug, which has me a little perplexed. I've even emailed 4 researchers who oversaw
  12. one week on 25mg and things are still bad. wondering if I should go even lower (12.5mg .. though that seems almost homeopathic) or raise to the standard dose (100mg) and just grit my teeth and try hold out. I find it strange my system would be having such trouble with a drug designed for ALS
  13. MWOCDS: I did have my histamine levels tested and they were high, so my doctor at the time concluded I was probably an undermethylator. But supplementing with methyl doctors (methylfolate and methyl-b12) just agitates me, so I gave up on that cause pretty quickly. Ophelia22: Thanks. Lamictal is pretty notorious for having a rough titration; I also know that you have to be really careful with Memantine because of the long half-life (70+ hours) and that it's necessary to dose at exactly the same time each day and go up in small increments. I've cut down to 25mg of Riluzole but am still
  14. Thanks for the quick reply guys! MWOCDS: It was Dr. Pittinger -- there are two studies by him on pubmed (one in adults, one in children) and he also prescribes the drug in his practice. I haven't spoken to Michael Grant, but will look him up. I suppose the drug isn't used very widely and I haven't come across anyone who took less than 100mg, so was feeling disheartened, but there are always exceptions I suppose. I'll back down to just 25mg tomorrow and take it more slowly. S&S, I was pretty big on a gluten-free diet for a few years. It might have made a difference (my digestion was
  15. Hey, I noticed in the last thread I posted (about noise sensitivity) that people were interested in my Riluzole trial .. I actually started about a month ago and abandoned it after a week because I was feeling more anxious. Since I had just come off clonazepam, I thought the withdrawal might be interfering and wanted a clean slate. Unfortunately, I began again 2 days ago and am definitely feeling more activated on the standard dose of 100mg (50mg twice a day). I'm so distraught because this is pretty much the end-of-the-line for me and my GP has no experience using the drug, so can't a
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