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  1. can anyone reccomend any doctors in maryland dc area that accept medicaid that treat pandas. Ive been to Latimer but can not afford to go back and only have medicaid at this time. She wont continue antibiotics without seeing my son again and if I pay out of pocket ( which i cant anyway) i could lose medicaid. They dont make any of this easy. Any kind of doc. Ped, Imm, psy, neuro. Thank you
  2. My son is 8 with pdd ocd pandas and chorea. lately he curses all the time. He copies what he hears. he thinks its funny. Ive tried ignoring , ive tried telling him to stop and telling him to say other thing instead but its like a song is stuck in his head and he just keeps saying them. its embarrasing in public and I cant have him play with certain friends. Its a mixture of ocd, tic, behavioral I dont know but i need to try something. Any advice? Thank you
  3. why Benadryl and what do you give your child to protect his stomache from the motrin?
  4. has anyone had success lessening the frequent urination with something other than antibiotics? hes going every 2-5 min. the stress is brutal. he reaaly feels the sensation to pee and pees everytime he goes . im having trouble getting his doctors to call back and the ones that have r no help. my son is miserable:-( hes 7 by the way with pdd ocd and pans.
  5. can anyone tell me if a strep pneumonia antibody serotypes lab order is the same as a strep titer test?
  6. ok, tests I have lab orders for so far for my sons flareup and also just because hes due r : Immunoglobulins (igg, iga,igm) ,strep pneumoaniae antibody serotypes and Mycoplasma panel igg and igm. all ordered by immunlogist. Still have not been able to talk directly with my sons pandas doc. He has a history of low iga and igg also high myco levels. I just dont know if the strep titer tests r included above. Can anyone tell from what i wrote above? If something is missing that anyone thinks i should be testing for please let me know. Remember this is just follow up testing and also to see if t
  7. pr40 correct me if im wrong but i believe you were speaking about my son in particular that cant take abx and ibuprofren because of his gastritis issues. Just repeating what i was saying in my post but not saying it cant be taken together.
  8. What is d- mannose? Question: do most of u do ongoing abx or as needed and if as needed how do u decide when it's needed,( behavior, bloodwork, culture ). Also if I give my son as needed abx since he can't tolerate longterm abx how long would be sufficient? 1 or 2 courses? Would just like to know what other parents r doing in this situation.
  9. we have used ibuprofren in the past and it caused severe gastritis. We r not allowed to give him that anymore. Just a word of caution about that, if you do give your child ibuprofren u need to give him\her something to coat his stomache to protect it. Anyway, i will call Murphy today and see what she reccomends. I am so confused because at the same time as wanting to give him abx i also want to see what happens if i don't. is it possible the symptoms will go away as the trigger goes away? I hate to see him suffer and i am an anxious mess dealing with his peeing and reassurance seeking and
  10. hi, My 7 yr old is obviously reacting to something as i was sick with a cold for a week and we had to start a pee chart again to limit his visits to the bathroom. right now its a struggle for him to wait 20 minutes. without the chart though hed be going every 5. we are supposed to start prozac 1 mg ( dr. murphy) but this flair makes me not want to do that at this moment so we wont get even more confused with any side effects. He has been off antibiotics for a couple of months now as it was upsetting his stomache terribly and the ones that didnt upset his stomache werent doing enough for his
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