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  1. I can post more later but what is the actual tsh number? And do you have any other thyroid labs? And I've been learning about a mthfr and thyroid connection. Do you have mthfr issues too?
  2. Can u pour the tincture into an empty capsule?
  3. Yes, DS is sort of low -- hovers around 22 for the past few years. I have tried multiple forms and multiple brands (D2. D3, dry, etc) and I've just given up for now. Try for sunshine, but that's not really his thing either. It's not at the top of the list.
  4. Vitamin d always makes my son worse with tics and compulsions
  5. A form of iron called iron bisglycinate is supposed to be very febtle
  6. Our doctor recommended enhansa. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Yes, but to add iron to the fire, a lot of parents have reported in the past that fish oils make their kids worse. I know that every time we've tried, we've had to back off.
  8. I am so sorry. What a terrible thing for any parent to go through.
  9. Unlikely. If you have a chance can you post her thyroid numbers. Tsh t3 t4 free t3 free t4 reverse t3. Any of those that you have, preferably from the same blood draw as each other.
  10. This is also known as Factor V Leiden (V as the roman numeral 5). You guys may find better google information using that term.
  11. Can you post her thyroid numbers? C677T single mutation is pretty common in the general population, but a lot of kids here seem to be popping up with the double mutation. How much folate are you giving her, and what kind? Also, usually you need b12 or methylb12 along with the folate. But it's tricky. I would ask for medical help with this.
  12. I'm also trying to PM you. You may have to go in and delete some old messages. That's what I had to do.
  13. Trinity -- I was just reading a book on thyroid issues and they described hyperthyroidism can cause racing thoughts. Have you had your DD checked for thyroid issues?
  14. Wow-- how can an MD not know about a CBC and CMP??!!!
  15. What were speech issues that are better now?
  16. Nancy -- I am having trouble finding good treatment for c677T. Can you share what he is doing, and what is he on the lookout for? Thanks!
  17. We worked with a different therapist there who was wonderful. I will pm you in a few hours. It's not working from my iPhone
  18. That is not part of dr t's initial panel of tests
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