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  1. I don't know if atenolol would work as well as propanolol for thyroid issues, but I know it has been around a long time and is used by tons of people. You could ask about alternatives to propanolol.
  2. That kind of stretch mark is usually indicative of bartonella. You can google pictures of bartonella to see what others have reported.
  3. 1.3 is great. Hope you get the results you're seeking!
  4. What was the actual TSH? The "normal" range on the lab results are regarded as too high, even by many mainstream docs. You usually want a TSH of 2.0 or below in order to feel good.
  5. Good luck tomorrow! Is he going to be on propanolol long term, or is that a short-term treatment?
  6. Thyroid issues are known to cause easy hair loss
  7. I am looking over old lab tests at past liver panels, because DS12 is having a problem with copper metabolism (low ceruloplasmin and high unbound copper). I am trying to decide whether to push for a consultation with a liver specialist. A question for any of you who know this, just to tell me if the following is something of concern: DS12 has had numerous liver panels done over the past few years and have never raised the concern of his doctors. But what I have just realized is that, although his AST and ALT are always within normal range, the AST is always higher than the ALT and it's supposed to be the other way around. The ratios have ranged from 1.1 to 1.7. I have learned that such an ALT/AST inversion is of concern for liver damage, but is that true even when they are both within normal limits? I can't seem to find that answer for myself by searching. His bilirubin has ranged from 0.2 to 1.4 and his Alb:Glob ratio is usually high-normal or very slightly elevated. But my main question is about that ALT/AST inversion. Am probably going to ask for a consult with a specialist, but it's always nice to have knowledge ahead of time. Thank you!
  8. We also went to rothman from California and it was amazingly worth it
  9. More info later but please post even if normal values if you can. Ds was normal within range but ratios with each other were not at all normal and need to be addressed.
  10. Hi all. I am following a thought process about copper and movement disorders. DS has very abnormal copper labs and these can be implicated in movement disorders. I am curious how common these are in our pandas kids. If anyone has labs for copper., ceruloplasmin, and zinc would you be willing to post them or pm them to me? If possible, please tell me if they are serum or plasma and what the range is. I am very interested in these numbers, even if the lab test says they are within range. It is hthe relationship among these values that is important as well as the actual values.
  11. Powwow- Were you on lovenox when pregnant with your pandas kid? I was on heparin (older version of lovenox) for one of my pregnancies also because of anticardiolipin antibodies.
  12. I am finding that my son has major copper issues as shown by blood tests. Am in the middle of investigating it. Should know more soon. If anyone has labs that show ceruloplasmin, serum copper and serum zinc, please post them and/or pm me the results. I bet there's more of us out there. The values can be normal. It is their relationship to each other that is the problem.
  13. I hope this leads to some real progress for you. How did you/they figure this out?? I was just reading about this earlier today, coincidentally.
  14. Wow! And titanium dioxide is very common in sunscreen, which I try to avoid but my DH always wants to put on the kids. DS was really high-level on vacation, when DH was putting sunscreen on him continuously! Maybe that was our smoking gun!
  15. My son has very low total IgM (selective IgM deficiency) and is hardly ever sick. And like many kids here, often doesn't mount much of a strep response. Always high titres, never actual strep symptoms, until this year (age 12) where he had two active strep infections in 6 months with fever and everything. But truly, rarely sick.
  16. The courtagen test showed one mutation for copper. 23andme showed a lot more a snps that were mutated that were involved with copper. His serum copper is pretty high relative to his zinc so we are supplementing with zinc to try to normalize the ratios.
  17. Ds has been taking aurobindo augmentin for quite some time now. Filled by cvs. But this report was from 2011, wasn't it? Are there still current concerns?
  18. I have learned that band 58 is considered significant by European labs. You can check my old posts by searching for band 58 and my name. I posted links in the past
  19. We did it per dr t's recommendation. My ds came back pretty normal. It did show a potential problem with copper processing
  20. My son flared horribly on nac. Anyone know if namenda is similar in its biochemistry?
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