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  1. What antibiotic has your child been put on for the 4 positive streps? We experienced this when my daughter first started getting strep at age 4 1/2 (now she is almost 18). I thought she kept getting strep, but in hind sight, the strep was never being eradicated bc our dr kept putting her on amoxicillin/penicillin. If he has only been given amoxicillin or penicillin I would request at least 10 days of zithromax or even a cephalosporin (omnicef), then retest. The general rule is not to put a child on the same antibiotic that they have been on in the past 3 months should they get strep a
  2. I would be suspicious of Lyme with those bands, even though they are indeterminate. Also, has she been tested for babesia and bartonella? They can cause those symptoms. Colleen
  3. I would try to find someone to put you on antibiotics asap. The "recommendations" for antibiotics pre-surgery, during surgery, and after tonsillectomy changed a few years ago and now a lot of ENTs are not giving them which is a bad idea. Antibiotics prior to surgery is not enough in a person with chronic strep. Antibiotics should be given IV during surgery and oral antibiotics post surgery to deal with the strep that is released during surgery. If the strep is intracellular, the penicillin and augmentin can't always reach the strep. Azithromycin(zithromax) would be a good choice. If your
  4. How did she determine it was strep? My children also do not usually have a positive culture either. One of them has terrible dental problems. How are you treating for it? TIA, Colleen
  5. I have four children. My oldest received the chickenpox vaccine at 18 months and within a week had a high fever and head to toe rash. Not sure if it was related to the vaccine, but I have always thought so. When she turned 10 she had a severe case of shingles. It was awful. My three other children did not receive the chickenpox vaccine and all three of them came down with chickenpox at the same time. They were two, five, and seven years old at the time. I did not notice any increase in their PANS symptoms while they had chickenpox. If I had it to do over again, I would not get the vaccine
  6. The treatment dose first strep with children is 12mg/ kg per day, so 150 does not sound too high to me.
  7. Three of my four children have had both tonsils and adenoids removed. Never considered just the tonsils. I think the adenoids harbor strep as much as the tonsils do. Also, whenever my children would get any type of respiratory illness, even a slight cold, they would snore and even have periods of sleep apnea. I believe it was because of their adenoids being infected. Has your dr said why he wants to leave the adenoids? Colleen
  8. I would not give the HPV vaccine to my children even if they did not have PANS. I think it is going to play out to be one of the most dangerous vacines of all time and I think (and really hope) it eventually gets pulled off the shelf. Colleen
  9. Could it be a type of neuritis? There is scalp neuritis where the nerves on your scalp are inflamed and painful. I think it can be triggered by infection.
  10. Can Dr L run an EEG on him? I think I would definitely rule out any seizure activity just to be safe. Colleen
  11. We are getting ready to do genetic testing through Courtagen on my four PANS children. It is mtDNA/mitonucleome sequencing. Has anyone done this testing and is it helpful in treating PANS? TIA! Colleen
  12. I started this thread in December when I got my children's coxsackie titers back. We just did a lot of bloodwork thru Dr T, including coxsackie A and B titers because my 10 year old PANS child is suddenly having severe anxiety related to school. He happily has gone to school since preschool and attended the first two weks of fifth grade as normal until all of a sudden he developed severe anxiety related to school. It began while he was sick with a bad cold and cough (I was suspicious of mycoplasma pneumo but labs were negative on that). He also may have had a GI virus that was going around
  13. I would increase your pen vk dose to four times a day ( 500 mg every six hours) to begin with and if you think it could be glomerulonephritis consider adding another antibiotic from another class ( azithromycin or cefdinir). I agree with once a day penicillin not being enough bc of the short half life. Twice a day would be much better. Colleen
  14. I am praying for a great out come for your son. Colleen
  15. Can you say more about the testing you did that ruled out PANDAS? It is not always so easy to rule out PANDAS and IMO if the tics began with a strep infection, I would remain suspicious it could be PANDAS. Did you test for Lyme through igenex? What "markers" came up positive in your Lyme testing? Did Dr Trifiletti test for mycoplasma pneumonia, viruses, strep titers? I am not pushing the use of antibiotics, but have you tried a course of 2-3 weeks of a treatment dose? Colleen
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