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  1. Our doctor just suggested inositol and a number of google pages describe it as a natural ssri that some ocd clinics have had significant success with.
  2. OK, we were one of the people who got the original test done, when the reference range for Dopamine 2 antibodies was 2000-16000. Now it seems to be 2000-8000. Does anyone know if we can use old results against this new range? Thanks!
  3. It may depend on which vaccines you got and how many strains were in it. There used to be 7 and now there are more. How old is your dd? My at the start of this journey, DS reacted to very few bands but a few years later reacted to many more. (No extra vaccines). I will try to dig up my research on this for you over the weekend.
  4. Meant to say his suox snp is good.
  5. Thanks! His CBS is pretty good but i will try to pick some up ASAP.
  6. We recently soaked in natural water that was very high in sulfur and other minerals. It is supposed to be healthy but I think it may have been too much for ds12. Any good detox suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Ok, I'm 50 and ds is 12. Are there any young moms out there in pandas/lyme land? Say, 35 and under? Were those of us born and raised in the 60's somehow carrying something? Or our older eggs???
  8. Check for lactose intolerance. That can cause chronic diarrhea. You can buy pills at the drugstore that you take with dairy and that takes care of the problem. If you r very sensitive like I am, then even the small amounts of dairy in cookies and bread can cause problems. Actually, a good test would be to take some lactaid pills with each meal for a few days and see if that helps. It's OTC and very safe. Don't get the chewables. They taste awful! Just get the swallowable ones. Generics are fine and are a lt cheaper than lactaid brand. Remember there are lots of hidden sources of dairy in almost everything you eat if it is commercially processed.
  9. I take a form of propanolol myself for an irregular heartbeat and found that it also helps a lot with anxiety. My cardiologist told me that it is used off-label as an anti anxiety med.
  10. Two weeks to plan a bar mitzvah! Wow! Mazel tov!
  11. Smarty, I cleared some space. Can you try again? I was also wondering if anyone gave 600 mg once in a while to adult sized kids.
  12. Hi all. We are on vacation and DS12 is having fun but also a LOT of tics and/or OCD. I've never tried the ibuprofen route before. Can someone give me recommended dosages and timing for 105 pound kid? Internet access is spotty right now. I'd love any comments. Thanks!
  13. Isn't his tsh currently 4.5 based on what you posted? Isn't that the increase you were expecting from pex?
  14. I second S&S to check for thyroid. Make sure you do at least TSH, free t3 and free t4. Even better if you can add reverse t3 at the same time. Make sure it is FREE t3 and FREE t4. Thyroid issues can make you exhausted. You want a TSH to be less than or equal to 2.0, no matter what the lab report says is a normal range. This is pretty mainstream, not alternative.
  15. Can you share what improvements you see at that dosage? Thanks!
  16. I had thought that the risk of infection was with the use of tap water, and that using distilled or boiled water should be fine. ???
  17. You could also look into a Neti Pot rinse, but be sure to use distilled water.
  18. You could look into health food stores that sell quercitin-based products. They are often very effective.
  19. If your child has MTHFR issues, then the right amount of methylfolate about 4 hours before bedtime might cure the night wetting. It's the only thing that helped us. The alarms didn't,although they help a lot of people.
  20. geneticgenie and mthfr.net . The former asks for a ten dollar donation and the other requires a $20 payment. The latter is a lot more comprehensive. They both just tell you heterozygous and homozygous for a bunch of different genes -- you then have to go look up their meaning yourself. You may be able to type MTHFR or C677T into 23andme.com's search engine for your results and see what they say.
  21. How did you figure out that she needs 10 mg? And is she C677T homozygous?
  22. Yes but I was wondering if ultrasound would show infection that the tonsils might be harboring.
  23. Trinity, are you dealing with folate issues? If so, what kind?
  24. That's true, but so many parents here have commented that their ENTs didn't want to remove their kid's tonsils because they looked fine pre-op, but once they were out the ENT said they were much larger and/or more infected than they originally appeared. I'm just wondering if there are any pre-op procedures, like ultrasound, or visualizing with a nasal camera, that would show size or degree of infection, etc. My DS wouldn't meet insurance's criteria for T&A, so I'd love to have a visualization test that would give more info prior to having such surgery.
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