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  1. Hi Faith, It is L-carnitine, by Innerich from L-Carnipure brand. I gave our son a tiny bit to start then gave him more and more until we are at 1/2 tablet now. If you ever want to try again start him off with a tiny amount. That has worked very well for us so far. I just remember last year when we would try something new, my son would tic more no matter what vitamin it was. God Bless, C.P.
  2. Hi All, Just looking for support here. My father-n-law is coming form CA for a week or longer. This will be the first time we have had anyone in the house since the DX, and I'm nervous. If you all have some helpful hints on how to keep my stress levels down for a week please let me know. Thanks to All in advanced, C.P.
  3. Hi Faith, Carnitine is responsable for the transport of long fatty acids into the energy producing cell units. We have started it a week ago. I have not yet gotten to the full dose. At this point I have not seen a decrease in vocals that look like they would be from the carnitine. I mean some days his vocals go down others they go up. Just like any other day before the carnitine. The pill is huge, so I hoping to get something else, also he is to take it between meals. If I can ever get him to stop eating for a 1/2 hour. Also we started Royal Jelly. So far all is good with both, I
  4. Isn't that strange my son will do the opposite, he can stare down anyone without looking like he has TS at all. And when he doesn't like an answer to an idea he might have, watch out the little lawyer in him come out. He can do this for 1/2 hour or longer. When the talk is over the tics start back up again. C.P.
  5. trubiano, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't know much about PANDAS other then it seems so much like TS. I was wondering how old your son is? I could not remember. I have been dealing with my son's nervousness for about 2 years. It seem to start when we put him in pubic school. He didn't have any problems when we homeschooled him. I think if your son is having some pretty severe stress I would not try the new thinks just yet. Your son might be thinking about school already. It seemed to me my son started to worry about school last year in early Aug. He did not calm down unt
  6. Thank you Kim, Do you think this idea apply to seedless grapes as well? God bless C.P.
  7. Hi All, I baught a watermellon (seedless) it was very pretty red and looked good. When we tasted it, it had no flavor. Is there something unnatural about seedless watermellon. I mean what do they do to watermellon to make it seedless. Thanks if anyone knows anything about chemicals put in fruit, to make it grow in an unnatural way. C.P.
  8. Hi again Trent, I was reading about B6 and saw something maybe you could check out. This is in an Encyclopedia of supplements. " Science doesn't fully understand the mechanism by which pyridoxine decreases seizure activity, but it is undoubtedly related to its role as a necessary cofactor in the metablolism of a variety of neurotransmitters whose production is dependent on vitamin B6." I found this interesting, because my son's tics have been greatly helped by B6. C.P.
  9. Mike That is wonderful news. Thanks so mush for letting us know, sometimes we really need to hear some good news. Gives us hope. God Bless, C.P.
  10. Hi Trent, Welcome, I'm so sorry for you and your family. I just wanted to encourage you, about the possable ADHD. As kim said the diet is so helpful. Our son (now 13 1/2) was very active as a child, he would not even sit to watch a tv show. He always had to be playing. He would even work for hours. My parents live on a large piece of land with lots of trees, and big rocks. My parents would tell my when he would spend a weekend with them he would haul rock and help split wood, and stack them ALL DAY LONG. once we changed his diet we saw a huge change. What I once thought he might have ADHD
  11. Hi Hannah, My son's intergrative Dr. said the white spots were zinc deficiency. Since we started him on the zinc we have seen the white spots growing up the nail until they are gone. Good luck, and welcome nice to have you here. C.P.
  12. bmom, I know people are very different, and our outlook on life can really do a number on one's spirit. I do believe God will heal all of us, Kids and parents. When things were at there worst for me I must have had every thought one could think of. I was sure God was punishing me for things I had done in my life. I thought because I didn't breast feed the two younger children they would have TS. God must be reminding me how lazy I was to not breast feed them. God must me reminding me of how vain I was in my youth, always wanting attention, well He showed me I was going to have every head
  13. Hi bmom, She has not had them like I saw in the spring. The last time I saw her do the tongue thing was the 4th of July right before the fire works. The eye blinking I see but now they look more normal. She said her eyes don't bother her like they did in the spring. She is so different then her brother, much more calm, and she can read for hours. If he sits still he will tic more. His father was the same way as a kid. She has been through a lot with this because she is the only one I still homeschool, so she had to deal with me when things were really bad. I have asked her if she
  14. Hi hermom33, I would do the kids calm for her to start, if you see an improvement after a few days keep her on the Kids calm. Since you already have the Natural Calm, you could try it if you don't see any results with the Kids Calm. We saw results almost the day after we started. I think most parents have noticed an improvement pretty quickly. I also have a 10 yo daughter and I have given her the Natural Calm only a 1/2 teaspoon tho. She does not have a dx of TS. So I can't tell you if it is doing anything for her. God Bless, C.P.
  15. Hi hermom33, I can't remember how old your daughter is? The Kids Calm has flavor and some have other vitamins in it. The Natural Calm has more mgs of Mag. I give my son the Natural Calm, but that is because he is 13 1/2yo. If your daughter is young you might want to do the kids calm, so you she is getting the right amount of mag for a child. God Bless, C.P.
  16. Hi mblack, Could i ask if your son is looking like he is starting puberty? My son started with major tics at 12 he is a slow grower, and when he was 12 he was the size of a 10 yr old. we tried everthing and nothing seemed to help. So I really feel for you. Your son's hormones may be taking over, which in our case seemed to me he slowed down with the major tics, once his body when through some changes. I wish I had more to help. God love you for sacrificing your sleep to make him more comforable. C.P.
  17. Wow Faith, Thanks that just shocked me. Solaray is the brand, it says it has no other ingredients other than inositol. I guess I'll have to call the CO. and ask. I didn't give it to him yesterday because I didn't want to confuss more tics do to a baseball game or the inositol. Thanks Faith, C.P.
  18. Hi Janey, Stress is the #1 tic trigger in my 13 1/2 old son. I have felt so helpless sometimes when I cant keep his stress levels down. When I talked to my pastor about the panic attacks I was having over my son's screaming, he told me my anxiety was really caused by me wanting to control what was happening to my son. He wanted me to trust God more, and not to be upset at what man has done to cause health problems in people. I had a hard time with that, but tried to see if I could help my son not be so scared of things. For example: We live in a historical town and it is cute and safe,
  19. Chemar, Thanks for being so helpful. May God's Grace every day fall on your soul. It does not say when is best to take it, do you know when the best time of the day would be? Thanks again for watching over our interests, C.P.
  20. Hi Chemar, I got a pure powder form, that has no other ingredients. 1/4 tsp = 700mg. I took my 1/8 tsp and tried to give him only half that, so I would say it was 1/16 of a tsp. I would guess he got about 200mg or so. I gave it to him with orange juice. He is taking 100mg of B6, and has since Feb. He seems fine this morning. God Bless, C.P.
  21. Thanks Chemar, I tried the inositol tonight and he seemed to get very silly and more vocals. I gave it to him about 4:00, what time of the day should he take it? Have you heard of more ticcing with inositol? Boosting one's serotonin does not mean that will lower dopamine right? I really don't know if he needs serotonin, he showed a impaired tryptophan metabolism which looks to be caused from a B6 deficiency. Thanks for your help, C.P.
  22. Hi mblack, My husband and son have TS. When I was trying to get info from my husbands side of the family about TS, my husbands brother said when he was a kid he shook his legs at night. He did this so violently that his parents could hear it from down the hall. I think it is interesting that my husband had TS and his brother had RLS and nobody new what either one was. Just thought that was a family connection you would find interesting. C.P.
  23. Hi Everyone, And welcome to all the newcomers. Son has been doing pretty good for the last 5 weeks risperdal free. We did notice he was having some increased vocals, but they are no way what they were last year. I'm looking for some advice about keeping his dopamine down (if possible) through the diet. Could someone help me understand how my son needs to eat foods high in tryptophan (meat) so it could be converted to serotonin. Yet foods high in protein contain tyrosine which helps the brain make dopamine. Does vitamin C help the brain to make dopamine? My son is to have 2000
  24. I Love You Chemar, Thank you. I can't believe His ped. did not tell me that, and he knew he was being weened. OOOOOHHHH that makes me so mad! God Bless you, C.P. P.S.Sorry I forgot to mention about the risperdal.
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