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  1. Hi Lisa, I never saw any reaction from my son in early shots. He got the tetnis/purtusis (sp?) and meningitis at 12 I don't know if it was both shots at the same time that did it, or was he on the brink of exploding because of his age. If I didn't have a photo (taken shortly after the shots) that shows he looks ill I would not be so hung up on shots. We took three trips the summer of 2005 long traveling ones too, and he showed nothing that would have been an eye opener. Last trip was 5 weeks before the shots those pictures he looks great and healthy. It just make me really think
  2. Hi bmom, If I really try to think I believe his tics were present at 9. I would swear he never ticked before that time. Either I was deep in LA LA land or our son really did not tic much. I only say that because I homeschooled the child 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade. I know I would have noticed some ticcing during that time. It was 2005 He turned 12 in Oct. had shots and started public school. Things exploded and I was a reck so I really feel your fear and also Nadine's. I just don't want anyone to wait as long as I did before finding help for their child. Nadine, do give your
  3. Lisa, His Intergrative Dr. ran all these tests. The tests were really not that much money, I think it was around $500 total for all three. We had all three done at the same time, so I got all the results on the same day. She was talked with me for over an hour to help me understand what I was reading, but to tell you the truth I was helped by the people on this forum more. So keep asking questions someone here will help you if I didn't get it right. I believe it was money well spent. Take notes maybe someone else has a good lab co. that did theirs, and you can take all that info
  4. Welcome Tricia, Is the Juice Plus your multi? I only remember it for antioxidant support. I think you may need some B vitamins also. We have seen a lot of help with the B6. His Impaired Trypotophan indcates he is not converting Tryptophan to sarotonin. The B6 was to help with that. I think I remember Chemar and Carolyn telling me to watch out for the amino acids. How about the epsom salts? Have you tried that yet? Good luck it sounds like you are on the right track for a good start. C.P.
  5. Hi Itsme, Yes, I do give him calcium, and zinc seperately. I had him on 1000mg calcium, 3 tablets= 1000mg, but I went down to 2 tablets because he drinks about 20oz of raw milk a day and a cup or more of kifer. Zinc is at 50mg C.P.
  6. Lisa when I added the post it did not put it in the form I typed it out. I'll try to show you in a different way Fatty acid (adipate) findings (high) intervention options (carnitine, B2) common metabolic association (Fatty acid oxidation) B-complex (Xanthurenate) findings (High) intervention options (B6) Common metabolic association (Imparied trypophan metabolism) Neurotransmitter metabolism markers (Quinolinate) findings (High) intervention options (magnesium Support) Common metabolic association (receptor agonist) Yeast/Fungal (no abnormality found) Hope that was
  7. Hi Lisa, SpectraCell labs determined functional deficiencies in B12 and Magnesium. Also antioxidant fuction, he was average in that, but his Dr. wanted a higher percentage. Analytical labs did hair. He was found to be copper toxic, sensitivity to ingestion of carb & sugar. aluminum was high. That test also gave me a dietary profile for him. His metabolic typing is a fast-mixed oxidizer. The test I found most helpful was Metametrix Organix comprehensive profile The test looks something like this. Summary Of abnormal results: Nurtient Markers Findings In
  8. Hi Nadine, Welcome, My son is 13 and the Natural calm is what started the ball rolling in improvement for him. I think your daughter being only 4 should see some good results on kids calm. I say that only because my son has other things to deal with at 13 (stress, hormones, ect..) so I would think younger kids have a good chance at improvement. (hoping they are still happy and care free) My husband also has TS and our son really looks up to his dad. I think it helps to have a family member have Ts too. The child can see how normal the adult is, and I do believe it has helped my s
  9. Lisa, My son would play loud, and was the clown out of my three children. (other two are girls) He plays very competively so you can hear him on the field yelling out comands. We use to think he was taking charge of the game, telling the out field how many outs, or where the next play should be. Now I believe that is his way of covering up his vocal tics. Making them sound like normal. My husband has Ts too and he talks very loud, he also covers up his vocal tics. He did it so well for 15 years of marrage I had no idea he had tics. I think when my son turned 12 he no longer could con
  10. Hi Caryn, WOW, I'm so glad someone else has hear that line. My son's Intergrative Dr. took blood, hair and urine tests. when she was going over the tests she made that comment. She said she might want to test vaccine titers. She seem to think his body was not distributating the vaccines through the body the way most kids do. I was so confused and overwelmed with all the tests in front of me, and it made me think the shots really had an effect on his system. He was given his shots in oct 2005 and by Thanksgiving his body was out of control. A week later he was yelling. Shortly aft
  11. Hi Lisa, I wanted to welcome you. I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said, other then my son also tested very low for the PANDAS titers test. The only thing that I can add is my son's Dr. said it seemed to her (from his lab work) his body was fighting off some kind of virus or something. I guess it could be from the shots he had in 2005. I did think it was PANDAS for a while. My husband has Ts so your post is the only one I have read where a Dr. said the child could have had Ts triggered by strep. Thanks for sharing that. Keeps giving me something to think about. C
  12. Hi, Luke's mom I just wanted to add he may be going through puberty, and try not to get frustrated if you don't see results right away. I think my son really had a hard time with the TS at 12 because his body could not handle puberty/shots/stress form starting public school. Last year I was taking all the suggestions from this sight, and it seemed not to help at all. I really found that the lab work has helped because I can see what my son needs. I really notice a change when I give him vit. he needs. I don't want to be gross, but I have noticed since my son takes so many epsom sa
  13. Deanna, Our son's profile has him down to take 400mg and he is 86lb/90lb depending on which scale he stands on. Recommendations from Metametrix Labs. I'll be trying it at the end of May or early June. Good luck please let us know how it worked. C.P.
  14. Anyone notice an improvement in tics after a supp is added then maybe a little waxing (not much) but then that improves after another supp is added to the mix. It seems to me our son greatly improved in Dec after Mag Calm was introduced, then a little waxing in Jan. That waned after the zinc was given. Then waxed a little until we introduced the B6. On the look out for waxing (hasn't happened yet) I feel I'm pinning the waxing on school, allergy, baseball, ect... When maybe it is not those things at all. Just wondering if his body is telling us its time to add another vitamin to the prog
  15. Thanks guys you all are most helpful. I guess my problem is he is so healthy (besides the bumps and bruses) I have such a hard time putting supps into a body that looks and acts like it does not need any. (you know reading what some supps are for, thinking , he can't have this or that, he looks to healthy) Thanks for the advice C. and F. I will hold off (but will try the B12) until after tests. C.P.
  16. HUMMM??? Carolyn, A couple of questions. So would he have had to have a special blood test to tell if he did not convert B12? Something different then the SpectraCell Lab blood work? She only gave me the different options, (supps, shots, a patch) she did not say anything about why it was low. He is really close to the B12 being adequate, in fact about 1/4 of the marker is in the adequate range. Does that sound like he is not having a problem converting? I will hold off on the B12 and give the raw milk more time as a dietary change and repletion of the B12. What is your o
  17. Thanks Faith and Carolyn, The test says it should be cobalamin, I had a hard time finding it, but got some by Solgar 500mg. I think the Dr was thinking this was a key supp because of the nervous system support. I'm not sure if he will benefit from high doses because he does not have motor tics most of the time. Carolyn do you take B12? If yes how has it helped you? Is cobalamin good? I'm a little confused on what I have read about B12. It seems a person can take high doses and not really get that much B12 in their system. Oh and what about coenzyme B12? Faith, He is sti
  18. Hi Faith and anyone else who give their children B12, Faith, I remember you said you give your son B12. Could you tell me how much you give him? My son's chart has him down for 50mcg. His multi has 10mcg and B12 is plentiful in raw milk.(don't know how much is plentiful though) I'm trying to get an idea on how much would be good for him. He is borderline to being adequiate in B12. (on his chart) Also having a hard a time finding low doses of B12. Thanks for your help, C.P.
  19. Hi All, My son's energy production markers show high Cis-Aconiate and Isocitrate both associated with Renal ammonia loading. Arginine is suggested at 1000mg. What effect on TS do you think this will have? I do not remember reading if anyone has used arginine. I see where arginine supports growth hormones. could this be the reason he is so small for his age? I'm not sure I want to start messing with growth hormones with a child who has TS. But then again I do want him to have all the interventions his body needs, could help the TS right??? If anyone has helpful info on this
  20. Hi Owen's mom, Welcome, I wanted to tell you I started my son on Bonnie's supps, before we had allergy testing. he told me one day his stomach iched. I stopped the supps and had him tested, and he does have an allergy to soy. It was high and we never saw any rashes nor did he complain after eating products with soy. I told my Dr. that he needed to be tested because his peanut allergy is severe, and I needed to know about other foods. I never said it was for TS. My son does come up allergic to other beans. We took milk away for three weeks... no change, he still ticced like crazy.
  21. Patty, I'm glad you shared this with us. The best part about God is he knows our hearts, and what ever one would do to glorify Him he knows it, even if all it is, is to offer up your daily chores. God Bless, C.P.
  22. Patty, Thanks for the info, I'm always looking for ways to save. C.P.
  23. Hi Nancy, I'm so sorry you are all going through this rough time. Funny you mentioned the hair, my oldest daughter does that. she is also 15. She does not have any other symptoms of TS. I guess it is just something that makes her feel comforable. I'm here because of my son, he has stress issues too, and from the testing he had done I'm hoping we can fix the abnormal results that will help with the stress issues. We did the Metametrix Organix Comprehensive Profile. It really gave us a good look at what was off in nutrition. That test was under $300, but I do feel it is the one that
  24. Hi Faith, We should have a phobia club. I'm so bad I feel like I need a gas mask to enter Home Depot. You know what they say misery loves company, just thought you would get a kick out of another Charlie Brown. (me) C.P.
  25. Oh yes! yes! How could I forget you dads. I too believe God talks to us, and one thing he revealed to me was, only one apostle stood at the foot of the cross. The others could not handle it, and left. C.P.
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