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  1. Carolyn, Thank you I'll keep close eyes on him, we went 11 months with no meds, and it really hurt to have to go this route. I wish I had some idea how long he would be yelling and screaming. My son is so athletic I hope this medication does not change that, I know he would be very sad if that happend. I would click you a smilie face but I can't get the clickable smilies to work for me. C.P.
  2. Yes it is 0.5 mg. Carolyn do you remember how long you were on it? I had a meeting with his teachers today and they said they have noticed a big difference in the classroom. Did it help with vocal tics for you or some other reason you were on it? Thank you all C.P.
  3. Thank you Do you rememder the dose she took? My son takes two 50 mg. it has helped about 50% of the vocal. some days better then 50% other days not as good. I guess he still waxes while on the meds. C.P.
  4. Thank you Brie, Do you mind me asking how long your mother was on the drug? Our son it to try it for 6 months. thanks again C.P.
  5. Claire, Thanks that was me asking about raw milk, I'll check out Whole Foods. Another question about the eggs I was wondering if anyone had an increase in tics after eating the omega 3 eggs? Its hard to tell with my son because he seems like everything makes him, but I think he did have some more tics after eating omega 3 eggs. C.P.
  6. Very interesting reading. I was wondering about Perrier, could you do both RO and perrier?My son like the carbonation, kind of feels like a soda. C.P.
  7. Claire, Thanks for the info I will try plastic utensils just to see what happens. We have an old home with I think brass door knobs I can smell the medal on my hands after opening & closing our doors. I made some covers for them and that helped with the smell on my hands, but do you think the medal is still coming through? We thought about new knobs but our doors are a special size and we can't find a knob to fit, and we would have to special order new doors for every room, closet, ect.. $$$ Sometimes that smell happens with coins. Any thoughts about that? C.P.
  8. Chemar, I'm glad you told me, I will try it for him. ummm...I think I'll start today, My son is really stressing out about his Steelers down 14-0. C.P.
  9. Oh Patty, I would wake up at night too with an attack, I saw my Dr. for it, but he said it was because I was unsure about how something new in our sons life would end up. It went away once school started so I guess he was right. I'm not glad you had that.. just happy to hear someone else has had those feelings... I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. And I lost over 20 pounds in 4 months. Not good I know, all is stable now. The Bach was for my son, but I confess I used it to see how it worked. I thought it was good, still to chicken to give it to my son. C.P.
  10. Patty, Thanks for asking about my son. he has been on Risperdal for 3 weeks. 1 week no help at all, 2 week a little help with the vocal. It was just as loud as before with the meds, but not as often, thats not saying much since he would tic almost every second. Last 3 days it seems like its not helping at all anymore. The fact that a year has passed with no real results is what kills me. One blessing is, so far he has had no side effects from the meds. Just a little tired. We do the food sensitivity test Tues. I pray this will shed some light. C.P.
  11. Carolyn, Patty or anybody, I have a question about medal sensitivity my son does not have cavities but will need braces some day. I think he has an allergy to nickel because he breaks out with a rash with a belt that hits his stomach or chain around his neck I did not want to test for the allergy because they said it would be a patch he would have to have on his skin for a week with nickel on it. My question is if he is sensitive to nickel would the medal go through his skin with eyeglasses our a watch and what about spoons and such. Should he be eating with plastic? Thank you so muc
  12. Sorry guys, I guess I'm not sure what the difference is between the two. I was thinking about a detox with the flowers in it. I do have the Bach too for stress and was not sure about giving it to him. C.P.
  13. My question is if a person has an allergy to lets say goldenrod (pollen) could he safely take a homeopathic remedy that has that flower in it? (liquid drops) The Homeopathic says yes, but I'm bringing this to you all for your thoughts. Much gratitude, C.P.
  14. Julie, Our son was on that patch for 1 month. It was to bring him down from the peak he was at. It worked very well for the body tics but did nothing for his vocal. In fact we do believe it made the vocal worse. After a few weeks his Dr. said we could take it off and see what would happen. We devoted a week to prayer and then removed it, his body stayed calm, and has been calm for 11 months now. He does get more body tics at night when he is tired, but not bad at all. The only thing I noticed different while on the clonidine patch was his hand writing got real bad, he always had really ni
  15. Claire, Yes thats what I ment, good news for this mom too (me) I worried I messed him up forever giving him those shots. I hope other parents find that info a relief to know my husband wasn't effected by his shots forever. C.P.
  16. Claire, It was both Tetanus and meningitis at the same time. I Wish I had known he had TS before that. I don't get it? My daughter is just fine after having the shots. That is so strange. But I do have some good news My mother-in-law kept very good records of the shots her kids got. My husband having the gene passed down from his father had a bunch of shots. 6-8 weeks DPT injection oral polio one month later second DPT injection 12 month smallpox vaccination 12 months live-virus measles vaccine DPT booster, polio booster with trivalent oral vaccine (dont know what that is) 2 year
  17. Julia24, I'm so glad you told us, you too had trouble taking these vitamins. I was upset when my son reacted to these, I was wondering the same thing. His Dr. does not want him on synthetic, vitamins. Trace Elements sent my son Adrenal complex after his hair was tested. This was for his type he is a fast metabolizer. I hope this is helpful. By the way is there any of the Standard Process vit. you can tolerate? Because she also gave him a Min-Tran supplement, (same company) it does not have the animal stuff, but I have been to scared to give it to him. Thanks again I will tell his Dr. someo
  18. Chemar, I rememberd you asked me if my sons integrative Dr. had done TS before, I never thought to ask her I thought I was going to her for whole body approach to health. Anyway my question is she said we should be drinking raw milk. I know in the U.S. you can't get it unless you own a cow. What do you think? Is this something that for nutritional reasons is better for the body. Or anyone out there own a farm give there kids raw milk? Just wanted to know if this is worth the trouble it sounds like it is going to be. Thanks C.P.
  19. Claire I guess I forgot this big piece of info when I was crying on the forums shoulder. Before last Nov. my sons TS was so mild we didn't even know he had TS. My son has 2 sisters, one in front the other in back. Oct. of 2005 my 14 year old now 15 was due the shots. Since all three kids were with me they said my son could have them too. So I let him have them thinking I was saving him time to worry about them. Well late in Oct. I had there picture taken and my son looked yellow in the photo. A few weeks later BAM!!!! He exploded with all kinds of tics. I know this had something to d
  20. Patty, Thanks for the info, We don't do much candy because of sugar and my sons allergy to peanuts, its hard to find some that are not made in a plant that has no nuts. His allergy is bad and we were told to stay away from foods made anywhere near nuts. I'll check these out. C.P.
  21. Yes, My husband has never stopped eating the bad foods because in the 60s & 70s no one knew he had anything but bad habits. To this day he eats what ever he wants drinks soda all day long (pepsi) He worked as a resturant manager for years and ate what ever was on the menu every day. Same with his father drinks coffee a lot..Thought I would share since my son hopes to eat a candy bar again some day. C.P.
  22. WOW!!! Claire thank you, I never thought about his growth because my husband was very small as a child he said he had his growth at around 16. He was taking 10mg a day of zink. Yes he only had the Ige test the IGg is next on the list to have done. I was beginning to think nothing would help because it was passed down in the genes. Thanks for the medal kit info I'll try that. About the T.V and videos, we only got a computer about 3 years ago and I didn't let them play much. We don't have any cable or dish so they don't watch T.V much a Lucy or Waltons video on Fri. night. We did do the two
  23. Thank you, It is so nice to let this off my chest. We started out on vit. then with the help of a Integrative MD we started over. She had him take a vit. B by Standard process he went nuts on that. I can only say that might have been the proprietary blend of bovine liver and porcine stomach & brain. Did the fish oil, mag/tar, cal. and zink He used Bonnie's vit. but got a rash, so we tested for allergies. Peanut a biggie, soy I guess that might be the ingredient that gave him the rash. Corn, cat, and goldenrod. We did a pyrrole test (neg) Celiac desase (neg) Took out all bad stuff, color,
  24. Hello... Our son will be 13 this week, and for 11 months now we have been living the nightmare that you all have been through, or are going through. We have done most of the things suggested to do to help, from this forum, and have not seen any improvement. It has gone from bad to worse, and I feel I can't do this any longer without help from you all. Our son has the most horrifing vocal tic, he sounds like a prehistoric bird trapped inside our home. I have cried buckets, and had the hardest time peeling myself off the bathroom floor just to feed my children. My husband had TS as a child and
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