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Hello Janene and welcome,

Can you give a little more like how old your son is and what you consider severe tics? I'm wondering how he can complete that action with his head on the pillow? Are you sure he is sound asleep, or could this be while he is trying to fall asleep -- he may be aware he is doing it because he is still sort of awake. Any other tics or behavioral symptoms? Are you just starting looking into ways to treat him? Thanks,



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When my son had the acute onset of head shaking & nodding tic. He used to have slight head nodding while he is sleeping. That was short lived - probably lasted about a month. I don't really remember now, but i think when we first started acunpuncture, it slowly went away as the tic also slowly to subside.


Hope this helps.



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According to "authorities," people do not tic while sleeping. According to other "authorities," many people with tic disorders do tic during sleep. I think the field is pretty evenly divided too; so it is probably an individual thing. Hope this gives you some comfort.


And welcome.



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Hi Calicat

bruxism isnt always associated with tics and can also occur in people who have no history of tic disorders


my son had bruxism which *was a tic* and which was helped by vit B5/pantothenic acid....but again, he did not grind when asleep, only when awake. We observed to be sure as doc wanted to give him mouthguard but he wasnt grinding in sleep


perhaps it is the TS tics that calm when asleep and other tics dont???

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