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  1. I like the book "Talking Back to OCD"---it helps you talk to your child about OCD/worries and gives you strategies....my child is so similar to yours...she's ultra sensitive and worries about everything and is afraid of so much. She always asks about a little bump on her knee --- the littlest things. This book is helpful. I ordered my copy on amazon and refer back to it frequently---hang in there...
  2. When the chapping around the lips and chin gets really dried up and almost scab-like, she will pick the skin off (OCD)....ya'll are so right, when I remind her to put some ointment on, etc, she just continues...darned if you do, darned if you don't. If i don't keep it coated then it worsens and won't heal, but then she is reminded and the cycle continues....it looks like a huge ring around her mouth---people say to her "did you just drink a chocolate milkshake?" I feel so sad as i want to protect her and heal her mouth and feel so powerless.
  3. I am no doctor, but i think it is very common. When my daughter first showed signs of tics she had many tics in her sleep and it was so scary...now she does sometimes but not as much anymore---
  4. Dear Forum Friends: My 8 year old has an extremely chapped mouth/lips from mouth stretching and licking tics. I have done aquaphor and vaseline during the day and she takes it to school. At night I sneak in and put neosporin on the outer portion. When I remind her to apply the salve she says "it makes me want to stretch/lick my lips more when you remind me".... This is really stressful to me as I feel powerless...it breaks my heart for her---ideas? On a second note, my husband and i are divorcing and the stress level is very high in the family right now...tics are worse, etc. I appre
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