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  1. Hi Maryann! how are things going with your girl? ( From what I've followed back a ways, there was discussion that the EPA should be higher for ticcers, that's what seemed to be the consensus. you can look back on some old threads. so loks like you're on the right track. I know they use higher dha for adhd type, and that seems to maybe not be so good for the ticcers. so hopefully higher EPA will be a better formula. I don't give it and havn't for a long time, just don't want to take the chance and then even if it is not because of that, I will think it is, lol! let us know
  2. I'm sure you could find it at the Vitamin shoppe or the health food store...if they don't have it they could probably order it for you. You could mix the Natural calm with a very small amount of boiled water, and then add some natural fruit juice, just a splash so she doesn't have to drink too much, I know my son doesn't like the sour taste either. If you could find capsule form, you could open the capsule and hide the powder in a tablespoon of apple sauce.
  3. If you feel the Attentive Child helps her, then by all means stick with it, however I would like to point out that sometimes things that have a good effect for attention, sometimes have negative effects on the tics. If this product contains magnesium in the form of aspartate, perhaps try a different form, as sometimes people find aspartate being more of an exitotoxin rather than a calming. so maybe try a product that is magnesium citrate or another form. avoid oxide as it is poorly absorbed. Also, it might help to up that dose a little, 120 mg. is pretty low, you could give 3 to 400 as lon
  4. stacilynn, how old is your boy now? tic free for seven months? you've said what you think helps,.do you think it was accumulative? how did it go, one day it just stopped, or got less and less? how much kids calm to you give? thanks Faith
  5. how much magnesium do you give and what type? just wondering. you could try upping it a little.
  6. cobbie, how did you find that your boy is not releasing bile? did you have any blood tests recently? does it show any problems with liver or you are just worrying? could I ask what meds he is on presently? could you list?
  7. Wendy, but your child is being treated for lyme, right? you have stated that he has had some flairs of symptoms since, which you call herxing...how do you really know it is from that and not from being exposed to strep or even 'having it', (albeit showing no symptoms of it, which can apparently be possible in pandas).....??
  8. I'm shedding a few tears tonite too..I will be praying for all of us.... blessings, Faith
  9. Megan, could we get an update on how your child is doing on the Progressive multi? just wondering. are you stil giving it? how are the vocals? and how are the mood/crying spells? can't think of why that Also, just looking the ingredients, I was noting that even tho there is not a high amount of magnesium, those other 'green food supplements' are probably a source of magnesium as green vegetables are usually high in magnesium....so that may be a reason why this multi is working out well for your child. just a thought I was looking at this as I've started playing around with mag
  10. jayjay, what kind of herxing is your child experiencing? is this just since the abx for lyme? what did Dr. Cunningham say about the Igenex results?
  11. Thankyou for you reply We only stoped telling her to stop kissing her teeth as people kepted looking at her like what a rude child She has had a urine infection and then a chest infection in the past 2 months As far as we know her food as not changed She dont live with us and we dont get told much from her mum/nan this problem was only brought up when we said we was worryed about her and they then said they know Could this tics be caused by the infections ? Nat, I just feel the need to point out that just because a child has any childhood 'infection' such as urinary or br
  12. hi eljomom, Dr.L. will talk with you and your dd for a while and taking family history, etc. When we saw her,I was used to talking with docs first before my son joined us, but she had him stay and asked him if he wanted to. Actually I had not really used the word 'tics' with him prior to that appt. last year, and she was the first to introduce that word to him. i wasn't totally comfortable, because I wanted to explain first, we had just called them habits or problems, it was just a word that stuck, I hadn't ever said tics. So just a heads up for that, .. he was fine with it and understood
  13. hi eljomom, I think you and I are in pretty much the same exact boat, symptom-wise and test results are very similar. I have investherigated Pandas all of last year have seen two of the top Pandas docs talked about on the forum and have tried the antibiotics (actually this was the second time and I was revisiting it and trying again due to some urging of pandas parents)... I have much of the same questions and concerns as you. We did try the augmentin and after that, the azith...i did not like the azith, I did feel he was worse off on that, so I did not continue. Some will say it takes bei
  14. My son has vocal tics, where its basicall a 'ahUH' type grunt or sometimes a higher pitched squealy thing.... does your child ever make any grunts or sounds when not speaking? what you describe sounds like my son, as when he is doing his vocals (which btw, are pretty frequent for him, quite noticeable)....and then he says something, he will sort of repeat the first word or a word that he is saying in tht same high pitched tone, ..its sort of a way to get the sound out by making it seem as tho he is just saying the word in a funny way, kind of a 'masking'.... like he'll say "oh Yea, and the Ye
  15. Hi Dalit, thanks for posting on this. What did you mean by when she rests her head, the tics cease? do you mean when she lies down? I remember when several of us were persuing this theory and seeing Dr. Sims... We did wind up going to the appt, but I was not convinced it would help our child, since a couple others had gotten the device and it did not seem to help. In the office, the stick test didn't seem to prove my son's tics could stop, so I did not know if I should persue it, and ultimately did not. Really, the 'theory' makes a lot of sense to me too, altho I wish I could u
  16. Hello Cathy, For vocal tics, at least minor ones such as clucking, throat clearing and maybe a hmmm sound, I always think eliminating dairy and milk products could help with that, only thinking is because dairy causes mucous build up in the throat, and I once read that in the book "Is this Your Child" by Doris Rapp. her book ahs to do with foods and environmental being a possibility for symptoms of ADHD and behavioral problems., so you might want to look that book over if you can find it in the library. could you do a trial of dairy free? its worth a shot. I have vocal as our primary
  17. good to hear all that. did you feel the clonodine did anything re the tics, or no? I did not think so....but I would take the weight gain....i got a 63 pound eleven year old. Your confusion on what to try is definitely overwhelming, but yes, unfortunatley you will have to try and tackle it one or two at a time. whatever you can that seems reasonable, and then add on from there. for some, certain supplements may make a difference, and great that you did the allergy thing already, its just another something to look at. read as much as you can and just go from there. cleaning up the
  18. hello crisnick, just a couple things....you say you think the meds are not working, but being that you say the motor tics are away, you never know, it might be helping with that and you don't realize...maybe the vocal needs a tad longer? not sure, just wondering....I am not exactly an advocate of meds, but after a long road with TS symptoms (even after exploring Pandas and trying out some antibiotics to no avail)....i have had to resort to clonodine this past summer, due to a big wax on vocals. It did not help at all, only served to make my son drowsy and lose appetite, which he cannot aff
  19. sahm, how long on the naltrexone? If you think it is any of this supplementation, which do you think helped the most? do you mean you just started something new and it seemed to help the tics, or has this been a while? Is he still on antibiotics?
  20. the myelin sheath is i think the protective wall surrounding the nerves? i don't think it has to do with any symptom in particular, just that the nerve endings are damaged in some autoimmune disease, such as MS....so it is a thought that if this can be repaired, it can help in nervous system disfunction. hving said that, in the DAN community, it is thought TS is autoimmune in nature, so hence, trying to repair that is something they are working on. If you recall, I once talked of the diabetic drug called ACTOS, and that is being used off label for autism to do just that, repair the myelin s
  21. I am a definite no on the flu shot, especially the mist (I think that is live? not sure)....but if a child has asthma, I can see where that might be a special circumstance and the risk of the flu might be worse, so you'll have to carefully weigh that with your doctor. 4Jack, could i ask you more about the CBT? how does one go about finding this? and how does that help with TS exactly? thanks. Faith
  22. great to hear this alan..... would you say it took about hte three weeks or did you see some waning before this? if you don't see anything adverse, then i would say that is success right there as some don't do well on fish oil, because of increased ticcing, so that is a very good thing. being able to give this to him is great, it does supposedly have anti-inflammatory effect and that is a good thing here. i owuld think three weeks enough to get in there and take some effect, yes.
  23. I know alot use magnesium for tics, mostly in the form of citrate. I have read that the lactate form is better absorbed without giving a laxative effect. I'm trying it out for my son now...i actually thought the first week was good, but it did not sustain, so not sure if it had anything to do with the mag lactate. I have used Natural Calm in the past (citrate)....don't think i can say anything one way or another, but i know i can only give so much or he has a laxative effect, so not sure if it is absorbing good enough. i got to thinking maybe he just needs to absorb more? anyone use
  24. "....struck out 8 players with his curve ball........so sweet to his sisters....." well now you are just showin off CP!, lol. oh how I'd love to report the same...... okay, i am giving the krill oil a try, three days now. we have vocals and some facial grimacing stuff going on, too early to tell, but i don't think i see anything adverse anyway. his sounds were kind of a high pitched shrill almsot exaggerated hiccup thingy, so i'm kind of gauging that. i still here it but see he makes more of a huh sound yesterday and today, so i'm not looking for overnight success, but i am goi
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