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  1. Welcome. We've been on the forum for three years now. Thanks to the shared knowledge here we've kept our daughter off medications, and her condition improved tremendously. She started ticcing at age 7, very abruptly, with the mouth stretches you're describing your son has. In the begining she was ticcing numerous times a minute, and it was very stressful on her body and mind. We tried accupuncture first, and she still sees an accupuncturist every couple of weeks. i feel that this treatment (which may be much less expensive) has done a lot of good for her (in reducing tics, but not eliminating
  2. Thank you LLM. you are so right. This forum was our only valid help in many ways, and led us away from conventional medicating solutions, and towards trying altenative ones, which resulted in many calm days for DD. The forum supports us and we should make sure it can be maintained. It's like taxes, isn't it? If we want the services, there's something we need to give in return.
  3. It's been a while since i wrote in. We've had a few good months after deleting gluten again from DD's diet, and incorporating magnesium and B6/B12. As some of you may remember, we've been exploring the structutal/TMJ/neck problems connection, and to our detriment, i thought that now that things are so calm, we'll try the Alexander Technique, that deals with good posture, putting less tension on the muscles, etc'. so DD had one lesson on Wednesday, and started waxing a couple of hours later, and it's been getting worse and worse, until today she even started with some mild hummnig, which s
  4. No it is a chiropractic procedure that deals more with touch and breathing than with regular adjustimg. i don't know much more than that.
  5. Good Luck! I hope this works. This is what our dentist is talking about as well - bringing the jaw forward.
  6. Chemar, my daughter also has tummy issues that seem to go along in trend with tics. She suffers from a very bloated tummy - no gas, no pain - just very distended, scary at its worst. Her "team" of health care providers say that the nerves that go through the neck/jaw affect the digestive system as well. To answer some of faith's questions: when I said "rest her head" i did mean when she lies down. I just wanted to emphasize the support for the head. My daughter is almost ten years old, and we started this treatment a year ago. It's absolutely much more complicated than the simple wide
  7. Reading Lynn's post about the dental injury that resulted in increased tics, I feel that I should reopen the TMJ and structural issue. Our daughter is being treated by Dr. Nordstrom, who invented the ALF design that's supposed to re-align and create balance in the bones of the skull, jaw, neck. (Dr. Sims' and Stack's devices are built on his design). The theory is (god only knows if it's correct) that imbalances in the way her neck vertebrae sit on top of each other cause constant shifts, as she attempts to balance her head on her neck. This constact micro movement is an irritation to the mu
  8. I hope your son is doing better, Lynn. Reading this brings to my mind the question of the theory of the structural imbalances in the jaw/neck that may cause tics. If so many children are affected by dental treatment, maybe it is a factor. Dalit
  9. Anyone ever heard/tried Low Dose Naltrexone therapy for tic or Tourette?
  10. [Fixit, Here is a link to ALF practitioners site. Myofunctional therapists (also called orofacial myologists) are marked in green. I'm sure others can be found that are not associated with the ALF. http://www.alforthodontics.com/Practitione...amp;%20Labs.htm
  11. Hi, my daughter has been with the ALF appliance for almost a month, and we cannot answer your question yet. The dentist who made the appliance for her said her TMJ is so compressed, he would have had to make her appliance so tall, that she wouldnt be able to eat. So he's going slowly, providing some vertical support, and hoping that as the upper arch widens with the treatment, pressure on the joint will ease. So far tics have been changing from day to day. Some days are exceptionally good, but others are as ususal. However, from all I've read in this forum, it seems to me that everyone who w
  12. Michael's post reminded me that we are also doing some functional work, to accompany the structural. Dd is doing myofunctional theyrapy, to rebuild degraded msucles in her jaw and cheeks, and to learn proper chewing and swallowing. Her upper jaw arch is so narrow, there was no room for her tongue. The excercises are supposed to correct posture as well.
  13. My daughter just turned nine. She is with the ALF all day. Bottom part is removable but she does eat with it. DD's tics started when she was 7, quite abruptly. For us it wasnt an option not to act. When her tics started they were so frequent (every 2-3 seconds) and so strong (a wide, abrupt mouth opening was the most frequent and obvious, but she had many others), that she was physically exhausted. We tried acupuncture, reducing stress, massages, and tics were reduced slightly. After we found this forum, and at the advice we found here, we did parasite and candida cleansing, and continued
  14. [Dr. Sims will adjust the retainer but we were trying to get it done locally so we would not have to fly. It has been awhile since I have been on so I do not know what a ALF is. Is that the upper wire that Dr. Stacks puts on?] Yes the ALF is the upper wire, which is supposed to balance jaw and skull bones. By the way, my husband brought home today a brochure from a dentist office, that advertises a lower teeth device for athletes, that looks a lot like the device Sims and Stack are using. It claims "unleash your athletic potential", and is based on the fact that a natural tendency to c
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