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  1. Hi.  Are you close to the GTA in Ontario? A long time ago you wrote that your ds saw an acupuncturist that helped plus you gave special vitamins.  Wanted to get the name of the acupuncturist who helped w the tics. 

  2. Hi and welcome, A great first step is usually to remove all artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and preservatives if possible as they seem to be a big trigger for most kids either as tics or ADHD type behaviour etc. We have noticed the keeping the room well lit and using a LCD, LED or Plasma TV has helped some but video games especially ones where they are just sitting and staring at the screen is definately a trigger for both tics and mood swings. The simple act of turning on a light to match the brightness of the TV seems to diminish this some, but we really limit screen time regardl
  3. Hi Everyone, it's been some time since I've posted. Things continue to go really well. We have even been able to get ds to do acupuncture (my child with huge needle anxiety!!!!) So far it seems to be really positive for him, he feels more focused and even looks more relaxed. He even enjoys going now and will ask when his next appt. is. We had a rise over the last full moon, seems to be par for the course for him, but nothing to send us into the old panic. We are continuing with the Progressive Multi and Natural Calm and of course his diet, we are using freshly ground flax in the mornings...whe
  4. Hi Guy I think we may be misunderstanding each other. I think it is his discomfort or lack of trust that causes him to suppress his tics. I have seen him time and time again ticcing like crazy before an appt. but upon entering the office he seems to contain them until we leave, the same is true if we have company over that he is not really close to. As far as our family dr. goes though: I was just pointing out that because he really trusts and likes this particular dr. we don't see the same disappearing tics as when he is seeing another less known dr. Megan
  5. Hi Guy, I'm not quite sure why this is but I do have to say that if my son is comfortable with the dr. he is seeing, he allows himself to tic or can at least "show" the dr. what we mean. I think for him it is a defensive thing, if he doesn't trust, know or like the dr. he will fight the tics or be so distracted by the other things that are going on that he "forgets" about them until we are safely back in the vehicle. That's all I've got unless you just want to call it Murphy's law... Megan
  6. I have seen too many negative reactions in my children to chance it, I think I'd rather risk the flu at least that is temporary...
  7. Hey Lynn, You're not alone, it seems quite a few of us have been seeing seeminly unexplainable rise in tics over the last several weeks. Check out my thread regarding that, it may help. A friend of mine also pointed out the high allergens and it's apple spraying season! I didn't even consider that!!! Just this past few days we are seeing a decline, although he does have a cold so come throat clearing ones are more obvious. Keep up with what has been working, maybe up the epsom baths and loads of water? Don't panic, this too shall...there's no other way to put it, it really sucks when there i
  8. It does appear to be a tic and we also find the TV is a big trigger and try to keep it limited. She also has the same look in her eyes as when my son watches TV, it's like they are totally absorbed with it, wide eyed and unaware of other things around them. I wish you the best, hang in there... Megan
  9. Our kids started last week as well. It is a possibility but I'm not fully convinced, can't explain it...it just doesn't feel like that's his cause. Seasonal inhalants are definately a possibility here as well but again the tics don't sound like his usual allergy tics, although his sister is suffering from some allergy type symptoms and even I find I am clearing my throat more over the last weeks or so, who knows???? Please keep me posted, it would be very curious if they also decline around the same time, sigh-just when I think I've almost got it all figured out, how arrogant of me Best
  10. Hi all, just a curiousity. After some amazing progress over the last year or more we are seeing an increase over the last two to three weeks in tics. They seem unexplained as foods etc haven't really changed. I was curious after reading other posts as to how many others are seeing a similar increase. I wonder if it may be lunar or even a reaction to weather patterns ie. Irene. Would love to hear if anyone has thoughts etc. Megan
  11. Well done Chris! This is such a nice clear and concise summary of your evolving to manage his tics and with it your stress...good to hear things are still in a good place. At some point maybe I will add our journey's summary too For others reading though I completely agree with your main positive changes...they are the same for us 1)great multi 2)Natural Calm (original) and the others are used more as needed, but the clean diet etc. can not be denied for us no matter what traditional dr's say I found with everything the more simple and natural, the better...easier to keep your sanity t
  12. Hi! Our son who's 10 also has Chronic Vocal Tic Disorder and I too have felt the crushing emotional rollercoaster and the fear as school approaches etc. We have had some really good results with a good multi and eliminating wheat, dairy, ALL artificials, soy and some other foods we have found as triggers along the way...but he still tics, much less and the waxing and waning is less severe but I don't think the fear really ever goes away, it can become dormant in good phases and come roaring back at the first rise of a new tic or waxing period. The only thing that really helps me is remembering
  13. Yes, my son(10) does find some relief with Yoga type breathing exercises, as it is particularly hard to have his body relax we try to get him to do these while having his epsom baths or just after the bath and before bed. I have to say we are not super diligent but I should be as his body holds sooo much tension it would be beneficial regardless. His tics are vocal and this seems to sometimes be a good substitute.. even if only temporary. Megan
  14. Hey everyone...haven't really posted in a while. continue to go well here. He is not tic free but they are so minimal that it would be hard to notice unless you were looking for them. He has had the odd rise but it is generally a matter of hours now instead of days. It seems that as long as we keep to his diet he is maintaining really well. For him his food triggers are: Wheat, Dairy, Soy, all artificials and refined sugars (he is fine with Raw honey, maple syrup and raw golden cane sugar), pesticides on foods, tomatoes, grapes, apples (but fine with apple juice), bananas, raisins, or
  15. We definately have noticed there is a distinct moodiness and restlessness with our ds when tics are waxing. He is far more emotional and says he feels sad and frustrated and easily angered. Megan
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