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  1. Hi Prestopony, Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me if my DD symptoms sounds like PAN/PANDA? My DD emetophobia started when she first saw me vomit on the plane while on vacation. Her symptoms were afraid to eat and to get on the plane. The fear of eating subsided over the next 6 months and she was pretty much back to normal. Until she vomited the first time in her life recently, everything changed. She was afraid to eat, to the point just a few bites of crackers. She also had trouble getting into the car, going to places, going far from home, worry about getting sick, any body minor discomfort. She also started having daily physical anxiety, chest pain/tightness, headache, dizziness. Symptoms are worse when eating, going out. She was doing home hospital school for 3 months. We have a naturopath, so she did NAET to desensitize her various fearful emotions and it calmed her down some but still have a lot of mental and physical anxiety. Ran blood tests, and found some vitamin deficiencies. Also did the DNase and ASO titer and came back negative. Never had strep. Tried 2 medications and stopped due to side effects. Trying medication again because mental and physical anxiety is too hard to deal with while away for college. Currently, I am giving her vitD and fish oil. Thinking about adding curcumin. Did your DD's various supplements interfere with SSRI? Thanks for your help. I wish I can find a doctor who knows about PAN/PANDA.
  2. My daughter vomited for the first time in her adolescent life and caused mental anxiety about eating, fear of vomiting, social anxiety, anxiety going far from home and the anxiety also bring on daily headache, lightheadedness and chest tightness. She didn't have any anxiety prior to the vomiting. After she vomited, it was like a domino affect. Tried medications but she was sensitive to the side effects. We also did the Anti-Dnase B Titer and ASO with negative result. Did bloodwork and noted some vitamin deficiency. Started 4 weeks ago with supplements, Vit D3, fish oil, probiotic, a multi with magnesium and other minerals. Been reading about Inositol for anxiety and OCD. Wondering if Inositol would help with anxiety that was caused by the vomit trauma. She doesn't have any compulsions, just can't seemed to get over the vomit trauma.
  3. My daughter vomited for the first time in her adolescent life and caused mental anxiety about eating, fear of vomiting, social anxiety, anxiety going far from home and the anxiety also bring on daily headache, lightheadedness and chest tightness. She didn't have any anxiety prior to the vomiting. After she vomited, it was like a domino affect. Tried medications but she was sensitive to the side effects. Started 4 weeks ago with supplements, Vit D3, fish oil, probiotic, a multi with magnesium and other minerals. Wondering if Inositol would help with anxiety that was induced by the fear of vomiting.
  4. Hi all, I suspect PANDA. Can someone let me know what tests to run since I am seeing my DD's doctor Thurs. Also, does this sound like PANDA? My DD vomited from a stomach flu end of January and few days later, sudden phobia about eating and can only eat simple food and very few things. Food she used to love to eat, she no longer can eat, because she thinks she may be allergic or eating will make her vomit. Her anxiety is so bad that she has debilitating physical symptoms after eating, like headache, lightheadedness, chest tightness making it hard to breathe, stomach pain. The physical symptoms are worse after eating and all symptoms lingers. Chest pain is worse when she lays down to sleep and comes on even when she feels a bit relax. The physical symptoms are so bothersome that she doesn't want to leave the house. The thought of leaving the house stresses her because she anticipate the fear of chest tightness and stomach pain. She has not been able to go to school almost 3 weeks. Does this sound like PANDA? She never had strep and this is the first time she vomited since birth. Last summer we went on vacation. On the plane ride, she sat next to me. I got sick and the sight and sound of me vomiting triggered her fear to get on the plane to fly home, along with fear to eat thinking that it may make her sick. She didn't eat much on vacation and was very stress. When we returned, she was able to eat even thou she had concerns. She also had mild chest and stomach pain but she was able to ignore the feeling. She was treated using NAET from our naturopathic doctor and her symptoms were almost all gone, until she vomited. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. My DD vomited 3 weeks ago, and she has severe anxiety about eating for fear of vomiting and after eating, she has debilitating chest pain that makes it hard to breath and stomach pain. When standing up, all pain symptoms worse. We are seeing a therapist who uses EMDR. Have you heard of such anxiety that causes overwhelming pain?
  6. I realized this is an old post. Just want to following up with you if the audo program is still helping your son? Looking for solutions to help with my DD anxiety and panic issues. Thanks!
  7. Hi Sheila. After many trial of errors, I discovered my son's tics were allergy related. There is a direct relationship with environmental allergy to his vocal tics. When I pin pointed the specific allergen(s) and treated it with NAET, the tics stopped within a few days. The NAET vials didn't really work. I had my practitioner use the actual allergen(s) and have my son hold it for NAET treatment. I also found that my son has a combination allergy. He can test negative for all the allergy one at a time, but if he were to hold them together, he test positive. My son had a lot of various pollen, trees and grass allergies and it took a lot of time and patience to collect all the samples and group them in various combination. The end result is all worth it. How do I send you a PM. I definitely would recommend our ND.
  8. Hi Sheila, Thanks for taking the time to research the info. I combed thru the internet and couldn't find any reference. My son is back to normal. Glad that it was only temporary.
  9. Hi Sheila, It is a TB skin test. The nurse injected a small amount of fluid under the skin. I suppose it is tuberculum purified protein derivative. It caused a tiny bubble but that was gone within a day and his TB test was concluded negative. My son got the TB test at the tail end of his cold. After the TB test, 2 days later, the cold got worse, cough and body ache but no fever. Then the 2 incidents of confusion. I have been giving him 3,000 mg of vitC to help with detox just in case the TB injection caused his immune system to react. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  10. Thx Chemar for your help and reply. I am hoping it is a fluke and it is good that you are not aware that TB skin test triggers confusion. However, are you aware if TB skin test has side effects for the TS and multiple allergy kids? I have been so careful with vaccinations with my son, but didn't think much about the TB skin test.
  11. My son who is 18, got a TB skin test at the tail end of a cold. His pediatrician said TB skin test can be done with a cold, it is not like a vaccine injection. Two days later, his cold got much worse, body ache, congestion and cough but no fever. Since the TB test, my son had 2 confusion incidents. Two days after TB skin test, my son went to the wrong place for me to pick him up after school. I have been picking him up at the same spot everyday for the last year, except on few occasions I pick up him at a different location due to his class. When i was on the phone with him asking where he is, he got confused with the street names and our usual pick up spot. Took him almost 5 minutes for him to realized he is at the wrong place. He claimed because he is still feeling sick, it caused his confusion. Fast forward 2 weeks later. My son woke up in the morning for school and suddenly said I told him last night "today will rain" when it is bright and sunny outside. I never said that and he insisted that I did. This alarms me as my son is a very precise person with excellent memory, I can say he never seem confuse and accuse me of things I said that I didn't. Is it possible he is reacting the the TB skin test? My son had TS, OCD and varies allergies. I have been giving him vitC since he started his cold 2 weeks ago. Will this help with detox? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Thanks Sheila for your suggestions. I will look into an endocrinologist. Thanks to your book and the many moms and dads suggestions, my son is doing well. I discovered his tics were triggered by food, environment and chemical allergies. I was able to find the specific allergens to treat his vocal tics via NAET. It was an amazing process the witness. Since the liver regulates bilirubin and testosterone, I was wondering if there is a connection. Can my son's autoimmune related issue like eczema and psoriasis cause the body to attack its hair follicle? His GI dr. recommended sulforaphane to reduce his bilirubin. I am hoping once the liver functions properly it will regulate and balance the testosterone, estrogen and DHT to restore his hair. Am I reaching here? He has been getting acunpuncture treatments every 2 weeks and on 5,000mg of biotin for about 5 months and he is still slowly receding. I am reluctant to have him use Rogaine but he wants to try it. It is difficult to accept when you are so young and he is off to college this year.
  13. Hi GaGa, When did your son develop head/neck tic? How long has it been going on? Do you see an allergy connection? Epsom salt bath will help with detox and relax his muscle. Use 2C of salt per bath and sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to drink filter water after to facilitate detoxification. I would suggest you find a craniosacral practitioner to help your son ease his head/neck tic because it is gentle and noninvasive. I totally understand what you are going thru. Hang in there.
  14. It has been a few years since I post in this forum. My son start to experience temple receding hairline last August and in just 6 months, the hair thinning is getting noticeable. There is no family history on my side but my husband has frontal receding started in his early 30's but he is receding very slow. Just wondering such early hairloss has to do with my son's past tourette syndrome, along with food, environmental and chemical allergies, eczema, and seborrhic dermatitis on his head and face. Just found out my son has Gilbert's Syndrome recently, just above normal. My son wants to try Rogaine as prescribed by his dermatologist. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  15. Do you mean Northern Ca Bay Area? If so, I have a couple of names to pass on to you. LMK
  16. That's terrific. I believe my son's tics were allergy related, both environmental & food. We eliminated his tics by boosting his immunity, desensitive him of his allergies and control his histamine, along with lifestyle change and various modalities. I live in the bay area in CA. May I get the name of your intergrative doctor at UCSF? Thx! Pat
  17. Unda numbers are widely used by NDs. Try contacting a ND in your area. If you have not used homeopathic remedies before or have much knowledge about homeopathy, I highly suggest you do your research & talk to various NDs who practices homeopathy & homeopaths before preceeding. Pat
  18. Sweet cheeks mom, So sorry for your story. I know the guilt that you must feel. I am thinking since your son has immunity issues and possible suspectiblility to certain things, the homeopathic remedies may have brought something out. So many people take homepathic remedies lightly but it is very potent & powerful & it can go very deep depending on the potency that is prescribe. According to what you described, your homeopath was not a classically trained homeopath. One of the basic principal of homeopathy is one remedy at a time, no combination remedies & w/o any other medications, supplements.... A knowledgable homeopath can give you a antidote to a bad remedy or another better suited remedy to counter the first remedy's bad reaction. I was very intrigue with homeopathy because of my son's tic issues. I did notice the Unda numbers (homeopathic combination remedies) that were prescribed to him by his 2 previous ND always increased tics. I consulted various homeopaths & I got different opinions everytime. Out of frustration, I went to homeopathic school for almost 2 years to find answers and I was a homeopathic patients for 2 years. So to make the story short, what I learned is that homeopathy does not benefit everyone. As much as it can heal, it can also harm. To find a good homeopath, you must understand the philosophy of what homeopathy is about. And I think that goes for all modalities, western, eastern, alternative... At this point, perhaps focusing on strengthening his overall immunity & slow detoxing may be helpful. That was the approach that healed my son along with other modalities. If you are interested, find my old threads. Good luck!
  19. socalmom, ifran & kim, thx so much for the links & info. is there a form that i need to fill out for philosophical exemption to submit to the school? pat
  20. guy 123, I took tumeric for my neck/shoulder pain and some minor finger joint pain. It didn't alleviate my pain but i experienced constipation. In TCM, tumeric can cause heat, so i am not surprise that i had issue & you have experienced some GI issues. BTW, i don't have tics. Since it is anti-inflammatory, i would think that it should not aggravate tics. Pat
  21. I live in California and just received a letter from our school district letting me know that there is a new CA law (AB354) was approved requiring all students entering into the 7th grade to have proof of a Tdap booster before starting school in the Fall of 2012. Does anyone know if i can get an exemption from this? My pediatrician has talked to me about it on our last office visit and she was not very supportive about me refusing vaccination for my son even she know's about his neurological issues! Thx for your help! Pat
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