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Mary Reed protocol for ocd

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Here is a link to a protocol I recently read about in another forum about OCD. Many people on the other forum are true believers that this protocol has helped them overcome OCD. Mary Reed believes OCD is caused by the thinning of the myelin sheath and she has natural remedies to build it back up. Has anyone here ever tried the Mary Reed protocol for OCD and if so, please tell me about it....good or bad.




Thanks in advance for any helpful information.

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I read some of the website. I just said to my husband it might be worth trying the supplement Thim-J. I did a little research on it and it seems all natural. I am just afraid to try it on my son.


If you hear anymore about it, please keep posting.



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Natural isn't necessarily any guide to anything - deadly nightshade is natural - but I looked up the ingredients of Thim-J and most of them seem very innocuous, the kind of thing you might eat. Siberian Ginseng is the only fairly serious herb in there, and Wikipedia doesn't list any known side effects for that except that it interacts with the class of antibiotics whose technical names end in -mycin. So if he's not taking those I don't see any harm.

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Thanks for your replies and research....I'd love to hear from anyone else that may have tried this.

Since reading about Mary Reed's protocol I have started my DD12 on the following regimen


2 tsp flax seed oil in AM

5 vitamin complex: Bontech's TS Control

1 - 5HTP


2 tsp flax seed oil

1- 5 HTP


In between those I give her one dose of toxin binding cholestyramine.


She has been taking it steadily for about 3 weeks and these are the changes I have noticed:

Falling asleep faster (sleeps on her side for the first time in her life)

Acne/boils on chest and back starting to clear up, facial acne starting to get better

Swollen face, puffy eyes diminishing

Calmer, more engaged, laughs more, seems happier

I have not noticed that her OCD, particularly counting and balancing have decreased dramatically but it does seem there are moments when she doesn't do it whereas before it was pretty much constant.


Does anyone else know if their OCD child dreams or has sleeping issues? M.Reed says that people with healthy nervous systems dream nightly and remember their dreams for up to 20 minutes after waking. My DD never remembers dreaming. Does anyone have any experience with their OCD child and dreaming/sleeping? Still love to hear comments and thoughts from anyone.


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I have not read anything to do with this protocol yet.....but when my son was younger, the combo of supplements based on BonTech, plus omega 3 from flaxseed oil, and most importantly 5HTP was very instrumental in calming his then severe OCD. (documented in my signature link)

5HTP or l-tryptophan have long been used as OTC help for increasing serotonin, and the benefits of correct nutritional supplements and Omega fatty acids also well established

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My DH has OCD and both of my children show signs. DH says he never has dreams. One in a blue moon he will recall a dream but pretty much never recalls dreams. Both the kids don't recall dreams either. Once again once in awhile they will menion a dream but not even 1 a week or 1 a month at times. I will tell them about my dreams and they always wish they dreamed more often. I was also curious about this. I dream constantly and always wondered why they did not. That's interesting.

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I have added m.reed's herbal supplement that is supposed to start to "heal" the nervous system and help rebuild the myelin sheath. So far I've only given her one capsule at night. She has had a few more dreams than normal lately....hope this is the beginning of something good!

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Hi, I just wanted to post an update on the M.Reed protocol we are trying for my DD13. I added the "stress relief" supplement about a month ago and have seen great results. DD13 is falling asleep, staying asleep, and dreaming every night (and waking up on her own early in am). She is happier and more engaged in life. Acne/boils are minimal. Memory/focus/sharpness has increased. And, her OCD constant counting/tapping/toucing has decreased to minimal levels. I am soooo pleased. Also, as her OCD symptoms decreased, I was afraid her tics/body movements would resurface. But, they have not resurfaced at all. She seems so confident in her body. it is amazaing to see her so composed. Wanted to share that as of 6 weeks in, I am thrilled with results....oh yeah, I have also reduced her cholestyramine (toxin binding) regimen from once per day to once every few days.


Relieved Mommy (for now)!

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Hello everyone! Thanks for all your input on the topic. I have also been considering taking Dr. Gates' OCD protocol and wanted to see if anyone can update me on their progress and if it actually helped them? If so, details please :) Thank you so much!

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Hi all,

I am new to here. How can I contact familyof5 to know if the treatment from Dr Mary Reed did help her children to cure or reduce ocd. This is the only hope for me as I could not do erp and medication.

Anyone is a friend of her??


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Sorry it took me awhile to respond. We were out of town. I recommend to try Mary Reeds protocol. She helps those with OCD for free as paying it forward after it helping with her own challenge. We have tried everything, I mean everything under the sun for our son (14 years old) for at least the past 8 years plus. This is the first thing that has actually made a difference. We just visited family and they commented on the difference they could see.  We had already been seeing a local Holistic doc - so I took Marys recommendations and discussed with him. He prescribed supplements that are in line with what Mary said. (they are not all herbal as she recommends - so less pills to take (about 10 twice a day) but doing same thing). We started to see some change in a few weeks. He has been on the protocol for almost 3 months. That is about when you are expected to see a difference. It is a challenge to get him to drink enough water, exercise and always eat well - so if you can do those things you may see more changes and quicker. 

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