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  1. Sorry it took me awhile to respond. We were out of town. I recommend to try Mary Reeds protocol. She helps those with OCD for free as paying it forward after it helping with her own challenge. We have tried everything, I mean everything under the sun for our son (14 years old) for at least the past 8 years plus. This is the first thing that has actually made a difference. We just visited family and they commented on the difference they could see. We had already been seeing a local Holistic doc - so I took Marys recommendations and discussed with him. He prescribed supplements that are in line
  2. Does anyone know of recommended program in North or South Carolina or nearby states? We are near Charlotte and considering Boston area program but soon far away and I have 2 other boys.
  3. Wondering how the protocol has gone since you last posted? Excited to hear it had started well - we are looking into this for our son.
  4. My son is 14 and we have not had much success with any protocol, keeping in mind he has been reluctant to participate in almost everything. I have been in touch with Dr Mary of Marys Herbs concerning her OCD protocol that pertains to thinning myelin sheath. I am looking for parents that have used her protocols to share their stores and effects the treatment has had. Thank you!
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