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  1. Avoidance is best way to treat mold sensitivity. You could also try toxin binders before and during exposure. But something to consider is that if your child's reaction is that severe when exposed to this house, they may possibly already be "primed". In other words, maybe there is a chronic exposure happening at home or in school that is keeping them "chronically inflamed" toa certain extent.
  2. We are in New Hampshire, have lots of wooded conservation land bordering our home. Tics everywhere. How long do you all think he should be on doxycycline?
  3. He is on doxy. Went to emergency room last week and an infectious disease doc diagnosed him fairly quickly. Has follow up appts end of this week. He finally has his energy back, but he had bilirubin in his liver, malaise, massive migraine for 7 days, no appetite. What is standard long term treatment?
  4. Has anyone had any experience or been diagnosed with anaplasmosis? My husband just spent 4 days in hospital, and is still not well after 10 days of being sick. Please tell me anything you can! Thanks
  5. Not sure if you meant to write, "mold new tic". My kids will tic in response to increase mold in the house or in their school environment. Xmas time enhances moldiness in homes, due to bringing out all the old decorations that have been stored for a year. Also, wrapping paper has very high levels of mold on it and when you wrap and then rip the paper off the mold spores have a fun time flying through the house and attaching to couches, etc. My kid's tics always increase at Xmas time because of this and also because of all the candy they are sneaking at school and not telling me about. Just a thought if you are sensitive to mold.
  6. I discovered something that I had never thought of.... for 4 years I have been relentlessly and I thought, successfully, pinpointing what triggers caused my children's tics. We have had huge success with taking out gluten, dairy, corn, sweetners, food colorings, etc. Almost to the point where we are virtually tic free. But...this past summer two of my children starting ticking early to middle August. I couldn't figure out the cause. Both their tics progressively got worse. My youngest scrunched her nose and face and touched her nose with her fingers constantly. My oldest starting with a neck roll and it just got worse. I couldn't figure out what was causing it. In early September my husband had a water filtration system installed because we supposedly had exceptionally "hard" water. About a week after the filtration system was in, I noticed that my oldest daughter's chronic acne was clearing up and then I started noticing her neck roll was diminishing. Same thing with my younger daughter, her facial tics had cleared up. I don't know what else it could have been, but thought I'd share my discovery. None of these tics have come back yet and it has been three months. I am still completely baffled by it, but definitely think it is most likely the reason their tics and my daughter's acne cleared up. Thought I'd give a shout out for you all to ponder.
  7. I agree with mama. Treat mold by pulling toxins out with cholestyramine and removal from toxic environment (or removal of toxins). My experience was that mold was underlying cause of all our other suspected illnesses. Changing my family's environment was the first step in successful treatment. Second step was cleaning up our diet. I'm now investigating how to heal the leaky gut to be rid of all our food intolerances for good (looking into GAPS diet for that now). Mold...it is a nasty, nasty, devastating problem that is invisible. I have found most mold testing to be unreliable except for the ERMI testing recommended on Shoemaker's website. I prefer to use Mycometrics for ERMI lab testing.
  8. Reading your post reminds me of my three kids....is there any possibility your home may mold in it? Do you and/or your husband have any symptoms as well?
  9. I agree with ermi advice, and would add it may be worth it to do both a vacum sample from basement and a cloth swipe fom a piece of furniture not likey to be dusted. You want to get results offering worst case scenario. Ermi testing is more reliable than air testing. The results reflect the microbial environment over time. Also, many docs can correlate the ermi results to health hazard. For example, a 1 or a 2 may be safe environment for a susceptible genotype, but a 3 and above may not depending on genetics and history.
  10. Check yourself, don't ask the super as you will have no control over testing and may not be able to see results. I suggest ERMI testing where you send a dust sample to a lab.
  11. Look for mold...are there any other members of your family that have health issues? Is so, I would consider mold in your environment an even stronger possibility.
  12. This medical mystery show may be of interest to you...not sure if it is the same thing, but worth considering... http://www.survivingmold.com/news/category/television/
  13. May not be your problem, but consider if you may have a problem with mold...chronic sinus infections, viruses, and bacterial infections are indicators. Are there any other members of the family that are ill? If so, look for environment as the cause.
  14. My family was on it for a long time. Full dose for my kids and me for a few years. It kept our bodies clean of toxins to allow us to pinpoint other food sensitivities we have. It brought us back from illness to recovery. I believe being on cholestyramine will help you heal faster. My children are very healthy now. None of them or myself have had a bacterial infection or even a virus for about four years. Their tics and OCD are barely noticeable and are triggered by food sensitivities. The chronic fatigue, tinnitus, headaches, focus issues, frequent urination, teeth grinding, sleep walking, memory issues, ADHD, sinus infections, pnemonia, irritability,balance issues, etc, etc, are all gone, and I believe it was because of our cholestyramine regime and the fact that we removed ourselves from toxic mold environment. I am a strong proponent for detoxing with cholestyramine to get to baseline faster and keep your immune system clear.
  15. Hi, your post is heartfelt and probably describes most of our journeys. I would add that you should also look into whether or not you are living in a moldy environment. Lyme, mold, and pandas symptoms are all similar. The odds that your family is all exhibiting symptoms of illness is more likely to be caused by environment than all four of you we're bitten by a tic...how do you explain your husband's symptoms? Just want to make sure you consider it. Well wishes for You and your family. i hope you find answers soon...... Try detoxing first...cholestyramine is my detox rx wonder drug.
  16. Thanks to all...will check out all leads.
  17. We took dairy out of our diets about a year ago. Right around a year ago my dd12 got her first period in November, 2nd period in April, and has not had another one since. I've been concerned but not overly so until now. I'm wondering if soy has been a problem for her as we increased her intake when we took dairy out of her diet. Btw, no consideration that she could be pregnant, not sure she's even held a boys hand. Does anyone have insight or experience as to why her period is delayed? Thanks.
  18. I have had feelings that I described as electrical shocks also....I am so surprised to hear someone else describing them as electric shocks (husband thought i was nuts everytime i said i was feeling the shocks again). I believe it to be a severe progression of the numbness and tingling sensations. At its worst it made me jump and have arm or leg movements. This symptom cleared up for me when I finally treated the damage to my body from the moldy house we lived in.
  19. my family and i all have one variation or another of the dreaded gene type. the odds of my husband and i both having dreaded gene giving my kids a 100 percent chance of having dreaded gene, plus actually being lucky enough to live in a moldy home for 10 years makes us quite an interesting case study for mold illness. i will tell you that you can recover, but it is not easy. avoidance as your sister's doc is advising is really the first step to truly recovering. we tried to stay in moldy home, but for us, cleaning the mold up proved impossible. so much of it is hidden that you dont believe it can still be there but it is. steps we took: moved out brought only belongings that could be cleaned do ermi testing to be sure mold levels are below a 1 ( very difficult to find) detoxed regularly for years with cholesyramine supplement with vitamins to repair myelin sheath damage avoid mold at all costs see dr. shoemaker---definately worth the trip and expense--read his books, educate yourself about his protocal avoid gluten, dairy, corn take all the proper steps in protocal to then be able to take shoemaker rx of vasoactve intestinal peptide...a miracle drug for me...i believe it repaired autoimmune damage it was a long road for us. i dont believe my family would be in the great place we are now if we hadnt moved out of moldy home.
  20. have ou ever tried him on rx cholestyramine to bind toxins? it dramatically reduced tics in my kids, but never got rid of them completely. controlling wheat, dairy, and corn intake has put the brakes on tics for the most part.
  21. please pm me also.....sounds very intriguing, thanks for sharing.
  22. did the tics coincide with school? sometimes poor air quality in school can increase tics.
  23. ive had great success going wheat, dairy, and corn free.....especially high fructose corn syrup. when my dd has a piece of gum with hfcs in it, she is off the wall like you described with your daughter. keeping her diet clean of the above means that dd can focus, study, behave, and is just generally a composed 8 year old.
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