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  1. My son gets snappy when he is hungry, but so do I It is very common for blood sugar to affect your moods. A good book to read is "Potatoes, not Prozac", you can probably find it at the library. The author conquered depression by controlling her blood sugar through diet. Easy read and worth the time. It will give you some ideas on what you can do to keep his levels even. Basically, some protein, some fat, and COMPLEX carbs at each meal, and no snacking. I read her book about kids, "Little Sugar Addicts" which is really what got me thinking about boosting his protein amount. I jus
  2. I think we will eventually find, and already are beginning to find that disease in general is a state of inflammation. There may be a genetic or lifestyle factor involved, but inflammation seems to play a role in almost every sdisease/disorder I can think of.
  3. Hey all, just wondering, how many of you have noticed hypoglycemia being a factor for your kids? I've always realized that DS gets really grumpy when he's hungry, but it has just been this year that I've been really trying to maintain his blood sugar. I notice a huge increase in tics when he's hungry and he will often get headaches if he goes too long without eating. He has math just before lunch and he struggles with focus. I think it is partially because his blood sugar has dropped. His math teacher was amazed at how well he is doing on his standardized tests because he struggles wit
  4. We tried Augmentin and saw some initial improvements but DS still came down with an ear infection and a sinus infection on a pretty high dose. After going through his medical record I realized that he has had some other times where he came down with other infections while taking it. We then tried Omnicef. It did kick the ear infection but didn't touch the sinuses. We also had the absolute worst 10 days with daily emotional meltdowns and depression accompanied with rage. Prior to that he was pretty stable and when we went off we started to see him stabilize again. Then we tried Biax
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. None of my behaviors have ever been soooo over the top that anyone else would ever think twice about them beyond being my particular quirks. My son's symptoms are definitely worse than mine, beyond what a parent could just rationalize away as quirks, but they still really aren't bad. Most people don't even realize he has tics or OCD. And while most people would agree that he is emotionally an intense child, he is well liked by kids and teachers alike. And as he's grown he has learned how to manage much of it. Even if we didn't do anything, I tend to
  6. Sorry, I haven't read all the responses yet so forgive me if I'm repeating what someone else has said, or have missed something. My son felt this way on Omnicef. It immediately went away after we stopped the 10 day course. He would tell me he wanted to kick holes in the walls, rip the room up and scream. I was really worried about a total mental break down. Have you tried stopping the Augmentin to see if she returns to a more normal state?
  7. I thought Dr. T. treated Lauren Johnson? Just curious.
  8. OK, now I'm starting to wonder about myself. When DS was diagnosed with OCD I looked at my husband and myself and our families and it was obvious that we both had some OCDish behaviors ourselves. I figured he inherited from us. Now that we are looking at PANDAS I've wondered how our behaviors fit in. Did we predispose him to PANDAS? Or could I possibly have it as well? I had tons of ear infections as a toddler and strep quite a bit as a child myself. Other than that I was almost never sick except for a bad virus in my teens (probably EBV) and a horrible sinus infection at 20. I al
  9. If I have my son put his arms straight out and close his eyes, his fingers only move a little, but if I have his put them straight up in the air, the fingers movements and his hands waving in the air is much more noticeable. Also, they really have to splay the fingers out. I didn't realize that was part of the test the first time I had him do it. I haven't had him do it for awhile, I think I'll check again today. Also, according to Swedo's lecture at the autism conf. a few years back. This is normal until the age of 6 or so. My younger son that I've been worrying may also have PANDA
  10. So, you clear her, and then she resumes carriage at a later time? She'll stay clear if there is no more exposure (like over the summer, or in the spring if there are no strep notices). Last school year she had a couple of positives...she was definitely clear in the fall/summer at the start of school, then we got a strep notice in Oct...positive, then she was clear after tx 2-3 weeks later, then another strep notice in Dec, positive again, then we cleared her and she stayed negative the rest of the year (even after I got strep in April!). I know my nieces were having trouble with
  11. Angela, I've read that Celexa and Lexapro are the two with the worst withdrawals because their half life are so short. Most people have to taper very very slowly. My son's tics do get a little worse with each withdrawal but then improve again, which is how I know it is due to the withdrawal as opposed to him actually needing the Zoloft. And the fact that when I return him to the former dose they and his mood and physical symptoms get better within a few hours. Since your daughter is really suffering, I'd keep her on the Celexa until she's in a better place. Dealing with PANDAS an
  12. I have the kit for the Cunningham test, we just haven't had the funds to do it yet. I guess testing them both would make sense, then I would know if I'm really seeing things with him or if I'm so paranoid I'm imagining them. I will email them again tomorrow to see if I could get a reduction in price if I do them both at the same time. Certainly doesn't hurt to ask!
  13. Very intriguing. I will definitely keep this in mind!
  14. Thanks guys! I have had the same thought, that the Biaxin is what I thought Zoloft was going to be. So far his stomach is OK, and we are giving lots of probiotics. Hope it stays that way. After 2 full strength courses with improvement, I'm wondering if we should start a prophylactic dose, especially since we are headed into spring and summer, which are always better for him. When I picked him up from karate this evening, the 12.5 mg seems to have kicked in and he was in a much better place than he has been the last few days, so I'm sure it is withdrawal we are dealing with. He eve
  15. My son is on day 16 of Biaxin. The first 10 days were nothing short of miraculous. We were off for 2 days waiting for a refill with noticeable backsliding. He started again last Tuesday. I realized on Wednesday I had forgotten to add the 25 mg of Zoloft he is still taking to his morning meds/supps. I figured he was doing so well we would just go with it and see if we can finally get off of it for good. The drug has done nothing to improve is OCD and has caused weight gain. We realized it was the cause of some of his symptoms (non-stop wiggling/writhing, manic behavior with worsening of
  16. I haven't. I just assumed they were from soiled underwear or wetting his pants. I guess the next time I see one I will definitely have it checked.
  17. Boy howdy do I know where you are coming from. My younger son, the one that up until recently I didn't think had any PANDAS symptoms has struggled with this since he was 2 as well. He's 7. Until I realized it was a medical condition I was losing my mind! I was so sick of cleaning underwear! It was really hard on our relationship until I read something and realized that he truly couldn't help it. I still hate it, but I can deal a little better with it now. I finally started giving him glycerin suppositories every other day if he hasn't gone on his own to keep things moving and to make
  18. Our experience has pretty much mirrored yours. We're on day 16 of Biaxin and the mood changes have been dramatic, starting in the 2nd. DS says he feels like he has less OCD and tics as well, but I'm still noticing there are a few very persistent behaviors going on. Mainly he has to touch things an even amount of times on both sides and will continue until it feels just right. I guess considering that some kids can do this for hours, and he only does it for less than a minute, I shouldn't complain but it is definitely still there. His main tic seems to also have an ocd component. He says
  19. we ran out of biaxin and by day 2 he told me he could feel things sliding back down again. I definitely noticed an increase in irritability, ocd and tics. We've been back on for a day and a half and I've noticed an immediate improvement again. I don't think it is a coincidence at all!
  20. Neither one of my kids has "normal" strep. I can usually tell by a sound they get or a smell. My PANDAS son would say, "my throat feels weird". He said it didn't hurt, just felt weird. My younger son always says he feels fine. Last time we were at the grocery store and I noticed the different sound of his voice. He insisted he was fine. I remembered that the store had just opened an Express Clinic so we went in for a swab and it was positive. The N.P. was totally doubting me because his throat was only mildly inflamed and he said he felt fine. Now that my PANDAS son has had his tonsil
  21. Did you find out from an allergy test? Or are you doing the elimination diet? Is going dairy free helping your daughter? I'd love to hear more about how you and your daughter are handling it. I've thought for a long time that both my boys and myself are likely having trouble with dairy. My PANDAS son has the typical history or a million and one upper respiratory infections since 6 weeks old (he's 10). My younger son has always had GI issues. When he was a newborn he was failure to thrive while I breastfed and had the most horrendous gas! When we switched to formula he had GERD for t
  22. It's great that she is willing to do the ocd "homework". my son will for a time, but if it involves writing he hates it. But ever bit that we do helps. I think the exercises in the workbooks are good for anybody! I'm an avid journal keeper and it really does help get it all out, plus it makes and solidifies connections for me. I've noticed with my son that he tends to improve in the spring. we've had 3 different therapists, and by the time school gets out all 3 of them have felt we've made such significant progress that we can take the summer off. Then school starts and it all goes
  23. My son came down with an ear and sinus infection (and I think strep, but the rapid was negative because he was on abx) while on augmentin. It just doesn't seem to do the job for us.
  24. My son, who just turned 10 went did the same thing with Pokemon. He grew out of it and gave all his cards away. Then during this last exacerbation he was totally into it again. i was worried he'd get teased at school, plus Pokemon has always been something I just couldn't get into at all. He'd go on and on about this one and that one and I'd be thinking-I DON'T CARE!!!! Since we started the Biaxin it is gone again and I have to say I am really glad!!!
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