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  1. I'm wary about chemicals on the yard, since those eventually get into the drinking water and/or onto my kids and do other harmful things like disrupt hormones (which is part of what makes us react to the Lyme in the first place!) I'm going to spread diatomaceous earth over parts of the yard where the kids and dog play, as well as the perimeter of the house. There are lots of homemade tick repellants out there w/tea tree oil, as well as tea tree shampoo. We aren't sure if we want to use Frontline on the dog yet or not (we just rescued a new puppy too- a tough decision, but I believe, a good one for everyone's MENTAL health!!) I have a groomer friend who washed/sprayed him with organic repellant and swears it works. I bought some more to use myself, and it's safe for humans as well. I think it's a balance, and a tough one.
  2. Over the weekend, I had about a million tiny bumps on my legs with tiny dark dots in the centers. I scratched most of them,just scratching up and down my legs, before realizing that each one had the tiny dark dot/fiber in the middle. Anyone have this? A few have come back and the only other (new) symptom I have right now is that I feel extremely weak and having a hard time picking up things like grocery bags or my 3 yr old (granted, she's 50 lbs!) Thoughts? Wonder if there is anything linking this to Lyme/TBI or if it's its own thing..? Thanks!
  3. I thought you might be interested to see this too- it's not ART, but might be useful: http://www.ladybarbara.net/html/self-testing.html
  4. Well then I must be backward, because I think I contracted Lyme at 10 (or some TBI, possibility that I have had Lyme congenitally, but things def got worse...) and then at onset or menstruation, things got a bazillion times worse.
  5. Not yet, but I wouldn't be shocked. The school reported it to the health dept and the dr was called
  6. Chiropractic helps my ribs quite a bit- might consider that to make sure everything is lined up okay Calcium can help the canker sores and help w/inflammation/fever too.
  7. There are those here who know far more about this than I do, but from what I have read, there are certain foods that can trigger it- so maybe you are reactive to gluten or wheat or yeast? Seems like it would happen w/something similar... say, pizza crust, if that were the case.
  8. I don't want to derail the thread, but I TOLD you I had all the symptoms!! It keeps getting worse too- I don't know if the treatment is bringing it out or what, but.. !!!! I do think the more aware of it you become, the worse it is- it totally compounds itself-- you choke, then you're afraid you might choke, so you choke again which makes the fear worse. Geez.
  9. Pixie learned with dry crackers (you could use nuts, cereal.. whatever- I think dry is the key for some reason, maybe makes you make more saliva?) Chew up the food until you are having that instinct to swallow and then put the pill in the chewed up bite in your mouth and take a drink to wash it all down. We started with tiny things like Pearl probiotics and worked our way up. She swallows handfuls now and I have to tell her to slow down and do them one by one so she doesn't injure herself. I used to not have ANY issues w/pills and even swallowed things without liquid in highschool when needed (I had severe migraines) but now don't even want to swallow food and often choke on even small bites, and crave smooth foods like smoothies, applesauce, etc. I also have a chronic sore throat (uhhh we've tested positive for strep for over a year now, so no surprise, I guess.) I actually think the throat/swallowing stuff got worse for me after my tonsils were taken out about 7 yrs ago (and I'm 33.) I think you should do whatever works. If pouring the powder in your mouth is working, dont' stress about taking the pills- just focus your energies on getting well. Why add more anxiety? That seems silly.
  10. I'm on it for Lyme. Well, at least until Thursday. I started on Doxy, but it was making me so queasy that I had no appetite, then changed to Mino since it's supposed to be processed in intestines, not stomach, but the combo of it/Azith/Nystatin was making me unbearably dizzy. I went off everything for about 2 weeks and then started back on a lower dose of Minocycline, but apparently it's still bothering me- still feel some vertigo and "off." No experience here w/Mino for PANDAS/kids though.
  11. hmmm I know it's not ideal to take w/juice, but something very strong and acid like grape juice might work Or how about having something like a strong mint beforehand... or something VERY cold so that you can't taste it as well? There is always the old "hold your nose" trick too, or smelling something like tea tree oil (smelling is what, 90% of your taste? so if you can fool your nose...)
  12. Before she was on abx, Pixie would get hives on her neck periodically- I do not know if they were related to strep or not, but probably, since I have not seen them since she has had IVIG and been on abx.
  13. I have my fingers crossed that he will return your email soon!! I passed your email addy to my friend Laura who has dealt with some similar issues and is a chiro. She always has fantastic ideas, and lots of knowledge about what to test for, etc. as well as being a real sweetheart and support. Hopefully we can help you "circle the wagons."
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