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  1. Are there any others out there who are seeing severe allergic reactions to Dairy in their kids? ie -though not the usual sympytoms of hives etc- Stomach issues, abrupt mood shifts- rages,mania,lability, fatigue,inability to sleep, instant irritability without provocation, severe acne- we have tried everything-disorgnaization, inability to retain detailed instructions, poor memory We are now trying to go dairy free and it is NOT easy- dairy is such a main stay of our culture, who knew it could be so poisonous for some people... I am getting tired of being told my Daughter is just going through puberty - there are days that I dont even recognize her personality for all the symptoms of her allergies and PANDAS- though she is managing to maintain her grades, her friendships are failing miserably this year. Would really like to hear from others about the dairy
  2. Thanks I would like to hear from you .
  3. HI All, I have been following the posts here from Canada for some time and unfortunately i have coverage for treatment but very little treatment options. The info and support has been very helpful but not available where I am at. My Daughters PANDAS was easily recognized/diagnosed but we have since hit a brick wall Looking for others from Canada who may have some suggestions/recommendations/referals. Very frustrated with the lack of understanding of PANDAS among the medical field here Lori
  4. thanks so much for this post, it has taken us a year to finally get steered in these directions and even then we were unsure whether we were on the right track thanks again. I really appreciate your insight. Please continue to post.... Lori
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