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  1. Thank you. We are waiting for the Lyme results. Not sure if we are dealing with pandas or Lyme but hope to figure that out first. In the meantime will look for thst book.
  2. This does help but doesn't quite help me to understand if my daughter is on the right antibiotic. it seems that the antibiotic kicks in and works well but symptoms increase between doses. this leads me to believe that the antibiotic may not be the right one. Does anyone have experience using both clavulin (augmentin) and zithro? anecdotally it seems that zithromycin works faster and better based on forum comments? i of course am working with a doctor but do want to see what others have experienced and learn from others.
  3. Hello, Where might I find a list of dosages and antibiotic types that are effective for both Lyme and PANDAS? We are unsure of which it is if any as we are waiting for blood work to return. I have a 7 year old who improved 50-70% on amoxicillion (called Clavulin) but wonder if the dosage is not strong enough or if it is the right type of antibiotic.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will be looking for a doctor this week that is familiar with this or at least willing to read the papers. skype sounds like a great option. i am at least hopeful that the antibiotics will work after 10 days but it is useful to know that it may take a longer duration. i wish all that read this the best possible outcomes and thank you all for this resource.
  5. So sorry you're going through this, but welcome to the forum. I'm sure others with more recent experience will chime in, but given your pediatrician's response, I'm wondering if he/she is truly PANDAS-savvy? --no neither Doctor is savvy in PANDAS , at the moment I need to educate myself with the best antibiotic to use, where would I find that info? Did the doctor tell you why the switch in antibiotics when the Zithromax -- other than not fully eradicating the strep in 5 days -- seemed to be effective? --we went to another doctor and that doctor swabbe
  6. Hello Everyone, My 7 year old over the span of 2 days started exhibiting multiple tics. We went online and found info about pandas. She was put onto a 5 day dose of Zithromax and after 4 days was almost tic and symptom free. After the course the tics returned. We returned to a pediatrician yesterday and she is still testing positive for strep. We are now on clavulin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) and after first dose tics seem worst. Does it usually take some time to see results? Does anyone on here have any anecdotal advice for us? worried parents,
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