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  1. Thank you for all of your encouragment and support this past year!

  2. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement and over the past year!

  3. Hi Pathfinder...

    aren't you the one who went to McGhee at UCLA? Or do you see Lin? I forgot. I was wondering about your child's ivig dose.

  4. Hi, there is a doc in NJ- Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, but whatever you do, only use him if you can see him in person, and get all his stuff up front first, such as how many follow up appts. or calls he includes with the initial visit. Alot of people (me included) know he is very smart but know also that he is flaky and hard to get in contact with AFTER your first visit. Good luck.

  5. mary,

    could you clear some space for receiving pm's? i have some questions...thanks, faith

  6. Mary can you tell me the dosage our script is 250mg 3x a day

  7. hello

    sorry I'm such a luddite!.. if it's ok , I'll repsond again tomorrow.. doing burgers (burning burgers) at the moment. We've just started some supps for ds' adrenals too so can add that.. sorry just wnated u to know I wasn't ignoring you...

  8. Hi Dut, your reply post didn't record- curious about your experience

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