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  1. My son went through a shirt sucking phase in the first grade. It was awful. He would come out from class with a dripping wet shirt that was stretched out beyond repair, sometimes with holes because he would twist and chew as well. He had a great teacher but I could tell it grossed her out. I noticed that when a tooth was cutting it was worse. By second grade he quit. I remember sucking my hair as a young child and then realizing one day that I didn't anymore. Not sure if it has anything to do with a certain diagnosis or if some kids just go through a phase.
  2. wow, I just finally read this in its entirety. it's crazy how the tics and compulsions seem to be pretty much the same for all these kids. My son spends hours in the bathroom these days trying to get it all out and then wiping and wiping and wiping. At 10 he doesn't want me in the bathroom of course. One day he was taking forever and we were late for something and exasperated I finally went in a wiped for him. For some reason he accepted that it was good enough and that point. He told me later he wished I could always wipe for him but he know that would be weird. I fully agreed. Any
  3. My son has always had sleep problems. He slept all night in his own bed from 4-5 years old but when we moved he started coming back in. He's now 10. In Nov. 2008 we finally had the tonsils removed because he's had strep so often, they were HUGE and always had been, and we hoped it would help the sleep. By January 2009 he was sleeping the entire night in his own bed. He also started taking Zoloft 25mg at that point. I'm not at all sure if it was the tonsils, the antibiotics because of the operation, age, therapy or Zoloft. Unfortunately in October he started to trying to come i
  4. Thanks everyone! Your experiences are so helpful! I guess we'll just take it as it comes and do the best we can.
  5. I read Against Medical Advice about two months ago. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (started antibiotics yesterday and I'm just a nervous wreck because I want to see improvements SO BADLY) I'm not sure why but I was thinking about it and I was thinking the same thing. I bet it was PANDAS. After all the kajillion doctors and specialists and meds they had that poor kid on, and the alcoholism and weight gain and self-esteem issues he had to go through, no one ever once that it might be PANDAS? I wondered that the entire time I read the book. Thank God it just went away for him. I
  6. That is great! It is really great when they have those moments where they seem to notice the improvements themselves. I hope the antibiotics continue to help!
  7. My husband has always been extremely sensitive to sound and smell. Turns out his mom is too. He hates things that I've never thought twice about, like people eating popcorn at the movies or the sound of a soda can being opened or the sound of typing. He also can smell something from a mile away but he can't seem to identify it. Sometimes it drives me crazy when I've spent an hour making dinner and he walks in and wrinkles his nose and say "WHAT is that SMELL?!" No surprise my son started showing signs at about 3. Hated toilets flushing, fireworks, tractors, etc. We took him to Disney
  8. i agree! our therapist suggested getting our inositol from iherb and after looking at their prices i have started getting all our supplements there. and they ship really fast!
  9. I understand completely how emotional it is! I emailed Dr. K last week to give me some direction about what to tell our doctor for our appointment yesterday. After reading our history he said that he was pretty willing to bet that it is PANDAS. When I read that I surprised myself by starting to bawl. We've been dealing with this for over 2 years and I thought I had gotten past the emotional part of it. I guess I was just stuffing it down because I sat in front of my computer and sobbed with relief and mourning for the past few years and hope and so much more! Good luck and Thank
  10. I have some questions for those of you that have gone the antibiotic route. A little history on my son. He's 10 and weighs 78 lbs. I noticed his OCD symptoms during the summer of 2007. They were much worse by December and he was diagnosed formally in February 2008. We've done several rounds of therapy, usually during the school year because his symptoms seem to let up considerably by Summer (less exposure to strep I'm thinking). From 2006 to 2008 he had strep many times. In late November 2008 we finally had his tonsils taken out. Prior to the operation we realized he had a sinus infec
  11. Thanks Vicki. I didn't think of the toothbrush! We did have a throat culture done earlier this week. It came back negative. I had my other son and myself tested as well. Both negative. I didn't expect it to be positive because he isn't in one of his bad periods, just his normal everyday tics and OCD. We went to the doctor today because I finished reading Saving Sammy and wanted to talk to his doctor about it. He's had OCD/TS for 2 years now and the only time he has been totally asymptomatic was during the holidays in 2009 immediately following his tonsillectomy and a round of a
  12. We are headed to our doctor this afternoon. After reading Saving Sammy I am determined to have his doctor run a blood test and give him a round of antibiotics to see if it has any effect. I emailed Dr. K with our case history and he felt pretty sure it is PANDAS. Now I just have to convince his doctor. I've been sure he's had PANDAS since he started showing symptoms but neither his doctor or I knew much about it. In His symptoms have waxed and waned. I noticed in September everything was much worse when his brother had strep but I didn't have him tested. I mentioned this to our docto
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