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  1. Hi - I received 23andMe results for me and my son. I ran them through Genetic Genie and then attempted to go through everything on heartfixer. I am confused & overwhelmed - - as I know all of us are - - but can someone please help me with just "step 1"? Would it be the two CBS things? I figure I can start there and then hopefully pour over everything again and try to make some sense of it all. I really probably need to just hire a consult for all of this. When all of "this" started - over 4 years ago now - I did have it in me to research day & night - - - I'm definitely ptsd for awhile now & just don't have it in me... arrggghhhh.... tia! *SON: Homozygous +/+ MAO A R297R Heterozygous +/- COMT V158M COMT H62H VDR Bsm VDR Taq ACAT1-02 MTHFR A1298C MTR A2756G MTRR R415T MTRR A664A CBS C699T CBS A360A SHMT1 C1420T *ME: Homozygous +/+ VDR Taq MAO A R297R SHMT1 C1420T Heterozygous +/- COMT V158M COMT H62H MTHFR C677T MTR A2756G MTRR A66G MTRR R415T CBS C699T CBS A360A
  2. Hi Jill - I'm trying to pm you, but I think your mailbox is full - says you can't receive new messages! Thanks- Karen
  3. My ds15 is on Augmentin & the clinda gel for acne. The clinda works really well on pimples (I've borrowed - lol). He has been using for over a year & no problems.
  4. BeesKnees - I was trying to pm you - think your mailbox may be full? Thanks -Karen
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