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  1. Just a quick question?? Does Dr K and Dr B talk about PANDAS and IVIG? I would love to see all of the doc get together and talk Tracie
  2. Call Dr k he will never blow you off!! he will give you all of the info you need Tracie
  3. You are in good hands with dr K Trust him he knows what he is talking about We are in week 9 of having ivig with him for our daughter and she is (knock on wood) doing GREAT Tracie&Doug
  4. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and it has a nice pool.. I would give yourself a couple of days after the IVIG just because the kids dont feel very good after day 2 we were there 2 extra days.. Dr.K will give you all of the info on if he gets a headach you are in good good hands..if you have a dvd player and some movies that would be good and some snacks, you will need to go get lunch and bring it back.. The staff is great our lady that did the IVIG her name is Launa and she was great,and there was Karla the helped her and she was also nice. You will be in good hands... Good luck and keep us posted. We were at wallgreens all week getting stuff Tracie&Doug
  5. Hello, We are 8 weeks post ivig and my 5 1/2 year old daughter is doing good also we hold our breath every day.. and I think we will do that forever. Did you go to Dr.k? we went to him and he is a wonderfull man My daughter has started girl scouts and also kickboxing and I pray that she will be able to start school again and stay there and grow up to do great things in her life.. Tracie&Doug
  6. I love your reply...I am off to the print shop to make the cards !!!
  7. We are on the 7 week mark of IVIG with Dr. K I know that I need to let her be a kid but... how long should I wait untill I get her more involved with other kids that she dont play with alot..like girl scouts,dance class ect ect? I am seeing 3 months that people are waiting she is only 5 1/2 so school is not a problem we took her out (we had to) I hope to restart her again this year Dr .K said just to let her go but I am just scared to do that So what do you all think?? Thanks Tracie&Doug
  8. Hi everyone!! Now let's toss my little girl in we think she has PITAND All of her blood work is fine and has to our knowing and the blood work has never ever had strep... BUT she had about 10-15 ear infections in her first 2 1/2 years of her life But she has this.. we are 7 weeks out from having ivig with dr.K he is the greatest Her doc did know what PANDAS was praise the lord!!! and after her 3 melt down in a year and a 1/2 I can say we are holding our breath...and mabey getting our life's back on track,I am like everyone else I hate to say it out loud. We wake up everyday and just look at her to see how the day is going to go.. so far so good Tracie&Doug
  9. Hi, Hang in there!! Have you talked to Dr.K? or have done ivig?? We went to dr.K and had ivig done about 6 weeks ago and have seen some good sign's Tracie& Doug
  10. Just have as much info as you can blood work and what has been going on and how long... He is a great doc..we did ivig about 6 weeks ago with him he is kinda hard to understand because of his accent but he will lead you on the right path. Tracie&Doug
  11. You will be in good hands with dr.k just take as much info as you can with you and you just talk to him,his office is very small and he is very calm. We did ivig with him about 6 weeks ago and we are on the right track we see good changes with having it done. He is a great doc.. he will talk to your son a little also. Relax! that is what he tells me all of the time! Tracie&Doug
  12. We had ivig with dr k 6 weeks ago and we are doing great. now it is just wait and see
  13. Hello everyone, We are on 5 weeks after IVIG and I wanted to know if any of the other kids that have had IVIG have been more tired at night? before,we had a hard time getting her to bed she would just be bouncing off the wall or having a melt down. But now she is a grouch at night and is ready for bed! I am thinking that it is part of the healing proess? any thoughts from anyone??? THANKS Tracie&doug
  14. We had IVIG 5 weeks ago and I see that my daughter gets very tired at night, before I had a hard time getting her to settle down to go to sleep.
  15. We did IVIG about 5 weeks ago,Dr k is the best RELAX.... that is what he tells me all of the time!! you will be fine you are in good hands
  16. My daughter's blood work was all fine and we did every blood test there is.. but she still has PANDAS. We went to Dr.K for a ivig about 1 month ago and we are seeing some good signs.. If you can get to Dr.K or call and talk to him you would be very happy. Tracie&Doug
  17. WOW 4 years!!! I can only pray we have the same thing Dr K is the best we would love to help if we can so let us know Doug&Tracie
  18. Why every month? I am glad that you are seeing great things happen We are also having good things happen,we did IVIG with dr.k last month,but we still hold our breath... but I think we always will Tracie
  19. Hello!! We are starting to see ssome good signs from the ivig we did with Dr k last month. The big one is taht she WANTS to stay with my neighbor friend when I need her to!!! She would ONLY stay with my mother! I do have one question. She seems tired this week, is it because her body is just trying to adjust to the new antiobodies starting up? Keep the faith everyone good things are going to happen for kids Tracie
  20. I think you would need to have your doc call his office so he can tell him the right amount, but he is gone untill Monday
  21. I am just so happy that all of the Doctors are talking and ALL have one thing on there mind..our children It would be nice to get them all together in one room so they can get on the same page. I know that more local doctors are in need of understanding PANDAS and PITAND.. that is the big subject that needs to be addressed. And getting the insurence companys to except that what treatment we as parents decide to do they need to pay for it,there are so many of us that are going broke because we just can't get help to pay for anything. Diana Pohlman has been our guideing light! without her we would have been so lost. My family has hope for everyone our daughter has had ivig with Dr k 3 weeks ago and we hold our breath EVERYDAY to see if it is going to be a good day. Thanks Tracie&Doug and my daughter Lauren
  22. Hello everyone, Our Daughter had IVIG with Dr K about 3 weeks ago and things seem to be going good... but my question to everyone is when do we start to let her play with the other kids and start to get back involved with things? She has just got over h1n1 and that happened on our way home from Chicago,we think?? anyway, she is on the antiobotics but we are just a little scared to let go Dr K said she was good to go after the IVIG but.... I am thinking the 8 week mark? We know we need to just let her go and be a kid anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, Tracie&Doug
  23. Oh My,we are so sorry,it was breaking my heart just to read it,I am glad that it went well with Dr k,he is awesome call me anytime I think you still have our #. We will pray for you and your family,and we pray for all of us. Doug&Tracie
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