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  1. My son did this all last school year (he was in 3rd grade). We put him on a behavior plan with the teacher and school social worker where he was only allowed to go 3 x a day then reduced it bi-weekly. He had to bring a folder home that the teacher and he filled out along with a ranking of his anxiety every day. He also had a "bus buddy" that would walk with him to the bus - he was very anxious about riding it b/c he thought he wouldnt make it home. If he had a lot of anxiety he was allowed to leave the room when he needed to go and speak with the social worker. he also was given a special
  2. I have not posted in quite a while but my son is more on the PITAND side - he had very high strep and myco P titers. He has been on abx (different ones and dosages for just over 6 months). His most recent blood work has shown that his strep titers are now within a fairly normal range while once he was well over 1000 on his antidnase test. With that some major improvements in his separation anxiety, panic attacks, fear, tics, OCD etc. However we still are having some symptoms that come and go or are just on a more minor scale compared to where they were 6 months ago (still some bed wetti
  3. I have not heard of one but if anyone knows I would love that information as well!! We are currently doing email and phone calls with Dr. T. Karen
  4. Something similar happened to me - the lab ran the wrong test on my son. Call the lab to confirm which test they were supposed to run and/or call the Dr. to order the test...usually labs will keep blood for about 2 weeks or longer and can add a test.
  5. The key with CBT is to enforce it daily/hourly/by the minute with your child....every time I catch my son doing something I confront him. We call them "worry bullies" so there is no negative connotation associated with it. When he has to do something methodical (so many times) and lets say it is 3. He is given the direction that he can only do it 2x or he can do it 4x but not 3. If he "tells on himself" he is only able to do it 3x a day and we have worked down to 1x a day. It is doing the opposite of what his "bully" is telling him to do or doing something different or throwing it in the
  6. My son also has OCD (he has had OCD symptoms for over 5 years) and is currently on long term abx....while that has helped in many ways the OCD is tough to stop. What I am finding out is that even though you are reducing the inflammation and infection his brain has been trained to do things a certain way...so it is also undoing what he things is his "normal". So CBT has been very effective for us....he had been doing it weekly and now we just see his therapist every few months for a "reminder" session on his techniques he has learned...Here is a link if you are not familiar with CBT....we are
  7. I have been reading threads on the forum and many of you have tried OLE and other herbs...I am looking for the best anti inflammatory and something that helps with removal of infection. My DS currently was on prophylectic dose of zith but due to some exacerbations in OCD and anxiety he is going back on full strength for 10 days with Motrin and possibly Augmentin if no change in a few days....however I would like to add some additional natural remedies. However in reading some of the threads I saw that you shouldn't put them together with the abx bc it could make the abx less effective? also
  8. I notice that my son also has increased tics when using his DSi or is on the computer too long or Wii. Luckily he doesn't use it all the time....anyone have any thoughts about the connection?
  9. Dr. K gave first diagnosis and then Dr. T confirmed - my son has high myco plasma titers and antidnase b titers along with his other symptoms. He is currently on a prophelectic dose of zith and I would say that it took about 3 months or so to see a reduction in tics... Yeast luckily has not been an issue but he is on one abx at a time and also takes probiotics and fish oil. I also would give him motrin when the tics spiked and that would calm them down for the day at least (especially when he would play baseball) - they seem to spike under stress. the motrin also helped me confirm th
  10. My son has tics (has for over 5 years)...we just received the PANDAS diagnosis in april. So far the zithromax and augmentin he has been on for the past 4 months seemed to have helped - they are not gone but it is down to a simple eye blink. My son deals more with the OCD symptoms these days but we use competing responses for both the OCD and tics. I have heard from many that the tics are the toughest to get rid of and one of the last symptoms to resolve... keep reading and asking....Good luck!
  11. also forgot about the probiotic - Florabears http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=florabear&tag=googhydr-20&index=hpc&hvadid=3532817867&ref=pd_sl_931akbautj_b they also sell them at whole foods
  12. Per Dr T - they do not have enough knowledge about myco p yet and it appears that it takes a very very long time to get the titers to go down....not good news for those that have kids with high myco P titers
  13. I have found that anything is possible - my DS has had walking pneumonia 1-2x year since he was 10 months old (he is now 8) so the high myco P titers did not surprise me...however he has never been positive strep throat and his antiDnase B was off the chart. Also I never knew I had been bitten by a tick and due to symptoms I had was diagnosed last year with Erlichia Chaffesis....so keep asking for tests until you figure it all out! You go girl and don't give up!!
  14. my DS has been on both Zith and Augmentin and now currently on prophelyctic dose of Zith (400mg 2x weekly). Yes both abx have helped with my DS symptoms (no more bedwetting, very little anxiety or meltdowns, much more social and adventurous (less fears) and fewer tics). The OCD is the hardest because it has now become like habit - the way his brain is wired...so we do CBT therapy with him which definately helps.
  15. anything over 1.10 is positive and yes that would be your IGG (prior exposure). My DS is over 5.0 for his IGG and 1288 for his IGM (neg is <770) - along with strep at 680. I just wanted to mention what a remarkable young lady I think you are and you have really given the parents on this forum such valuable insight to what it is like to be actually someone that suffers from this horrible affliction but yet in the same breath can overcome so much!
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