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  1. We go to Dr.k he is also a very good PANDAS doc. at least I think so.. Tracie
  2. I am happy that it is in the paper but not to happy about the end of it saying that the kids should take prozac and get therapy?? nothing about abx's for a treatment?? I dont get it.. Tracie
  3. Hi Kara sorry I did not see your post but I think you found it is on the pandasnetwork.org that is also a awesome place for info also.. thanks Tracie
  4. Also tell your Doc that PANDAS has just got into the journal of Pediatrics for info on it.
  5. This Forum WILL be your Doctor It has helped everyone that has been on here including us. There is a list of Doc's that are PANDAS Doc's on here I think at the top, find one and call them Dont mess around with a Doc that dont know anything about PANDAS it is just waisting time. We have been to Dr.k twice but I know therre are alot more now who are all doing what they can for our kids I am sorry.. Just remember that he CANNOT control this... my Daughter started when she was 4 she is now 7 and as for now her PANDAS is gone Tracie
  6. Hello everyone I have not been on here for a while but we are on IvIg # 2 from Dr.k and all is going good so far we had it in Feb Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that we took our DD out of first grade this year and I am home schooling her and I am doing the k-12 program and it is very easy to follow if anyone was wanting to go that direction. I am so very calm as far as school goes because I dont need to explane to anyone about PANDAS !! she has a few kids that she can play with after school that understand that if they are sick that they cant be around her so that is nice.. We will see what happens next year. Tracie
  7. So what abx are you giving and how much?
  8. Hello Everyone, Lauren is now 7yrs old and is 4 1/2 months post second IVIG, she has been doing great, until 3 weeks ago, we think it was a loose baby tooth and a new tooth coming in. We have been giving her a 250mg Azithromycin every other day " She weighs just 43 lbs " She started having mild seperation anxiety and and worries. We started daily Azith and it calmed down we did this for 10 days, then it came back so we did this again for 14 days and it went away. Now we stopped and went back to every other day and once again it appears to be coming back. We doubled based on Dr. K's advice. I am wondering if we need to keep her on a full dose for longer or a different antibiotic? Does anyone have any thoughts. Take Care, Doug Patrick
  9. Our BCBS has paid both time for my dd ivig with Dr.k but only for that,they dont pay for him as the Doc because he is out of network,but some money is way better than none for sure. all the rest we us on our taxes,hotel,food,flight tickets and rental car. Hope all is going good for your son. Tracie
  10. It is nice to read a happy post!! I don't think we can ever give up hope because the hope IS out there for our kids we all just need to find what works. Take care Tracie
  11. Thank you Mary.. the weird thing is that she is NOT sick???? at all It might be her loose front tooth that is the only thing we can think of but it is so off and on.. right now as I am sitting here on the computer she is down at the neighbors house catching bugs... she could care less about where I am.. so that is good we will just need to watch and see I am giving her 250 mg of azith everyday for 10 days per Dr.K then we will see. I hope your Mary is doing ok. Tracie
  12. Thank you.. we are on our second ivig.. I know it works... and she is doing so much better but it's the little things that freek us out she say's it's not PANDAS.. but I think she would say that because she dont want to have ivig done again... but she would know if it was PANDAS again.. I pray I pray for all of us..
  13. Please God let this just be a bump!!!! We cant handle anymore.... Tracie
  14. OMG Have a good day!!!I think we would ALL love to have that day by the pool... ENJOY IT Tracie
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