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  1. Thanks for the advice, We are hoping and praying all is will be okay soon. We too are keeping our daughter in a bubble. Best wishes to you and your family. - Doug
  2. Thanks for your help., We are anxiously waiting the results of the IG make up. Thanks for the encourchment. Take Care, Doug
  3. Thanks for the advice, I think we will seek Augmentin. I agree I didn't want to be part of this party. Take Care, Doug
  4. Hey Doug...where do you live? do you have a doc? Have you sent serum into Dr. Cunningham? I would rec. that you get throat cultures on family members to check for carriers. Have you tried Advil (Ibuprofen)? Definitely do 1-2 mo. of Augmentin or Azith. (full strength) before considering IVIG. If Augmentin doesn't work, then try Azith. (or vice versa). Realistically, even with IVIG, most pandas kids needing long term abs to prevent re-occurance with re-exposure of strep. (My dd is case #2 on her site. She's been on Azith. 250mg/day since June 08. She also had IVIG in Aug. 09 and is doing great.) Helllo, thanks for the comment. I live in Grand Junction, CO We did try Azith two times a day for 5 weeks and she slowly wannned down. ( This was in August ) And she is doing fairly good since then but still not 100% . We just completed a complete blood workup and we are waiting the results. Our Doctor is on board with us, but does not have any experience. We live in rural CO with not many options. We may seek an immunologist in Denver. I will go get everyone checked for strep. and talk to my Doctor about Augmentin. Do many of the children have scary intrusive type thoughts? ( this is real worrisom to me.) That is great about your daughter, I hope we are there soon. Take Care, Doug
  5. Hello, my daughter was totally fine until November 28th 2008 when she woke up with sudden OCD, and Bizzare thoughts following a throat infection, we did a strep test and antibody test it everything came back negative, she gradually wanned down and the symptoms subsided in about 2 months. She had a 2nd occurance with another throat infection in July, and we knew something was going on. Since then she has improved 90% but she still has intrusive thoughts and seperation anxiety, we are waiting the results of blood workup and we may seek IVIG or try Augmentin. I am still very worried and confused. She has never tested posative for strep but has classic PANDAS symptoms. I guess I am looking for advice and someone to related too. We did find the PANDAS Network and Diane has been wonderful. I will take any advice . Thanks, Doug Patrick
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