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  1. So what about school? if most kids her age 5-6 get the mist right? and it sheds??? I just can't keep up with everything? so if we get the flu shot without mercury would it be ok? Tracie
  2. Thank's I think I might check into it She is doing great with having IVIG about 7 months ago,school is good everything is good right now,but when Dr.k takes her off of the abx's after a year?? that will be the true test. I give her everything right now 2 different probiotics,vit,extra vitC,fish oil so I just might wait until she is off of abx's and then try it. Thank you for your post let us know how it is working Tracie
  3. can someone tell me what olive leaf extract is used for? I have read somewhere here that it can be used insted of abx's? Thank's Tracie
  4. Hello, I am so happy that your son is doing good are you on any abx's at all? and what is liquid silver? Our DD had IVIG in Feb with Dr.k and she is also doing great,We take one day at a time and enjoy all of the good days just incase the bad ones come back. Thank's Tracie&Doug
  5. So did dr K leave him on abx's for 4 1/2 years? I hope he leaves my dd on after the year is up she is on azith. Tracie
  6. Thank you so much for letting us know there is hope. Can I ask... Does well mean your son is 100% / 95%? How long has he been at the well point? So, was the treatment that worked one IVIG and 4 1/2 years of Keflex? Any therapy - CBT or ERP? Please do keep us posted on how he does post treatment. Thanks!!! Antibiotics and steroids - then IVIG then Keflex...no CBT or ERP needed - he has been 100% symptom free for 2 1/2 years
  7. Keep us posted please I would like to know what dr.k does about the ab'x. Tracie&Doug
  8. Yeah!! We are 6 months post IVIG and so far so good with school We will see what this week brings. Watch some of the proabotics for strep also. Have a good week Tracie&Doug
  9. Sooo, I was wondering.. If we went back to Dr.k in Feb when her year of abx's are up will he redo the rx for 1 more year or something like that? or would he write a letter to her Doc here? Just wanted to see how it has worked for the other kids that have been on ab'x after the year is up? Tracie&Doug
  10. My DD6 school is AWESOME,they wanted all the info on PANDAS and they have a plan in place to let me know when strep starts to hit. Her teacher is so good,she will let me know when the kids start to get sick in the class. we will see..she has went for 3 day's but she did GREAT Tracie
  11. If we had to do it again.. (I pray we don't) We would be on the next flight out ASAP with Dr.k he is a crazy man (in a good way) but the BEST. Tracie&Doug
  12. I am so happy for you. I broke down on my dd last day of IVIG,after they took the iv out and said all done! I had been holding in all of my fears and anxiety to be strong for her and my husband it was all to much. Best of luck to you Tracie
  13. Ok so as you ALL know we are at 6 months post ivig and things have been great,have had little bumps but we uped her abx's and things are good. But..a week ago she was starting to show PANDAS again, I wanted to put some stuff into the house and leave her in the car,it was 1 box she did not want to stay in the car first sign,2 sign she had a little bit more of the seperation anxiety just enough for us to take notice so my first thought was well she is pushing up a tooth and that is why so we uped her abx' to 2 xs a day and 2 days later.. "mom my throat hurts" If my heart did not hit the floor,later that afternoon.. fever.. but it was not that bad it only got up to 100.3 at the most broke after 2 days and now it turned into a cold YEAH!!! NO PANDAS as I hold my breath as I write this it has been a week. We didn't take her to the doc to have them look at her,because she HATES the doc and if something was going to put her over the top it would be that,so we just let it ride (for once). But now she is starting school in 2 weeks with a low immune system because of this.. But again what do you do??? if she goes back into the whole Good for one week and sick for 2 ect.. But I am hopeing that IVIG has boosted her immune system that she will be able to handle it.. STRESSSSSSSS Tracie
  14. I know I am!! with all of the stress my weight goes up and down now it is back up again I am going to start back to my weight watchers program again tomorrow! Tracie
  15. I would NEVER go back to that a** again!!! after everything you have just been through with ivig.. I am so sorry Tracie
  16. Nope,I think we are going to skip it this year also we have gave her the reg flu shot for a long time and last year she had no PANDAS with it,and her first dose of H1N1 but then we didn't give her the 2 dose because of her PANDAS.. BUT 2 days after we got home from having ivig with Dr.k what did she catch??? the flu and we are sure it was H1N1 but it was ok because she didnt go into pandas mode soo it was kinda a blessing in a way because we wont need to think about it so much this year.
  17. You have done a great job all this info is awesome! it may make some or all of us scratch our heads but that is what we ALL do about pandas anyway. Great job to all of us to wake up eveyday to just deal with the day to come. Tracie.
  18. Our dd did!! I thought she was doing good befor we got IVIG and I tried to put her into her own bed with me sleeping with her OH that was a mistake,she cried for 2 days she was mad at me and mad at herself for being mad at me. that is when we knew that we had to go see Dr.k because the abx's just was not doing the job of getting her back. Tracie
  19. OMG!! Ilove you all I am a ball of nerves ALL we can think about is her starting school again will it be ok?what am I going to do if she can't make it and all of the PANDAS comes back?I will need to home school her I DON"T WANT TO HOME SCHOOL HER, I am a stupid person!! I think I will do ok until 3 grade.I just cant deal BUT I will,I will have no choice. I will not let her down. Think positive!think positive!! that is all I can say to myself and to Doug We have been in heaven for almost 6 months she had done so good. Do I up her azith? for the first 2 week's? I need to ask Dr.k We were at a friends house a couple of day's ago Friends?? yes I still have a few that don't think WE need to be on med's,but her little girl said that she had a sore throat and we were out of there so fast,but I will NEVER know at school until it is to late and then will just uping her abx's will that do the trick?? we know her signs,so we will just need to rely on that and go from there. WOW,I think I need to keep away from the coffee for the rest of the morning!!! Tracie
  20. This is great news. go and enjoy our victory for all of us and our kids. TRACIE
  21. But what if some kids dont test + for this test it dont mean they dont have PANDAS?? Tracie
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