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  1. Has anyone experienced this? I'm always hesitant to try new things without asking this forum first.
  2. I wonder if the tics came back because his body adapted to the Topamax. Hopefully they won't come back again.
  3. what is your source for that info Guy? All the references I can find state that Sovereign Silver IS colloidal?? Sorry I just saw your post now. Let me see if I can find it again. In the meantime, if you notice, nowhere on the label of Sovereign Silver does it say "colloidal." I believe I may have read it on the website of a competitor (purest colloids?) so it might be biased info. That being said, Sovereign Silver has done absolutely nothing for me despite trying multiple bottles on multiple illnesses. There was no difference against baseline when I used it, whether gargling, putting under the tongue to dissolve, or drinking. At one point, I was even taking it each day as a preventative, and I ended up getting sick. Heh. I wanted so badly to believe that it works, but over the course of a year or so of using that brand (because it's the only brand I could find around here), I experienced no tangible benefit from its use. If I ever give colloidal silver another try, it will be another brand.
  4. I don't know about dried pomegranate seeds. I buy pomegranates in the store and prepare them myself. But they're only available in the winter. I also drink POM brand pomegranate juice (it is pretty expensive, tho). I never tried the tonic water. I've been meaning to, actually. Did you have any luck with Clonidine? Some people report success with B vitamins and Magnesium. Manganese is reported to make tics worse for some people.
  5. We had toxic mold in my high school. They closed it down twice. That was around the age that my tic started. Is there a link between toxic mold and tics? We had a bunch of teachers and students get sick, but I think I'm the only one who developed a tic.
  6. I've been doing the alternative route since Oct 2nd. I know the day, because it was the day I had such severe tics that I decided I'd do whatever it takes to solve it. Prior to the alternatives, I was on tenex, clonondine, then finally went to tetrabenazine which is an orphan drug approved by the FDA only for Huntington's disease, but known to help with TS and NOT lead to the possibility of tardive diskinesia (probably misspelled). Note, that I had dropped all meds around June of 2010 as I somehow went from what was mild OCD to somewhat rough OCD and I finally had to start taking OCD meds as well - and for some reason the combo of tetrabenazine with the OCD meds (standard SSRI's) was next to impossible to handle. Taking one or the other -- no problem -- combining them -- horrible!! today I am at my absolute wits end - I told my wife today that I'm done with the diet - it does not work for me. I don't understand why, but I just can't get it to work. I was pretty upset, and told my wife that everyone on here that is having success with the diet are children who don't have it as severe as I do - so for them it works, for me it does next to nothing. I'm also on the bontech supplements - again, expensive, but worth it if I actually saw results. I'm 43 years old, and still do not understand why I was unable to shake this TS as it appears most children do when they become adults. It's so baffling to me, and extremely frustrating. I tried finding a support group in my town, but finding one that has any adult member with TS seems to be near impossible - probably because it's just so rare for adults vs. children.... Anyway, long story, but I'm this close to going back to my regular meds. I'm trying to be strong and not do it, but to be honest, I am just not seeing results from the diet and it makes it hard to stick to a diet that is difficult to begin with (especially when on vacation where it's so hard to even find a place to eat) if it appears to do nothing for you. If nothing else about the diet, I have weened myself off of caffeine, diet soda, high-fructose corn syrup, alcohol, and foods with artificial colors/flavors - things I shouldn't have been consuming anyway. I have asked for a list of recommended doctors (hopefully for adults) from my local TS support group, and do intend to talk to one of those doctors. Rick Other things to consider: I feel like when I eat pomegranate, there is a slight reduction in tic severity. I was not expecting this at all when I first ate pomegranate, so I don't think there was any placebo there. Some studies(?) report that quinine may reduce tics. I don't know the dosages, but you can get it in tonic water. IMO, tonic water is disgusting, but I would drink a bottle of it a day if it helped tics. You may want to try those two things.
  7. How did you find this out? My high school ended up being shut down due to toxic mold, and I developed my tic when I was in high school. I always wondered if it was because of the mold, but the more likely scenario in my mind seemed like it was actually caused by a corticosteroid I was on at the time (Flonase) for allergies.
  8. Sovereign silver isn't actually colloidal silver. And FWIW, I've used it numerous times when I was sick and it never made any difference whatsoever. Now, everyone online will tell you that colloidal silver cured whatever was wrong with them within hours, and I wasn't expecting that, but I had no reduction in symptoms from it, and I tried it over the course of like three separate illnesses. No reduction in symptoms, no shortened duration, nothing. I personally would never buy Sovereign Silver again. I may try an actual brand of colloidal silver at some point in the future, however.
  9. Have you recently used corticosteroids or dopamine antagonist. Edit - I mean antagonist, not agonist.
  10. Here's the link: Tourettes Treatment Tenex and Topamax are two of the drugs with the least offensive side effect profiles. The other two are Clonidine and Marinol. Pretty much everything other than those 4 has side effects ranging from Tardive Dyskinesia to instant death. And many of the medications had no effect, which I tried to include as well for the sake of completeness. But if you suspect PANDAS then I'd look into that first.
  11. I have been on 0.025mg of Clonidine nightly for about two years and it has greatly reduced my tic. Please note this is a very small dosage; it is 1/4 of a 0.1mg pill. I started on 0.05mg (1/2 of a 0.1mg pill) but I was having some strong side-effects. I weigh around 160 for reference. Seriously, 1/2 a pill put me to sleep. I have no idea how people can take multiple Clonidine pills per day, although maybe if your blood pressure is high to begin with it might not have such strong side effects (since Clonidine is a high blood pressure medicine). I know this is entirely anecdotal, but I swear that when I eat pomegranates (or rather, their seeds), it also helps reduce my tic. Unfortunately, pomegranates are sometimes expensive and not always in season or available. It is hard to find information about medication to control tics, but I spent a great deal of time reading studies and journals and other sources and have compiled everything I found here into one page for reference. Sorry the website design is kind of ugly. I know I need to clean it up a bit: Tourettes treatments That link will take you to the page. Everything is arranged by drug type. Hopefully it will help you if you're looking for more information (and so you don't just blindly take Haldol if the doctor suggests it as a first line of treatment).
  12. Do any of you have any experience with Arginine having an effect on tics? Thanks!
  13. Sorry I only saw part of it, but PANDAS was mentioned on an episode of Mystery Diagnosis on Oxygen network. The episode was called "The Boy Who Only Hopped." You might want to keep an eye out for it. It's interesting that PANDAS was mentioned on a mainstream TV show since most doctors don't know about it or don't believe it's a real thing.
  14. Supposed to be being used in place of antidepressants in some situations. Anyone here have any experience with it or know if/how it relates to tics?
  15. You only get the flu for 2 days? Whoa!
  16. I think it was myrose who said her child was on a small dose of Topamax and their tic was completely gone. I was just curious what the current situation was with this. Hope everything is going well.
  17. Randomly found this thread in a Google search. I was using Flonase for a little bit before my tic started when I was 17 years old. I don't remember the exact timing of everything. From everything I've looked at, this is the most probable cause of my tic. Perhaps I was just on the edge of being genetically susceptible to tics and the Flonase sent me over the threshold. I stopped using it coincidentally around the time my tic started anyway. I have not used it since. Almost 13 years later and the only thing that helps is Clonidine. Under this theory, I am terrified of ever needing a corticosteroid in the future. I literally want to have it put into my medical records "not to be given corticosteroids under any circumstances." Hopefully I never need a powerful anti-inflammatory. And if so, hopefully they have a better non-steroidal one or maybe I'll just smoke a lot of weed. That's anti-inflammatory right? I'll have to be sure to smoke indica strain of weed however since sativa supposedly increases tics.
  18. SWEET! Going to throw some honey in this tea right now! Thanks! Uh... you don't have to refrigerate it once its open or anything do you?
  19. Just bought some honey because it's supposed to be really healthy, but then it dawned on me that I've never eaten honey before. I've got a cold and I'm trying new stuff to get rid of it. So I decided to ask on here about its effects like I do before I eat anything new for the first time. Oh, because I HATE getting sick, every time I get a cold I try new treatments. Things I've tried so far include: - vitamins - zinc lozenges - echinecea - goldenseal - OJ - hot toddys - vodka gargles - colloidal silver - homepathic stuff - elderberry extract - garlic - sore throat teas - salt water gargles - cayenne pepper gargle (disgusting, btw) - apple cider vinegar gargle - OTC pain relievers (useless) - benadryl - Dayquil - Nyquil - Listerine gargle - Airborne - Neti pots None of them has had any effect on shortening the duration or lessening the symptoms. People on the internet swear some of those work like magic, but I've not had any luck with any of them. The only thing that works for me is vicodin for the sore throat, and blowing my nose a lot once it changes from a sore throat into congestion. Yes, my doc knows I take vicodin. He gave me some cuz last time I was in his office I couldn't even talk without my eyes tearing up due to pain. Ever since I had mono in high school, whenever I get a sore throat now it is HORRIBLE pain. Oh, and ice cream works for the pain sometimes, too (yes I know it's dairy). And I drink some of those Odwalla or Naked brand smoothies that they sell in the produce department in grocery stores. They're expensive, but they feel good on my throat and they're thick so they kinda coat it which feels nice. Anyway, honey: yay or nay (as far as affecting tics)?
  20. This article suggests that using BAX-3000 to diagnose or treat allergies is illegal. http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=277 And this one suggests that what it's claiming is biologically impossible. http://sciencebasedhealthcare.org/archives.html But you seem to be getting good results, so that's good
  21. They said it's similar to B vitamins and that certain neurologically based conditions can be improved with choline. Tourettes was specifically named. So I'm curious, and of you ever use Choline?
  22. I'm glad your son is doing well, Chemar
  23. Chemar, that's scary. I worry that at some point in the future doctors will want to give me Prednisone for something and I will have to refuse it. Are there any alternatives?
  24. I'm not familiar with the test (although I would love to get it myself because I'm a nerdy like that), but are you talking about anti-dopamine antibodies?
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