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  1. I dont take any medications are anything.I am looking toward the possibilities of structural problems because I struggled with TMJ issues before I had the tic problem. i could be way off course here but all my tics seem to be in the face and neck region so I am hoping the structural problem is at play here.
  2. The tics are the only symptoms right now. As far as I know I don't have any thing I'm allergic to, but I guess getting some type of allergies test done should be my next step. I started a yeast free diet along with taking a candida cleanse because I read that a overgrowth of yeast can cause some tics. And that some people have had positive results after this treatment. But getting a food allergies test makes a lot of sense. I do know that after a cold my tics are dramatically increased.
  3. I am a 44 year old male who started to develop tics in my mid 30s. They started off as facial tics( grimace) and now have progressed to some vocal tics throat clearing and tongue clicking. So as to my understanding this is not the normal pattern it usually hits early in childhood and I have no memory of ever having any tics as a child Just some foot flexing every now and then. Could there be some underlying reason that is causing theses tics to surface now are is there another medical reason that could be at play here. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
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