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  1. Does anyone know what happened with the Weill Cornell study on mouthpieces that was being done?
  2. Hi everyone! Has anyone tried CBD (cannabidiol) for OCD and/or Tourettes? It's readily available now at Whole Foods and stores like that, and it seems like something that may help with tics and/or OCD. Please send along your thoughts and or experiences with this. I'm not talking about medical marijuana, which has THC and is different. Thanks.
  3. I know this thread is very old. Can anyone update? CBD is readily available in stores now, capsules, drops, etc. Has anyone had success long term with this for OCD and/or tics/Tourettes? Thanks for any updates and thoughts!
  4. Thank you Sheila. Will report back if we try it.
  5. Has anyone tried tichelper.com yet? Interested to see if it's helping people. Thank you!
  6. Just starting to learn about touretic OCD, anyone out there have experience or information on this? Thanks!
  7. lulu648

    Touretic OCD

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the strep. I hope he recovers. Thank you for sharing your story.
  8. lulu648

    Touretic OCD

    Thank you! Is your son still having success?
  9. lulu648

    Touretic OCD

    Has anyone out there heard of Tourettic OCD? I just heard the term today for the first time. Any info appreciated! Thanks!
  10. lulu648


    Hello everyone, has anyone here tried Tichelper.com? Looking for any information on if it helped, etc. Thank you!
  11. Thank you for your post and sharing your success!
  12. Hello! Has anyone heard of or tried Tic Helper at tichelper.com? I just found out about it. Thanks for any feedback!
  13. Please let us know if you do try them and how it goes! Good luck!
  14. UPDATE: 2/17/17 We have had the device now for almost three months. I can see that it helps my daughter a lot when she wears it, but she doesn't like to wear it, so we don't push it. It has helped identify, at least in my mind, the difference between her tics and compulsions, as it helps more (I'd say significantly) with tics than with the compulsions, although it seems to help some with the compulsions too. However, since she doesn't like to wear it, we're sort of back to square one. At least we have it in our back pocket, although it was a very expensive "back pocket item". It did help the o
  15. Thank you again for all the helpful information, I know the story you shared will help many, many people!
  16. Hello justkeeptrying! Thank you for your post, first I've heard of this, I just sent in for sample, but same question as person above, do you know what exactly this is or what it delivers into the body of the person wearing it? Their website doesn't have any information about that. Thank you!
  17. Thanks so much for all the information Bigal, this brings me hope. Sheila forwarded a link to me for a doctor in Seattle who does this as well, and I've contacted several people here in Portland as well, waiting to hear back, but Seattle will probably be our best bet. Did you son have the MRI? I am wondering, without the MRI, how do they know for sure if there is TMJ/TMD? I actually just heard my daughter's jaw pop yesterday, although she doesn't complain of any pain in her jaw. Occasional ear pain though, which I understand is a sign. Her tics have been really bad the last week, we're despera
  18. Hi Bigal, I am just checking in to see if you are still having success with this? Do you know, are the appliances we could get from a local doctor the same as the ones the guys in VA and MD use? I spoke to the VA office yesterday, and it's a huge, I mean like digging into our kid's college fund huge, to work with him because we are on the west coast. I really liked him, he was very kind and highly informative, but I'm hoping we can work with someone local. Do you know of others who have had success with this?
  19. Hi there, I was wondering if you have any updates? I spoke to the same doctor in VA yesterday and we live on the west coast. To try this with this particular doctor will be a huge expense...huge. I too am searching for commentary from people on this and there was one great story but I'm looking for more... did you have any further success after a few days or weeks? Thank you for posting, it is helpful for everyone when information like this is shared.
  20. Hi Rachel, we are just starting the same treatment with our almost-13-year-old daughter. She fought tooth and nail the day O took her to meet the therapist, but I think she's on board now. We're scheduling apts. around school so she doesn't have to tell her friends what she's doing if she doesn't want to. Our second apt. is coming up, where I'm hoping we will get to work on her OCD. Please check back in to comment on your daughter's progression, would love to hear how it goes for you. Best of luck.
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