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  1. I read with great interest the article about using Clerdendrum Inerme extract to stop tics, my question is where to find it? I'm not having any luck on the internet... any help would be appreciated. http://latitudes.org/plant-leaf-extract-stops-chronic-tics-premium/
  2. Our doctor said that wheat/gluten can take 6-12 months to leave the body. Not the answer you were looking for I'm sure.
  3. I drank and used raw unpasturized milk and loved it until our kids were diagnosed with dairy allergies almost a year ago. I still buy it every so often (and cheat on the dairy) to make kefir and love it. I have had no problems whatsoever with raw milk products in PA, but I know they can be hard to find in some states. I have read a lot about raw dairy and much prefer it to pasteurized dairy products. I read an interesting article recently about pasteurized milk and will post the link here http://preventdisease.com/news/14/102914_The-More-Pasteurized-Milk-People-Drink-The-More-Likely-They-Are-To-Die.shtml. There is also a very good book called "The Devil in the Milk" about the different types of milk A1 and A2 based on the type of cow that produces the milk and how allergies are more common with milks from certain breeds of cow.
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