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TMJ/TMD Device for tics/retainer



UPDATE: 2/17/17
We have had the device now for almost three months. I can see that it helps my daughter a lot when she wears it, but she doesn't like to wear it, so we don't push it. It has helped identify, at least in my mind, the difference between her tics and compulsions, as it helps more (I'd say significantly) with tics than with the compulsions, although it seems to help some with the compulsions too. However, since she doesn't like to wear it, we're sort of back to square one. At least we have it in our back pocket, although it was a very expensive "back pocket item". It did help the other day when she started an eye rolling tic, she put it in for maybe half hour and that one stopped and so far has not come back. So that is huge.

UPDATE: 11/1/16
Thank you to Sheila who sent me a link for a dentist in Seattle who we went and saw last weekend. Here is the link:


He was so very nice, saw us on a Saturday and had a few options of things to try. He tried testing for the mouthguard, he tried an FDA approved anxiety device (you can see it in the video on his website), acupuncture bandaids and he gave us a few bandaids with magnets to try as well, we haven't tried yet but will today. His philosophy is if it has helped even one person, it might help others, so try everything. We so much appreciated his willingness to help. I will post more if the route we are going turns out to be successful for us.

Hello, I am just learning how to better navigate this site, and thought I would try posting a blog. I read from Bigal about his son having success with use of a dental device used to correct TMJ/TMD. I have been trying to find a doctor in the Portland, OR area to work with to see if this might be a possibility to help my daughter but no one is interested in working with us. The five doctors I have found that do this are located in: VA, MA, WA, NY and CA. I am waiting on a call back from the WA doc as they are the closest, and I left an email with the newest one I discovered today in NY to see if he is willing to work with anyone local. The other three as I understand it are not willing to work with other doctors for various reasons. I just thought if I posted here, I might hear from others who have tried this (either successfully or not, it would be helpful to hear your story), and also if you have any ideas of how to get this information out there, as creating "demand" might help spark interest in more and more docs across the nation. Thank you to Sheila who has sent information on the Seattle doc and also on a trial going on, and to Bigal for sharing your story.


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