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  1. Thank you Chemar and Nancy for your feedback. I can see that if we choose to help Sam by using CBT we will have to find a very understanding therapist and one who has a lot of patience lol. My son who is 19 has Aspergers and I thought dealing with that was difficult but Samanthas for of OCD has made that memory seem like a walk in the park. I will keep you both posted on how the CBT works out for her. Thank you both again. Take care, Rachel
  2. Hi Everybody My 13 year old daughter has a severe form of OCD. She has been having the traditional type of talking therapy for the last couple of years. It works fairly well. She only used medication in the early days. CBT us something that has been suggested to us a couple of times. I have researched it and I am not sure how she would cope. Can anybody tell me their experiences with their child and CBT. I would really appreciate some feedback so I can weigh up the possibilities of trying CBT. Thanks Rachel
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