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  1. Read this, I haven't gotten better but this at least offers me hope. The comments are honestly more help. http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/196341/A-very-inspiring-column-about-depersonalization-and-derealization as much as I have read, schizophrenia and depersonalization are not the same. Hopefully we can all get better! Have you worked on your glutamate?
  2. Hello all! Just wanted to stop by and say that my OCD has been much better lately! However, I have had these feelings of foggy headiness that I have found out is depersonalization. Anyone had experience with this? Any successful treatments? Not sure if it is directly related to PANDAS, but I feel that my experience contributed to it.
  3. I have been away for a while, and do not plan on sticking around, because I tend to look too much for reassurance. I haven't been doing great this last week or so but before I was doing better. Anyways I stumbled upon this on twitter today and I wanted to get you guys' opinions since you guys are the smartest people regiading OCD and PANDAS out there. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/03/170316112145.htm
  4. I feel the same - the fact that it's always thre (although it does go up and down, but it's always very much there) makes me feel that it can't be PANS. That about it being relater to age seems as if it could partly make sense of it. How old are you? I'm 26 and developed these symptoms when I was 13. I am 19. I developed this at 18 after Scarlett fever. Anxiety has gotten better but my thoughts haven't. Really feeling hopeless.
  5. It is supposed to give your body the resources to make the adrenaline. That is what the paper from my doctor said.
  6. My doctor put me on cytozyme for my adrenals. It is a supplement and is natural. It won't hurt even if it is not adrenaline.
  7. This story really inspires me, as I am also 19!
  8. Thank you! Just today I woke up with an odd pain in my left arm muscle, it had me concerned M, but I did golf 10 holes today even with the odd feeling. So I guess it is anxiety. Also I have come down with a virus. Would this cause a ramp up of anxiety or not?
  9. I saw my immunologist today and he said I look even better than the last time I saw him. At the appointment he decided to take me off augmentin and change to azithromyacin as he thinks it is better over all, especially for the gut. Anyways as of late my Pandas OCD has changed to ALS fear. I worry about this because of fasiculations in my legs and feet at rest. Occasionally it will migrate to another area, but mainly there. Have any of you or your children had this symptom or is this a call for concern. My doctor believes because of my age it is anxiety. Also what will the antibiotic change yield? Thank you so much for any replies, you all are such a big help. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  10. I thank you all so very much. This group has really helped me more than anything really. I am getting a bit worried however, as my augmentin is running out, and although I'm not 100% back, (more like 80) I can coast and seem 100% and I am afraid my doctor will take it away. Good luck and may everyone affected by Pandas or OCD find remission!
  11. One final question: has anyone ever used turmeric for pans/pandas/OCD?
  12. I was diagnosed with PANDAS in October and have made a lot of progress on my anxiety. I now only have 2 intrusive worries left out of about 20. In fact today was the first day I think I had multiple hours worth of not obsessing. (Even though the time was sporadic and not all at once) Anyways, one of these is the fear that no matter what I do it won't completely fix the problem. I know that this disorder is chronic and is not considered curable, but I have also found that remission rates are low. I feel like this fear is holding me back, so I feel the need to write this. By the way I must say college is getting easier to attend as well as driving, it is just the ruminating. One final note, I decided to ask this here instead of a more traditional place for questions like this because of the amount of respect I have for you all. This site has truly helped me more that any other ten fold. Thank you for any replies. Happy Holidays!
  13. From what I have gathered from this site, it is my belief that what you are describing is normal for a PANDAS patient. I was/am skeptical of my PANDAS diagnoses because mine seems to linger on and on, while most like your son seem to only react when strep is active, but from what I have gathered age has something to do with my situation.
  14. Does anyone think or had experience with using this for just OCD (pure o) from pandas?
  15. I've seen some real progress lately, but I must ask. Why isn't it harder to treat adult PANDAS
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