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pain relief for tics?


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My DD (10) has a bad neck rolling/thrusting tic which is quite aggressive. She is in so much pain from it.Any suggestions on pain relief for it?? She is only 61 lbs and still uses chewable tylenol/advil for she can't swallow pills yet. All the chewables seem to have crazy amounts of colours and additives in them - we don't want her to have. I tried giving her an epsom salt bath, it worked for a little while. Any ideas on pain relievers without dyes/additives etc?



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Hi mythree,


My son would get a bad neck jerk and he said he did get some relief with magnesium cream.


I have never baught it but made my own. I mixed epsom salt in warm water and added to my own cream I had at home. You don't need much just put it all over the neck and any place she is in pain.


I had never heard of mag. cream, but I googled it once to see what it looked like.


Good luck I hope it works,


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I mix a heaping tablespoon of epsom salts with tblsp+ hot water to dissolve and then blend into about 3 tablespoons aquaphor cream (1/4 cup)


I keep a small glass jar with it so it can be added anywhere any of us have an ache! but is especially helpful not only in soothing tic aches, but also seems to relax the area and calm the tic. My son would sometimes soaks a washcloth in warm epsom water and applies to any area when he used to tic more


a good NUCCA trained chiropractor is IMO a very important part of maintenance for people with TS, as Tics put muscles and jojnts and sometimes bones into misallignment



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Hi mythree, I too agree with the epsom salts and a good chiro or massage if she can tolerate it. My son, although most of his tics are vocal, also has pain in and around neck and back from forceful tics and is wary of having his neck adjusted so our Chiro massages and works around his worst areas until (fingers crossed) he is ready to allow him to adjust his neck. If all else fails there is a dye free liquid Motrin or Advil available although I still use infrequently as the sugars, flavour can be a problem. We also use a rice sack warmed with a drop of lavendar (want to also try Jasmine). He wears it when relaxing or going to bed if his neck is particularly sore. If you dont have one you can make a temporary one from a long sock. Hope she finds some relief, it's horrible to watch the effects of their tics, I watch my ds and think "he must constantly be in discomfort if not alot of pain!" We also massage his neck with Casor Oil, great anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the lymphatic flow. Best wishes. Megan

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