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Tics Back.....what now?

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It has been a long time since I have posted. Now, I am looking for anyone with this situation.....especially if you recall my posts from a year or so ago......


My son has been tic-free for 11 months after four cupping sessions....and a dose of antibiotics. We stopped our supplements 11 months ago, which initially I thought were key to keeping tics to a minimum....he has not had supplements or "all-natural" diet in 11 months.....now the tics come back in the same fashion that they first entered. A minor eyebrow lift noticed the last two weeks, but very rare. Then the eyes are starting. Tonight I thought I saw his whole head moving.


I figured that the vaccine started it a few years ago.....and after a year and a half we finally figured out that he needed the detox of cupping to get the toxins out. The antibiotics also started the same day his first cupping session started (becase of a severe over-reaction to a bug bite). Was it the antibiotics OR the cupping sessions?????? I don't know if the Dr. would give me antibiotics just to "check and see" if it clears up the tics. I am scared to do the cupping b/c after the first session he started jerking like crazy.


HAS ANYONE gone 11 months tic free and had them return like this? 11 months is a long time.....I don't recall ever seeing this.


He does not want to talk about it and says he just has "stars in his eyes"........I also don't know how much to "push" it with talking to him about how we are seeing the tics. He is almost 9 and went through SO MUCH for the year and half that he had the tics, and then failed a grade last year which was another blow to him.


Any suggestions would be GREAT.....I know that this is the FIRST place I came when I was trying to figure out how to help him two years ago.


Let me just add that he has not been sick ALL year....until a couple of weeks ago when he had a problem with a VERY sour stomach. I thought it was a virus.....soon after is when the minor tics started appearing.

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Hi Tracey!

wow, really great on the long stretch of time with no tics. I know you are saying you relaxed a bit on supplements and diet? I think when things are going good, we tend to relax on that for obvious reasons, but remember the bucket theory? It is quite possibel that the things you were doing WERE having a good effect, not just for the moment, but had some lasting effects as some things normalized, but after some months of easing up, your boy's immune system may have started to feel the effects. You may have been doing some real good and without the continued momentum, the stomach issues may have contributed to a backslide.


What were you doing with supplements? weren't you the one who had good success eliminating high salicylates? if so, has your son's diet changed in that respect, maybe having more things that you don't realize may be affecting him?


could you remind us what he was on before? If you've forgotten, I think you hve listed it here before, we could search it out or you can and copy it here.


Don't despair over a little backslide, it got better before and it will again.




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Hi Tracey,


How old is your son?


since we did not really watch or even know what TS was when my son was younger then12yo. If I had to guess back before he exploded, I would say my son had tics that disappeared for long periods of time. This would be the reason we did not notice a habit of ticcing. It was not until 12yo that it was everyday every second.


This is the only thing I can tell you that may relate.



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Thank you for replying.


He is 8, almost 9. His attitude and frustration level have gone downhill as fast as the tics have returned. He is a different child the last week or two....not his easy going self!!! I don't think it is hormones this young.


Supplements were GABA, Acetyl L Carnitine, Mag Taurate, Flax Oil, Ester C, Calcium Citrate, NAC.....that is all I can recall from memory. The diet has been very lax for 11 months and no issues with tics....and when I say very, I mean we haven't had to watch anything.


Here is the strange thing......I have a horrible sore throat today and tonight when he was reading to me his voice was scratchy, he said it is his jaw. He told me three times tonight that his jaw hurts....


So, yes there is something with his jaw or throat....I am going to research PANDAS b/c this tic outburst came out of nowhere!!!

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Hi Tracey


with that long of an absence of tics and then to suddenly emerge this way, coupled with illness....definitely sounds like you need to check into PANDAS or PITANDS if it is an infection other than strep


where the diet and supps are helpful, they will only help up to a point if there is an infectious component to the tics ebing triggered

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