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We have been able to manage my son’s minor tics mostly thru diet (GF+DF), some exercises, Epsom salt baths and magnesium. It keeps the tics very subtle

Just this week though he is getting worse/having a flare. We are at home for school become of the virus, so maybe it is the increased screen time. Then I think maybe it’s something in our house. Or it could be seasonal allergies. It is so upsetting. I don’t know what to do. 😢

any advise? 

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Sorry to hear of the flare up.

It is possible that increased screens could be contributing and yes, I know in my area the pollen is very high due to no rain in a long time.

If he is stressed due to hearing about the pandemic, plus the change of routine being homeschooled, that could be a trigger too.

The good thing is that he is home so not having to be extra stressed in social environments.

I would just keep doing the things you know are helpful and try to remove as many triggers as possible, with understanding that screens may be hard to limit due to online school?

We did find that using daylight lightbulbs were good as the screens in darkened rooms always seemed to trigger my son more

Hope things stabilize for him soon.

Be safe.

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Daylight bulbs emit the light spectrum that being outside in daylight would :) Using them when on screens helped my son. It was physician recommended. We used them during the day and extra at night when he was on any kind of screen, including TV.

You can get them at Home Depot



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I am experiencing the same here. Schools are close due to the virus and my 7 year old has been home ever since the lockdown. His tics had almost diminish and I though we almost reached the end of the road however it suddenly came back, now accompanied by a vocal tic. The blinking tic had gone heavier. I was so devastated. 

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