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  1. Hi, I am experiencing the same here. Schools are close due to the virus and my 7 year old has been home ever since the lockdown. His tics had almost diminish and I though we almost reached the end of the road however it suddenly came back, now accompanied by a vocal tic. The blinking tic had gone heavier. I was so devastated.
  2. Thanks Mama3 for replying my post. I cried almost every night the first week, I regained strength after reading the posts from this forum. I know I’m not alone in this long battle. {{Hugs}}
  3. Thank you for posting this! My son who turned 6 last year suddenly developed tics. He blinked his eyes excessively. He said he is aware but he couldn’t help it. Poor boy has been told not to blink by teachers, friends and friend mommies, and felt very disturbed. Thanks to this blog I came across and I used the oil recommended here, lavender, vetiver, peace and calming, valor roller. And thank God I could see improvement within a few days, and I would say he almost got rid of it in 3 months time. However, when we thought the whole episode is almost over, the tic came back a little, and this tim
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