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Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile, and a funny thing happened. I was just thinking today, that I should do a followup (it's been about a year), and then someone just happened to PM me from this group, so I said to myself: "why not do it now?" So, here it is.


We are doing extremely well...not 100% as proven by a simultaneous herx between our dog, both my sons, and myself this evening...but the herx is over, we survived (2 of us were raging, but we were all aware, and took some things to calm us down.)


My 21 year old is a senior this year in Aerospace Engineering, and my 18 year old is entering as a freshman at a really good university in Video Game Design and Production (he has several years experience doing that at the high school level...much harder to do than what people would think). Lots of 3D animation. But, he loves it.


OK...what are we doing. Well, here goes. As other's before me have posted, we are doing homeopathy (and we have also done a few sessions of medical hypnosis for "stuck" behaviors. Made a HUGE diference, and my boys are so happy.


We are now completely off abx, and most supplements. No more IVIG, no more PEX, honestly...haven't seen the regular doctor for anything but physicals for almost the past year. I take nothing else, besides the homeopathy. My 18 yo (who got sick when he was 8) still takes his seizure meds (although we went to an epileptologist the other day to talk to her about starting to wean down, as we really believe, as did several neurologists, that it was related to infection. He also still take 1 supplement...5-HTP, because when I stop giving it to him (without his knowledge), he gets very depressed almost instantly.


We use a homeopath by skype, and it is way, way less expensive than all the IVIG's, PEX, abx, supplements, etc. that we did prior.


We did 1 PEX, and 7 IVIG's, plus multiple years of abx, but although we'd have great results, they were never permanent...the kids would always be good just until the next one, and of course, insurance wouldn't keep doing it. We had to try something else.


We are still doing homeopathy, and in fact, we had almost simultaneous herxes this evening...but nothing like it used to be (and my son and I got quite ragey, and his eyes even dilated for awhile.)


My 21 year old (I suspect he was congenital...dx with Asperger's, but way better since we found the correlation with infection) did some Ayurveda last year to fix his gut (he had c-diff...don't know how long), but he just couldn't stick to the diet. He started homeopathy this summer. Even my dog is now doing homeopathy (he has seizures, and several other things.)


We also decided to try some medical hypnosis, and it has done wonders in just 2 - 3 short sessions with stuck food related OCD, and several other OCD behaviors. I am very, very happy with what happened. So far, only my boys have done that, but I am having some issues with depression (I suspect mostly from PTSD), and I am going to try it myself next month.


We were/are battling lyme, bartonella, babesia, erlichiosis, strep, mycoP, and on and on and on. My 21 year old even had his aortic valve replaced last summer...emergency. Although he had a congenital defect, I believe it was worsened to the point of emergency open heart surgery to replace it, because of the bartonella, that he turned out to 100% have. So, for us, the infections have taken a huge toll.


But, continuing with something that just wasn't holding didn't make sense.


Homeopathy treats the whole body...from the cellular level up. As I said, it has not been easy at times...our homeopath warned us that it could get rough at times, and that she fully expected it to (or she would have had to do something different to make sure that she really got to the issues.) But, for us, I truly feel that we have our lives back. I feel like my 18 year old and I are now at about 90%, and my 21 yo is about 80 - 90%. He even suddenly decided this weekend to completely overhaul his wardrobe (so much more mature...truly looks rugged, and so very handsome, rather than like a 17 yo.) It came out of nowhere...just all his healing.


I know that I would never have considered anything as "crazy" as homeopathy several years ago, because I really didn't understand it. But, I would have saved more than enough to have paid for my kids entire 4 years of college, and then some, and we would have been much further along with our healing. But, we are doing great, and I can't recommend homeopathy enough. There are lots of different kinds of homeopathy. And, many others who have decided to try it, have also been quite happy. Ours is very customized, but I know others who do classical, and other types, and they are quite happy, too.


So, there is my followup for you.

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Wow! So happy to hear your story after all the years of struggle! Your comment about 'treating the whole body' is right on as the infections etc. really can damage organs etc. without even knowing it. My son is around 80-90% as well and we continue with supplemental support still. Have thought about switching to homeopathy just for the day -to-day support in order to reduce supplemental costs

Take care and best wishes on continued healing!

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For that matter, how did you find the homoeopath, please? The first one I saw got great results for a while, but admitted to having very little experience with mental symptoms, and eventually said she'd run out of ideas. The second, well, I can only say he's not getting results - I don't know any more, because he's not telling me anything. ( latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23036 )


I may be a difficult case, I suppose, because I have very few physical symptoms, so that would give less of a clue to what to use. Did you and your sons have physical symptoms?


Glad to hear you're doing so well, anyway. So there is hope!



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