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  1. Anyone have experiences with PANDAS seeing white spots on ceiling or White squares in sky?
  2. How does one know if strep is hiding, still active? Did the ABX wipe it out or not? Have not seen any acute onset symptoms since Feb but have minor flares (last ABX was Feb) What is causing the flares? Old strep lying around, new exposures, stress?
  3. Does anyone out there NOT do prophylaxis and does good this way? Or treat as symptoms comes? My kids have just mild symptoms/flares...maybe 5 since February Like Repeating statement, urine urgency, wets bed. Reassurance. If not doing prophylaxis, any other measure used to prevent re infection?
  4. Hello New to the forum and this PANDAS. Please describe your experience. When symptoms started, what were the symptoms, time of Dx and treatment used. thanks
  5. Dr T was helpful. Emailed and got a response quickly. Set up a phone consult couple days later. He response to emails. Cost $450 and ordered blood work. Seems like he cares
  6. Hi Thanks for your story, Can you describe what homeopath involves? Like an every day or every other day effort? And what type of pellets are used?
  7. Hello New to the group. I have DD 6 and DS 7 both showing signs of PANS/PANDAS. OCD/ RAGES to start and subsided with abx. Wanted to know how many flares are seen from your child and how long they last (days , weeks)
  8. Just wanted to see what others are experience with flares. I know every child is different but what how many flares do you experience a year and the length of times (Days, weeks). Thanks
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