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Hello all,


Does anyone have any good GFCF bread recipes, chicken finger recipes or any other kid friendly recipes. I have tried most of the grocery store "pre-made" breads and they are all horrible. My children are pretty fussy eaters to begin with and I am finding the GFCF diet rather difficult to stay on. If anyone has any useful children cookbook ideas, I would love to hear about them.



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The books we used when I was trying the GF/CF diet were "A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet" by Luke Jackson (then 12, with Asperger's and a wild sense of humour) and "Diet Intervention and Autism" by Marilyn Le Breton, both from Jessica Kingsley Publishing. I think it was the latter that had the recipe for the wonderful scones (I think they're called biscuits in American). I ate a lot of those. They're almost exactly like ordinary ones, except they inexplicably keep fresh for up to a week.


Gluten free bread's quite easy, because you don't have to knead it - just mix the ingredients, half fill a tin, wait until it rises to the top and then put it in the oven. It comes out rather cakey but none the worse for that.


Very simple vegeburger recipe I came up with while doing another exclusion diet:

1lb cooked beans or lentils, or tinned ones (not baked beans! Although I might try that some time...)

Spring onion/scallion, or half an onion

1 egg (can leave this out, but they do tend to fall apart then)

Chop the onion, mix with the beans and egg.

Mash with a potato masher (food processor would presumably work, we haven't got one) until they break up and stick together in a ball. Add water as you go if it's still crumbly. No need to get it smooth although you can if your kids like it better.

Make into burger shapes, roll in breadcrumbs if you've got any. Fry both sides until brown at the edges.

I don't pretend they're anything like meat burgers (well, they might be; I'm a lifelong vegetarian), but I like them.

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