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Ugh! I'm really afraid I have screwed up royally with my son's treatment. We had been seeing a psychiatrist who also is DAN certified. Son was on supplements recommended by her. They were magnesium, IP6, D3, and theanine. Was aggravated with her as she wanted more tests that required blood draws. Son wouldn't go back as he was terrified from the last 2 they did.

So, I had also read about an internal Dr. who used to be DAN, but has went beyond that. She uses 1 of 2 bioenergetic feedback systems in the USA to evaluate. Through this machine she is able to put in supports and figure out what will help the different issues within the body. I was very hopeful this would be the answer as she is very knowledgable on biomedical science and she also has an autistic son. But after spending $500 on the initial appt and almost $400 on supplements and another $200 on Genova test kits, I feel like we are worse off than when we went there. Plus, we still have a urine test and stool test to do that are $129 and $149. We aren't to go back for 8 weeks to follow up after tests are completed. That appt. will be $250 plus supplements.

He was taken off his previous supplements and put on the following: digestive enzymes, D3 with K2, B12, Nordic Berries, Co-Q-10, Spagyric Greens, Kidney Tone, Drainage Tone, Liver Tone, Barlean Total Omega Lemon, and will begin probiotic after we do the stool sample.

My problem with all of this is he is ticcing non-stop again (head shake, jaw dropping and mouth opening (like a monkey), finger tapping on nose and stomach, and foot tapping). And he also got in trouble at school the 2 days back. One of which was fighting another kid.

My husband and I want to make sure we help him, but afraid we are wishful thinking. Plus, we are now out $1100 and still have more to spend with this dr...ugh!

Anyone use any of these supplements/supports? Or anyone have any suggestions? Feel like we are back at square one again!

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Ooh I so feel your pain!


Some thoughts...you may already have considered some of these so please disregard, but if not...


I'm a bit of a fan of getting testing done (and DANs) so if I were you and I could afford it, I'd get the urine and stool tests done so you know what is and isn't going on (and have a copy of the results sent directly to you.)


I don't have any experience of the systems your internal doctor uses so can't comment on that. I'm aware of similar things here and there are those who think they work...I'd have gone there too if other things weren't working for us.


As for all those supplements etc...the message I get with the Biomed community here is to go low and slow when adding in supplements so you can guage what your ds reacts to. I'd be getting on the phone to the doctor to tell her what's been happening - you've spent a lot of cash, so some follow up support is a reasonable thing to expect. I'd be wanting advice as to the minumum number of supps (and minimum dose) to start with and just go with that, with the view that other supplements can be added in as and when he's ready for them and you can see what he reacts to. Her guidance on this matter is not too much to expect! If you don't get it, well...put it down to experience and move on.


Have you any clues as to what might be a trigger for your ds? If so, trawl through the ingredients lists for each of the supps (eg colours, food additives, dairy, gluten, salicylates, etc). Parents on this forum have indicated the supplements which appear to be problematic in some way to their children.


A good DAN is invaluable IMO. But you also need to have confidence in your doctor - contact her and see how you go. Trust your gut! Good luck!

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The dr. we see was quite the opposite with us. In the heat of things, I had read stuff and wanted to jump right into trying supps I thought might have a positive effect with our son. But our dr. was low and slow, for which I am now grateful. I've kind of gotten into a pattern regarding adding things and modifying things. It's hard to track the effects, both positive and negative, of supps and diet if it's not done systematically. I can imagine that with all those changes in supps, something might not be agreeing with your son's neurological system. Has your new dr. explained all the hows and whys and whats regarding the things you're using?


I'm hoping that after all you've been doing you start seeing some pieces fall into place.



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We are planning on doing the urine and stool test as those are both ones we have been wanting. Hoping to get one done this week.

I also think it is just too much too fast. I will put a call in to the Dr. tomorrow, but my thought is to go back to what his body was use to a few days ago and add one at a time to see how he reacts. Husband and I were just talking about it again. The other issue is this week is also state testing at school so all the interruptions and changes of schedule are also prob. causing issues. Then, this next week he begins a new school. So much going on for his body.

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Wow! Seems to be ALOT of changes going on really quickly. Did she explain why she wanted you to discontinue the other supps. ie Natural calm etc. (assuming you used it...)? Did he start all the new ones at once?! That is a big list and many for detoxing so it would be hard to tell if reaction is herxing or ingredient or loss of necessary supplement, no wonder you are feeling anxious!!! I second and third Ozimum and Chris, our Naturopath really pushed for one move at a time, especially when adding things in. I too believe low and slow is the way to go, hee hee sounds like a commercial :D

The stresses from state testing and starting a new school would be enough to start my ds ticcing and he HATES needles so those tests would cause major increase from anxiety. He may simply be feeling too overwhelmed for so many changes, if I may be so bold... maybe let him get through state testing and settle in new school before changing too much in regards to his body...? Plus at that point you could add slowly and watch for reactions both positive and negative.

Were there any previous supps. that seemed to be beneficial that she had you remove? For example my ds now asks for his multi if I'm busy and knows when he needs a little more Natural Calm. I'm sorry, I can't remember your son's age, but depending on his personality and maturity he may be of assistance on what he feels is the culprit...stress or the change in dr. supps. etc.


I really wish you strength, I know how catastrophic it feels when our kids tics seem out of control and the fear that our decisions contribute to that but like Ozimum said "trust your gut" and know you are doing all you can.


Best wishes,



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