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  1. We are planning on doing the urine and stool test as those are both ones we have been wanting. Hoping to get one done this week. I also think it is just too much too fast. I will put a call in to the Dr. tomorrow, but my thought is to go back to what his body was use to a few days ago and add one at a time to see how he reacts. Husband and I were just talking about it again. The other issue is this week is also state testing at school so all the interruptions and changes of schedule are also prob. causing issues. Then, this next week he begins a new school. So much going on for his body
  2. Ugh! I'm really afraid I have screwed up royally with my son's treatment. We had been seeing a psychiatrist who also is DAN certified. Son was on supplements recommended by her. They were magnesium, IP6, D3, and theanine. Was aggravated with her as she wanted more tests that required blood draws. Son wouldn't go back as he was terrified from the last 2 they did. So, I had also read about an internal Dr. who used to be DAN, but has went beyond that. She uses 1 of 2 bioenergetic feedback systems in the USA to evaluate. Through this machine she is able to put in supports and figure out w
  3. Since first recognizing son's tics 4 years ago, we have been through so many different ones. The latest was a foot shuffle. This past weekend (5 days ago)though that subsided and now he will be walking upright and all of a sudden have a gorrilla like walk/stance. It is like he is severely bow-legged. My friend who also has an autistic son said jokingly "he looks like he has a bad case of jock-itch". We have noticed his whole body seems out of whack. His writing has also been more sloppy than usual. Plus, he has been bed-wetting for the past 5 nights. He currently takes these supplement
  4. I have also looked for a DAN dr. in the STL area as I live about 2 hours North. I found Dr. Amy Davis in Chesterfield. Her website is www.crossingbacktohealth.com. I haven't taken my son to her as we see one in Springfield, IL. I was just looking for a different option at the time. Good luck in your search!
  5. I have came here lots of times for help for my son Cade who is dx. Aspergers and Tourettes. Anyhow, I still need help with that situation, but now I am asking for help with my own body. Back in March 2010 I noticed a tightening of muscles and tingling in my hands and feet. I had been out drinking for a party (I seldom drink and never more than a couple) so figured it was something due to having too many. It happened again in April as we had the wedding. We had a 7 hour drive home and the whole way I had the tingling in my hands and feet that gradually moved up to my arms and legs. I to
  6. Thanks for the info. Wish I would have known a little sooner. I live about 2 hours away. Thinking about going.
  7. My son who is now 9 dx Aspergers and Tourettes or tics disorder has had the following tests: 1) Hair Analysis by Analytical Research Labs (3/08)- ordered by chiropractor ---identified as Four-Low, high manganese & aluminum. Also had some lead and cadmium, nickel, cobalt, Lithium 2) UA with Micro, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Free T4 & TSH, Lipid Panel - ordered by Pediatrician and Psychiatrist to check on levels from prescription medications. --- Bacteria 2+, T Bilirubin High, HDL on line, slightly High LDL 3)Vit D. 25 Hydroxy, Lipid Panel, CBC, Metabolic Panel by LabC
  8. My son has been taking inositol for about a year. He started off taking about 1000 mg a day and then increasing to 2000-3000 mg a day. But we weren't really seeing many results. She told us we wouldn't see much until we upped it to at least 4 grams or 4000 mg a day and some take 8-10. We have increased his and he is now taking 5g a day. We also started B6 as it was recommended here. Back on D3 and also Natural Calm. Can't really say how it helps, but can tell right away when he doesn't take it. Anxiety can still be high for my son, especially of taking the supplements. Every day is a
  9. There is a ton of information on the boards here that you can learn so much. Also, there is a lot of literature out from flyers, handouts and books. My son is dx aspergers and best friend's son is high functioning autism. If there is anything specific you would like to know, I might be able to help.
  10. Thanks for the butterbur recommendation. Just minutes ago I placed an order on iherb.com and forgot to check here first. So, it will have to wait until next time. As for the local honey, my neighbor is wanting to try collecting honey. He also said it was good for all the allergies. I will have to see if I can find some. I also found some natural cough medicine today that was honey based. Willing to try it to find something that works.
  11. Son is having problems with allergies this week. We have done claritin before and have a prescription that we have never filled for allergies. Anyway, wanting something natural to deal with this as it causes him so many problems and more tics. Suggestions?
  12. As far as more vitamins, no. He was taking d3 but hasn't been for a while now. That may be it as he ran out this summer. Forgot all about it. DAN had him on high dose and only wanted him on it for 3 months. We were suppose to retest vit. D, but haven't been back. Really need to make that appt. Will order some of it again.
  13. My son is still on IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and ozonated magnesium. We are having a hard time again with anger and aggression. We thought it was due to changing his IP6 to Cell Forte, so we changed it back to physiologics. He gets mad over lots of things. We really want to get a handle on it. Need something to calm him. Give natural calm daily, but doesn't seem to do much. He likes the taste of it mixed with his other supplements and orange juice.
  14. Thanks for the cream recommendation. I will have to ask about it. From the posts on here it seems no one has had any luck with NAET. What about DAN dr.'s? Do they really work? Because I really don't see much if any improvement in the last 9 months. He isn't on a probiotic. Have thought about it but haven't done it yet. What are the recommendations on probiotics? I dislike the ticcing but can deal with it. However, the anger and tantrums have to be controlled with something. Would also like him to be able to focus better. Currently use Natural Calm too, but really don't see much d
  15. Thanks caringmom for your response. I actually want to hear all sides as it is confusing and knowing what to do with your child. Faith, the test the chiropractor wants us to do is a Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel by EnteroLab. It is $369. The DAN dr. wants a NutrEval test by Genova Diagnostics. It is an Amino Acids blood test. I realize testing is essential in knowing what steps to take, but it is expensive and blood tests cause so much anxiety for my son. The DAN dr. gave him some calming medicine last time which helped. But he refuses to go back to her as he says they are going to
  16. Yes, my son is dx Aspergers, tourette's, and ADHD (just because it had previously been dx). We live in a very small rural area and don't even think we have those doctors. Plus, husbands insurance doesn't cover any childhood disorder or Autism. Nor have we been successful in getting any help as we make too much money they say.
  17. I'm at a crossroad and don't know which way to turn. About a year ago, we stopped seeing the child psych. as rx was causing problems and we wanted him completely off meds. So,9 months ago my son went to a DAN dr. for the first time. She started him on IP6 and magnesium as well as another supplement that has been discontinued. We saw her a few times for testing and to review vitamins/supplements. She wanted another test to be drawn. But, because of anxiety and fear the first 2 times we drew blood, I decided not to do this. It is very traumatic for him and stressful for me for him to ha
  18. That is exactly where I went and no they didn't have the brand we used, but one similar. Ended up purchasing Cell Forte IP6. Had went to World Market thinking they would and Vitamin Shoppe was next door. Much more $ than on iherb, but at least I got something
  19. My son is running out of his supplements IP6 and D3. I don't have time to order from iherb.com as I have in the past. Can anyone tell me of a chain store or pharmacy that might have these? We are going to Minnesota from IL in just 2 days and can stop in a bigger city to purchase if I know where. thanks Christy
  20. Well, I have finally decided to discuss a subject that has bothered me for a long time. I feel I can trust you all and hope to get some insight into this. Like everyone on here we are trying to help to figure out issues with ourselves or our children. Through my son's last 4 years, I have been trying to put the pieces together and figure out if there is anyone else in the family that has or had similar issues as he does. As a reminder he is dx Aspergers, ADHD, OCD, and tics disorder. When he was little, I swore he acted like his father and felt his then dx of ADHD was inherited from hi
  21. Kathy, I went through similar things with my son. He was first dx adhd, ocd, and tics disorder. Then, a psychiatrist dx him PDD. Later a team at the The Autism Program dx him Aspergers. From what they told me and how I understand they are all part of the Autism pr Pervasive Developmental Spectrum. It starts with PDD-NOS as being mild, then Aspergers, then High Functioning Autism, then Autism. The specific dx is determined by how severe their social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. There is tons of information on here and on the internet on these disorders. Good lu
  22. My son who is dx Aspergers had some of the things you mentioned. His dx didn't come until he was almost 8 after being dx as ADHD, tics disorder, OCD, and later PDD. One main thing the people at The Autism Program said was a flag was parallel play. Another is eye contact and seems like he doesn't hear when being talked to. When Cade was little, I thought he was doing great because he said big words at a young age (2). He seemed to play pretty well with other kids and didn't get into arguments. But upon further review, it was parallel play with his own things. As he got to 1st grade it wa
  23. Wondering when everyone elses kids started realizing they were ticcing or had anxiety/ocd issues. Cade who is 8 1/2 still doesn't know he is doing anything or is refusing to notice. I think part of it is an avoidance technique for him so that he doesn't stand out as different. But wondering how to get him to see it. It is hard to discuss with him how to help him when he doesn't realize their is a problem. He doesn't see himself as making noises or movements or getting upset. I had him read a short book from about AS to try to help him, but he still didn't get it even though I tried
  24. Kids do start to notice at a young age. My son who has been ticcing since before Kindergarten has had some kids make fun of him. In K. it was because of his speech issue that was heightened from his sensory problems. In 1st grade he would twirl around and get out of his seat. Some kids said he was a problem child. Now in the second grade kids notice anything that is different. He is also dx Aspergers and plays alot alone. Luckily in 1st grade a new child moved in that was a little odd as well. They are great friends now. But, he is still laughed at or made fun of. Most of the time he
  25. My son has had NAET one time for corn and it really didn't seem like it worked to me. We were suppose to go back but twice we had bad roads because of snow. So, we haven't returned yet. But for that time, they didn't stick a needle in my son as a person earlier had posted. For him, they gave him the vial and a specific color glasses (his were blue) that are suppose to help with the specific problems. She then took a tool and hit points along his spine, shoulders and body. Then he had to continue to hold the vial for an additional 10 minutes I think. Afterwards, no food containing corn f
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