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  1. We are planning on doing the urine and stool test as those are both ones we have been wanting. Hoping to get one done this week. I also think it is just too much too fast. I will put a call in to the Dr. tomorrow, but my thought is to go back to what his body was use to a few days ago and add one at a time to see how he reacts. Husband and I were just talking about it again. The other issue is this week is also state testing at school so all the interruptions and changes of schedule are also prob. causing issues. Then, this next week he begins a new school. So much going on for his body.
  2. Ugh! I'm really afraid I have screwed up royally with my son's treatment. We had been seeing a psychiatrist who also is DAN certified. Son was on supplements recommended by her. They were magnesium, IP6, D3, and theanine. Was aggravated with her as she wanted more tests that required blood draws. Son wouldn't go back as he was terrified from the last 2 they did. So, I had also read about an internal Dr. who used to be DAN, but has went beyond that. She uses 1 of 2 bioenergetic feedback systems in the USA to evaluate. Through this machine she is able to put in supports and figure out what will help the different issues within the body. I was very hopeful this would be the answer as she is very knowledgable on biomedical science and she also has an autistic son. But after spending $500 on the initial appt and almost $400 on supplements and another $200 on Genova test kits, I feel like we are worse off than when we went there. Plus, we still have a urine test and stool test to do that are $129 and $149. We aren't to go back for 8 weeks to follow up after tests are completed. That appt. will be $250 plus supplements. He was taken off his previous supplements and put on the following: digestive enzymes, D3 with K2, B12, Nordic Berries, Co-Q-10, Spagyric Greens, Kidney Tone, Drainage Tone, Liver Tone, Barlean Total Omega Lemon, and will begin probiotic after we do the stool sample. My problem with all of this is he is ticcing non-stop again (head shake, jaw dropping and mouth opening (like a monkey), finger tapping on nose and stomach, and foot tapping). And he also got in trouble at school the 2 days back. One of which was fighting another kid. My husband and I want to make sure we help him, but afraid we are wishful thinking. Plus, we are now out $1100 and still have more to spend with this dr...ugh! Anyone use any of these supplements/supports? Or anyone have any suggestions? Feel like we are back at square one again!
  3. Since first recognizing son's tics 4 years ago, we have been through so many different ones. The latest was a foot shuffle. This past weekend (5 days ago)though that subsided and now he will be walking upright and all of a sudden have a gorrilla like walk/stance. It is like he is severely bow-legged. My friend who also has an autistic son said jokingly "he looks like he has a bad case of jock-itch". We have noticed his whole body seems out of whack. His writing has also been more sloppy than usual. Plus, he has been bed-wetting for the past 5 nights. He currently takes these supplements: 325 mg. Natural Calm 2.5 g. IP-6 5000 i.u. vit D3 100 mg. L-Theanine (morning) 500 mg. GABA (nights occasionally as I'm not always home to put him in bed) also when tics are really bad will do magnesium in bath. However have not noticed much difference with it. Going to put call into DAN but wondering if any of you have any suggestions as it may be a day or two before I hear back from her. Thanks
  4. I have also looked for a DAN dr. in the STL area as I live about 2 hours North. I found Dr. Amy Davis in Chesterfield. Her website is www.crossingbacktohealth.com. I haven't taken my son to her as we see one in Springfield, IL. I was just looking for a different option at the time. Good luck in your search!
  5. I have came here lots of times for help for my son Cade who is dx. Aspergers and Tourettes. Anyhow, I still need help with that situation, but now I am asking for help with my own body. Back in March 2010 I noticed a tightening of muscles and tingling in my hands and feet. I had been out drinking for a party (I seldom drink and never more than a couple) so figured it was something due to having too many. It happened again in April as we had the wedding. We had a 7 hour drive home and the whole way I had the tingling in my hands and feet that gradually moved up to my arms and legs. I told my husband as it was driving me nuts. I just felt like I needed to move. Anyhow, shortly thereafter I also developed a twitch in my face on the left chin/cheek area. I mentioned it to my chiropractor who thought it might have been a pinched nerve. I also went to my family doctor and she ran some tests and said everything looked fine. So, after a few weeks it still hadn't resolved. Chiropractor sent me to a neurologist who ordered 4 MRI's, EKG, and x-rays. I went to the appt. took some medicine he gave me for being claustrophobic. On the last scan I awoke and moved so they had to redo part of the scan. It was aweful! My back hurt so badly laying on the board and I couldn't handle the pain any longer. Anyway, test results came back with no MS or other neuro. disorder. I do have some dissecation of the disks and one that is showing wear. There was something on the EKG that looked like Lou Gehrig's but I don't have the symptoms of LG so he said it wasn't the case. I do have a change in grey matter. So, then the neuro did some nerve tests...ouch! He said I do have some minor nerve damage in my back. He wants to continue checking everything out to find out. I want to find out too, but I'm also a bit scared. I am only 35! The twitches are still happening and I really only notice them when I am sitting still. The muscle tightening is also still occurring all over body. Right now sitting here typing, my arms and legs feel like I need to get up and move. I have a lot of knee, back, and joint pain. I take Carlson fish oil, vit E, Ginger, calcium, b12, b6 and chaste tree. I have also previously been to chiro who does the testing and recommended some of these supplements for symptoms of mood swings, irritability, weight gain, dry skin, brain fogginess. I notice a huge difference with using the fish oil for joint pain. Vit. E was recommended by dermatologist for extremely dry skin. I have been tested for thyroid issues in the past too and saw an endo. who said I didn't have thyroid issues like the dr. said I did. So there is my story. Do any of you have suggestions? I hear a lot about leaky gut and candida. I did the morning spit test and my spit looked like a tornado in the water....seriously! It was a funnel of stringy matter. I didn't notice any specks. Is this candida? Or is this some kind of tic? Do tics develop latter in life? thanks for any help! Christy
  6. Thanks for the info. Wish I would have known a little sooner. I live about 2 hours away. Thinking about going.
  7. My son who is now 9 dx Aspergers and Tourettes or tics disorder has had the following tests: 1) Hair Analysis by Analytical Research Labs (3/08)- ordered by chiropractor ---identified as Four-Low, high manganese & aluminum. Also had some lead and cadmium, nickel, cobalt, Lithium 2) UA with Micro, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Free T4 & TSH, Lipid Panel - ordered by Pediatrician and Psychiatrist to check on levels from prescription medications. --- Bacteria 2+, T Bilirubin High, HDL on line, slightly High LDL 3)Vit D. 25 Hydroxy, Lipid Panel, CBC, Metabolic Panel by LabCorp (11/09) - ordered by DAN ---low Vit. D, low HDL, High LDL 3) IgG/IgE Food Antibody, Spice, Inhalants and Mold tests by Genova Labs (10/09) ordered by DAN ---2+ Lettuce, 1+ Pecan, VL Celery, Mushroom, Corn, Peanut, Egg White, Tuna, Egg Yolk, Yeast 4) IgG/IgE Food Antibody, Spice, inhalants and Mold tests by Genova Labs (11/09) - ordered by DAN as NO enviro. allergies showed on first test and wasn't sure about reliability/validity --- 1+ Lettuce, Pecan, VL Cabbage, celery, corn, oat, peanut, tuna, allspice, basil, cumin, mustard, peppermint, sage, thyme 5) NAET or Applied Kinesiology Muscle testing by different Chiropractor --- don't have results on paper but remember we treated for corn 6) Allergy scratch test by allergist (4/10) --- grasses - red top (3+) trees - american sycamore, white ash (3+) weeds - ragweed mix, English Plantain (3+) molds - Helminthospoorium solani (3+) trichophyton (1+) arthropods - dermatophagoides farinae, dermatophoagoedes pteonyssinus, coachroach mix (3+) danders - rabbit (3+) cat dander (2+) dog dander (1+) deer (1+) 7) Spit test (9/10) at home __--- couldn't tell anything as his spit wasn't alot even though I told him to get alot of spit in mouth and showed him mine I know this is a lot of info I have put on here, but I am hopeful that someone can give me some insight into the tests that have been performed and what you would do next. My son is terrified of going back to DAN as she wants to do another blood draw. He absolutely refuses to do anymore! We haven't seen her for about 9 months. She last wanted to do a NutrEval (FMV Amino Acids) test by Genova Diagnostics. The second chiro who does the muscle testing wants to do a Sensitivity Stool & Gene Panel by EnteroLab. And if we thought the cost of $369 was too much, she at least wanted the Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test for $149. So would you all be so kind in giving your opinion on what test you would do next whether it is one of these or something different. Currently taking daily - IP6-Source Naturals(5g), Vit. D3-Nature's plus(5g), B6-Carlson(50 mg), Natural Calm(400 mg) all in powder or liquid form and mixed with orange juice as he can't take pills.
  8. My son has been taking inositol for about a year. He started off taking about 1000 mg a day and then increasing to 2000-3000 mg a day. But we weren't really seeing many results. She told us we wouldn't see much until we upped it to at least 4 grams or 4000 mg a day and some take 8-10. We have increased his and he is now taking 5g a day. We also started B6 as it was recommended here. Back on D3 and also Natural Calm. Can't really say how it helps, but can tell right away when he doesn't take it. Anxiety can still be high for my son, especially of taking the supplements. Every day is a struggle with him even though it is all liquid or mixed with the liquid. He gets himself worked up and will get itchy when he has to take them. We find extremely high anxiety with needles and taking pills. OCD or having to have things same with no changes has improved greatly in the last year. He still tics and sometimes worse than others. Can't really say it is the supplements as I also feel he is a year older and dealing with things better. Just know the medicine route sure didn't help him. Interesting info about long term use. I hadn't been told that and wasn't exactly sure how it worked. Thanks
  9. There is a ton of information on the boards here that you can learn so much. Also, there is a lot of literature out from flyers, handouts and books. My son is dx aspergers and best friend's son is high functioning autism. If there is anything specific you would like to know, I might be able to help.
  10. Thanks for the butterbur recommendation. Just minutes ago I placed an order on iherb.com and forgot to check here first. So, it will have to wait until next time. As for the local honey, my neighbor is wanting to try collecting honey. He also said it was good for all the allergies. I will have to see if I can find some. I also found some natural cough medicine today that was honey based. Willing to try it to find something that works.
  11. Son is having problems with allergies this week. We have done claritin before and have a prescription that we have never filled for allergies. Anyway, wanting something natural to deal with this as it causes him so many problems and more tics. Suggestions?
  12. As far as more vitamins, no. He was taking d3 but hasn't been for a while now. That may be it as he ran out this summer. Forgot all about it. DAN had him on high dose and only wanted him on it for 3 months. We were suppose to retest vit. D, but haven't been back. Really need to make that appt. Will order some of it again.
  13. My son is still on IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and ozonated magnesium. We are having a hard time again with anger and aggression. We thought it was due to changing his IP6 to Cell Forte, so we changed it back to physiologics. He gets mad over lots of things. We really want to get a handle on it. Need something to calm him. Give natural calm daily, but doesn't seem to do much. He likes the taste of it mixed with his other supplements and orange juice.
  14. Thanks for the cream recommendation. I will have to ask about it. From the posts on here it seems no one has had any luck with NAET. What about DAN dr.'s? Do they really work? Because I really don't see much if any improvement in the last 9 months. He isn't on a probiotic. Have thought about it but haven't done it yet. What are the recommendations on probiotics? I dislike the ticcing but can deal with it. However, the anger and tantrums have to be controlled with something. Would also like him to be able to focus better. Currently use Natural Calm too, but really don't see much difference with it. I really wish I could find something that interests him other than Star Wars and fighting. Have heard so many others find that special interest and whole attitude and behavior improves.
  15. Thanks caringmom for your response. I actually want to hear all sides as it is confusing and knowing what to do with your child. Faith, the test the chiropractor wants us to do is a Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel by EnteroLab. It is $369. The DAN dr. wants a NutrEval test by Genova Diagnostics. It is an Amino Acids blood test. I realize testing is essential in knowing what steps to take, but it is expensive and blood tests cause so much anxiety for my son. The DAN dr. gave him some calming medicine last time which helped. But he refuses to go back to her as he says they are going to hurt him. I can hide the fact of which dr. we are going to, but as soon as we get there, it will be dramatic. We have done blood testing 3 different times for different reasons and each one was aweful! I tried bribing, calming, holding, etc. Nothing seemed to work. It was very taxing on him and me. Thanks to everyone for responses. Christy
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